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By | May 18, 2023

Updated the Energy Audit File app to support creating attachments for “Save – Renew for young people“. In addition, the attachments that already exist in the inspections, can be transferred very easily to the “Save – Renew for young people“.

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In particular, the modification of the current energy saving proposals Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC) of residential buildings, which will be used for the financial program “Save – Renovate for young people”, is carried out through the process of creating an electronic Addendum to the electronic Building Inspection File supported by the information system

This process:

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civilian technology
  • apply in all current PEA of residential buildings (residential building, single-family homes, apartments) Nonetheless reason to issue them as long as they have been issued with the TEE-KENAK 1.31 software.
  • Following by each Energy Inspector to modify the energy saving proposals in the PEA of residential buildings issued by him and not another Energy Inspector.
  • It is used for modification only of energy saving proposals in PEA residential buildings and not for the change of any other element of the PEA, such as property number, construction unit title, photo, electronic data file (xml), etc. In the event that it is necessary to correct other elements of the PEA in addition to the energy saving recommendations, the PEA withdrawal procedure must be followed, as defined in article 19 of Law 4122/2013 (A’ 42) , as appropriate.
  • creates an electronic form called “Annex to the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC)”, which is extracted through interoperability procedures from the information system that supports the financing program “Save – Renew for Youth”, when the current EPC is presented. in the last. The electronic Addendum can be modified several times until the PEA is submitted. in the financial program information system.

ATTENTION: Before using the electronic Annex creation process, you must in principle, to check the correctness of the elements of the electronic data file (xml) of the PEA and then run the xml file with TEE-KENAK 1.31 software. In case you think warning message with “strange values” then you MUST revoke it PEA. to correct these values ​​and not use the application to create electronic appendix.

It is recalled that the information system does not control correctness of energy data from electronic xml files submitted by the Energy Inspector. In the event that inaccurate information is recorded and presented during the inspection of the xml files by the competent Energy Inspection Departments of the Inspection Bodies NE and se. of the General Assembly of the Corps of Inspectors and Auditors HPEN. penalties are imposed to the Energy Inspector, in accordance with the provisions of article 56 of Law 4409/2016 (A΄ 136), as applicable.

Create the PEA electronic Annex you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the inspection to which you want to add an attachment and open the “Manage attachments” link.

  1. On the resulting screen, you can choose whether to view any attachments that were created in the same inspection for ‘Saving – Self-Employment 2020’, ‘Saving 2021’, or create a new attachment for ‘Saving – Renew for Youth’.

  1. Alternatively, you can go to your ‘Save – Self-Employment 2020’ or ‘Save 2021’ attachment (if you have done so) and transfer it to ‘Save – Renew for Youth’

  1. Whichever of the above two procedures you follow, you can upload an XML file for the attachment.

This procedure can be done repeatedly even after the PEA has been filed. in the information system of the financial program “Save – Renew for young people”. In case you want Modify the attachment you created can “load a new xml file (will be replace the old one)» and then, a new Attachment will be created to replace the old one. The process will be “blocked” when the first cycle of “Save 2021” is closed

In case you want delete the Addendum you created and the recommendations remain in the current PEA as is, then select Delete attached file”.

ATTENTION: After sending the xml file, the information system will check whether the existing building/building unit details in the new electronic xml file you submitted are the same as the corresponding ones in the xml file used to issue the PEA

when it is found changes to existing building elementsor other problem in solving the scripts the process of creating an attachment it is not complete and a message appears on the user screen “File processing failed!».

It is noted that the process of creating an electronic Appendix may Unfilled in cases where the xml file was not created with TEE-KENAK 1.31 software and it shows “Foreign Values”. In any case where you find a problem, you can tell us online:

For more information on the PEA revocation/replacement process, as well as the creation of the electronic Annex, please send an email to the following addresses:

  • (Southern Greece Inspection Agency/Energy Inspection Department)
  • (Northern Greece Inspection Agency/Energy Inspection Department).

Save-Renovate: Guidelines for Energy Inspectors, Application Score Calculation Application

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