“Nightmare” in the kitchens: The first complaints from the Cretan tourism industry about psychological violence – Crete

By | May 9, 2023

A cook left because he was… harassed daily by his boss, who was also a chef – A former employee of a tourism company was forced to resign due to his boss’s bad behavior – 6 out of 10 female workers are harassed verbal abuse

With the good morning… psychological blackmail began in tourist shops and hotels in Crete either by heads of departments or by businessmen. They are incidents of overt psychological and verbal violence with victims of salaried workers struggling to earn a living.

Psychological blackmail means unbearable pressure, which makes the person non-functional. The psychological consequences of an unrestrained verbal confrontation without reason and reason affect the psychological and emotional world of the person. This is not a purely theoretical situation, but a palpable reality, since the complaints of psychological blackmail have already begun.

In fact, the president of the Heraklion Union of Cooks and Pastry Chefs and general secretary of the Heraklion Labor Center, Mr. Nektarios Moussakis, spoke to neakriti.gr about the fact that there are currently two serious complaints.

“The phenomenon is timeless, but it is expected to be present this year as well,” said Mr. Moussakis.

the two incidents

Mr. Moussakis spoke about the two incidents where in the first case the victim is a cook, while in the second case the victim is an employee of a tourist shop.

“In the next period, both as the Union of Cooks and Pastry Chefs, and Heraklion Labor Center, we are expected to file two complaints related to the Cretan labor staff. In the first case, the owner of a tourist shop used intense violence against an employee, with the intention of firing him from his job. The employee worked for many years in the business. And the employer wanted to force him to resign so that he would not be forced to give him the severance pay. The employee, upon receiving insulting comments and a reprehensible behavior, he left,” said Mr. Moussakis.

Referring to the second incident, he noted: “There is also a second incident that needs to be highlighted. Both incidents concern Crete and more specifically the tourist side of Heraklion. A cook who was working was receiving rude comments and bad behavior from his supervisor who was also working as a cook. As a result, he quit his job. Both incidents involve verbal and psychological violence.”

It is recalled that a statement was issued last summer in which it was made clear that both hotel employees and hotel workers are the subject of insulting comments. The specific statement criticized such behavior, while calling on the workers themselves not to remain apathetic and denounce behavior that offends their dignity. But it seems that this practice continues this year as well. It has not stopped, while, as Mr Moussakis argued, “it will become more visible this year”.

In any case, the general secretary of the Heraklion Labor Center, speaking exclusively for neakriti.gr, made it clear that the majority of victims of verbal and psychological violence are women and more specifically 6 out of 10 victims of psychological and verbal violence are women. .

Mr. Moussakis also emphasized: “Any Heraklion employee who is a victim of violence, regardless of the type, must file a complaint with a representative of the branch to which he belongs or with an anonymous complaint. His name will not be mentioned. No employee you must accept behavior that insults your personality and dignity. Workers are salaried, struggling to earn a living and no one should bother them.”

“Workplace bullying exists, lives, breathes and grows”

The clinical psychologist Nikos Papanikolaou intervened on the verbal and psychological violence practiced in the workplace.

“We talk about mobbing, which is essentially workplace harassment, when we refer to workplaces with intense psychological and verbal violence. It’s workplace bullying. Workplace bullying exists, lives, breathes and grows as we evolve. We see it and we will continue to see it more and more from now on. Workplace bullying is a phenomenon that exists in working conditions and is the other side of violence. Violence has no faces. Violence is evolving. It has many faces. mutates. Violence can exist in the family, then at school. Soon after, it can turn into fan violence and then violence in the workplace. The trace of violence is difficult and bad for the person, who spends most of the time unemployed. There are also difficulties in the person’s family, as we see the ramifications of workplace bullying that the family itself is also facing,” she stressed.

Among other things, Mr. Papanikolaou noted: “It is worth noting that there is a strong connection between perpetrators and victims of bullying and workplace bullying. The perpetrator of intramural bullying becomes the perpetrator of workplace bullying, while the A victim of intramural bullying becomes a victim of workplace bullying. Bullies stay bullies and victims stay victims.”

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