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With another week of the NFL regular season in the books for many teams, the playoff picture looks a lot like before.

Week 12 at least saw the first team eliminated from contention for the division. Minnesota Vikings 33-26 win over New England Patriots on Thanksgiving close the door about the Chicago Bears claiming an NFC North title.

Week 12 Scores

Buffalo Bills 28, Detroit Lions 25

Dallas Cowboys 28, New York Giants 20

Minnesota Vikings 33, New England Patriots 26

Miami Dolphins 30, Houston Texans 15

Carolina Panthers 23, Denver Broncos 10

Cincinnati Bengals 20, Tennessee Titans 16

New York Jets 31, Chicago Bears 10

Washington Commanders 19, Atlanta Falcons 13

Cleveland Browns 23, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 (OT)

Jacksonville Jaguars 28, Baltimore Ravens 27

Kansas City Chiefs 26, Los Angeles Rams 10

San Francisco 49ers 13, New Orleans Saints 0

Los Angeles Chargers 25, Arizona Cardinals 24

Las Vegas Raiders 40, Seattle Seahawks 34 (OT)

Philadelphia Eagles 40, Green Bay Packers 33


AFC East

  1. Miami Dolphins, 8-3
  2. buffalo bills, 8-3
  3. New York Jets, 7-4
  4. New England Patriots, 6-5

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens, 7-4
  2. Cincinnati Bengals, 7-4
  3. Cleveland Browns, 4-7
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-7

AFC South

  1. Tennessee Titans, 7-4
  2. Indianapolis Colts, 4-6-1
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7
  4. Houston Texans, 1-9-1

AFC West

  1. Kansas City Chiefs, 9-2
  2. Los Angeles Chargers, 6-5
  3. Las Vegas Raiders, 4-7
  4. Denver Broncos, 3-8

NFC East

  1. Philadelphia Eagles, 10-1
  2. Dallas Cowboys, 8-3
  3. New York Giants, 7-4
  4. Washington Commanders, 7-5

NFC North

  1. Minnesota Vikings, 9-2
  2. Detroit Lions, 4-7
  3. Green Bay Packers, 4-8
  4. Chicago Bears, 3-9

NFC South

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-6
  2. Atlanta Falcons, 5-7
  3. Carolina Panthers, 4-8
  4. New Orleans Saints, 4-8

NFC West

  1. San Francisco 49ers, 7-4
  2. Seattle Seahawks, 6-5
  3. Arizona Cardinals, 4-8
  4. Los Angeles Rams, 3-8

The Miami Dolphins reclaimed first place in the AFC East from the Buffalo Bills, who topped the Detroit Lions 28-25 on Thursday with their 30-15 win over the Houston Texans.

Marcel Louis Jacques @Marcel_LJ

The Dolphins beat the Texans 30-15 to improve to 8-3 for the ninth time in franchise history and the first time since 2001.

They regained first place in the AFC East

Both teams are 8-3, with Miami owning the head-to-head tiebreaker for now thanks to defeating Buffalo in Week 3. This is shaping up to be an exciting run to the finish, and the Week 15 clash between the Bills and Dolphins could be a defining moment.

The odds of the NFC South winner ending up with a losing record are growing by the week.

The Atlanta Falcons fell to 5-7 on the season thanks to a 19-13 loss to the Washington Commanders, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back under .500 (5-6) after suffering an overtime loss. 23-17 against Cleveland. browns.

The Bucs were unable to protect a seven-point lead late in the game. Jacoby Brissett hit David Njoku for the game-tying touchdown with 32 seconds left, and Nick Chubb’s three-yard touchdown run in overtime was the difference in the outcome.

The fact that Tampa Bay remains in first place will be cold comfort to a team that is far below expectations.

Like the AFC East, the AFC North could go all the way.

The Cincinnati Bengals closed their one-game gap on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12. They earned a 20-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans, with Joe Burrow’s 27-yard touchdown pass to Tee Higgins breaking a 13-yard deadlock. -13 in the last quarter. .

Then Cincinnati watched as Baltimore failed to hold on to a 27-20 lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Trevor Lawrence found Marvin Jones Jr. in the end zone with 14 seconds left to make it a one point game. Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson went for two, and Lawrence hit Zay Jones to put Jacksonville ahead.

The Ravens had enough time to at least give Justin Tucker a shot at the go-ahead field goal. However, his 67-yard attempt fell short as time expired.

For now, Baltimore kept its spot atop the division by beating Cincinnati in Week 5.

Pederson’s tactic is unlikely to change the course of Jacksonville’s season, but it could have an impact on how the AFC North shakes out.

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