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By | May 8, 2023

SYRIZA has presented its proposal for the government of the country, several days before we reach the final stretch of the elections, however, a proposal different from that of the party seems to have been published by its team Euclides Tsakalotou. Specifically, through the online platform communalitywhich is a SYRIZA think tank, presented a parallel government program co-signed by senior party officials.

Within this program, therefore, which was prepared on March 12, 2023, reference is made to local means of payment such as local and complementary currencies. “Regarding the financing of regional development in all sectors, the use of local means of payment (local, complementary currencies) will be adopted to cover the gaps in available bank financing, increase the production of goods, new electricity production infrastructures and protection against extreme events and the supply of social services“, is characteristically written in the specific program.

The extract from the program in

Also, Euclid Tsakalotos’s team is testifying Economic policy proposals “beyond the global capitalist system”. “The public debt will be the subject of negotiations with the aim of reducing it. The increase in the taxation of high incomes will be a source of resources to finance public and social policies. The indebtedness of small and medium-sized enterprises will be reduced and their viability will be examined and shaped in the context of local development planning.”, is indicated between the lines of the program.

He executives Those who sign the program, among others are: Irini Agathopoulou, Valia Aranitou, Errikos Ventouras, Anneta Kavadia, Efi Kalamaras, Costas Kaloniatis, Maria Karamesini, Vasiliki Katrivanou, Fanis Kourebes, Olga Balaoura, Christina Baritaki, Olga Nassi, Andreas Xanthos, Chara Matsoukas , Yannis Baskozos, Triantafyllos Mitafidis, Elena Papadopoulou, Despina Papadopoulou, Efi Parisi, Petros Linardos Rylmon, Makis Sapoutzoglou, Ino Siozou, George Stamboulis, Michalis Stavroulakis, Manolis Terrovitis, George Tozidis, Euclid Tsakalotos, Chrtos istos Tsitsikas, Theano Fotiou , Anna Chatzisofia , Stella Psarras, Giorgos Psychogios, Dimitris Tsekeris, Ermina Kyprianidou.

New Democracy: You will not play the country at dice with ideological obsessions

HE new democracy did not take long to react to the commotion caused by this new and incomprehensible proposal and spoke of new adventure options and indeed by high-ranking SYRIZA officials, but also by the Finance Minister of the Tsipras government for four years. nd does direct comparison with “Dimitres” by Yanis Varoufakiswhom he mentions as a potential SYRIZA government partner, while mentioning that the future of the country should not be allowed to be played again.

For Greek society, the memories of Mr. Tsipras’ adventurous decisions in 2015 may seem like a nightmare, but for SYRIZA executives they remain a point of reference. After the “Dimitres” of the potential government partner of SYRIZA G. Varoufakis, the component of SYRIZA “53”, in which its main executives participate, such as the Minister of Finance of the SYRIZA government for 4 years, Mr. Tsakalotos, proposes local currencies!“, reports New Democracy and adds:

In the text published on March 12, 2023, entitled “Contribution to the Government Program”, it is mentioned verbatim: “Regarding the financing of regional development in all sectors, the use of local means of payment (local currencies, complementary) will be adopted, in order to cover the gaps in available bank financing, for the increase in the production of goods, the new infrastructures for the production of electrical energy and protection against extreme phenomena and the offer of social services”».

Finally, the ruling party stresses that: “It seems that some in SYRIZA still do not believe in the euro. And since they learned nothing from the past, they are preparing to play the country at dice again. Citizens do not want to live adventures and adventures again. They want stability, growth, progress. And they don’t want to pay back the ideological obsessions of SYRIZA executives».

What does Euclides Tsakalotos answer?

Response to New Democracy and its “scions” on social mediathat they intend to present as a “plan to exit the euro”, a complementary text of the contribution of the “Umbrella” to the program of SYRIZAthat was filed two months ago, gave through social networks or Euclides Tsakalotos.

The former Minister of Finance uses harsh language and with the well-known phlegm that distinguishes him, he points out that “the only ones who risked the country’s permanence in the euro are those who broke it, put it in the memorandum and then left it with empty coffers “. “, arguing that it is a theoretical text and nothing more.

Tsakalotou’s post in detail

In response to ND’s official statement that “some people still don’t believe in the euro”, it is obvious that the ruling party is desperate. Because ND doesn’t want to compare program with program and make a serious confrontation, now it found another trope by discovering different collective theoretical texts.

And he accuses me that together with Alexis Tsipras they fixed the debt, ensured fiscal stability by ensuring that we stayed in the euro and at the same time finding resources for the society that suddenly I became another person and I assume points of view with which I have dealt with for many years. .

I fought to keep the country in the euro, when Mr Mitsotakis Schäuble’s ally (both in the EPP, let’s not forget) was fighting to get us out.

After all, no supporter of such scenarios likes me. Someone else, an adult in the room, introduces me to his book as a file keeper.

To end:

The only ones who risked the country by staying in the euro are those who bankrupted it, put it in memorandums and then left it with empty coffers. We are not the ones who took it out and left 37,000 million euros.

Nisafi now…

New Democracy: Tsakalotos Local Complementary Currencies Talk

HE new Democracy, for his part, he followed up on the issue with a new announcement. “Mr. Tsakalotos does not say a word about the local complementary currencies that they propose in the text of their program proposals! What can you say, furthermore, when it is absolutely clear what the text entitled “Contribution to the government program” of March 12, 2023 says. It clearly says that “in order to finance regional development in all sectors, the use of local payment methods (local, complementary currencies)”“, he says characteristically and adds:

The specific proposals for the use of an additional local currency are also signed, among many others, by the former Minister of Finance of the SYRIZA government, Mr. Tsakalotos, the Minister of Health of the SYRIZA government, Mr. Xanthos, the SYRIZA Vice Minister of Social Solidarity, Mr. Fotiou, Mr. Psychogios, Mr. Mitafidis, Ms. Kavvadias, Ms. Chatzisofia and many other top-class executives of SYRIZA».

In closing, New Democracy emphasizes that: “As for the “theoretical texts…” fortunately everything they propose will remain in theory, because the citizens of May 21 will not allow them to put them into practice. Citizens suffered and learned. And they will not allow Mr. Tsipras to gamble with their lives and their futures again.».

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