OBMI’s ‘aera’ resort proposes an organic tower of stacked landscapes

bringing the lush resort to town

Global architecture studio OBMI draws on its vast experience in hotel design to investigate a new type of vertical luxury resort, dubbed ‘Aera’. The designers of the studio’s innovation laboratory have imagined the conceptual retreat as a resort experience in the heart of an urban context, bringing the “toes in the sand, waves crashing on the shore” atmosphere closer to home, with immediate access to city dwellers. The proposed built space rearranges the sprawling and familiar destination landscape into an organic space tower of stacked micro-landscapes.

images courtesy OBMI

‘aera’ offers an oasis retreat while preserving wilderness

OBMI innovators point out that the Aera Vertical Resort model is a first for cities. Designed to take the form of a natural retreat in any urban center, the stacked organization reduces the footprint of the typical resort that would otherwise disrupt a pristine natural environment. Thus, visitors are offered an atmosphere of well-being, an intimate access to a wild oasis without spending much time on the move.

Leveraging vertical architecture minimizes footprint in areas where land is precious in value and availability,’ the architects Note. ‘This reduces the environmental impact on the surrounding land and encourages domestic travel..’

obmi air

obmi’s porous tower concept

With its Aera Vertical Resort concept, OBMI explores the ‘porosity of design’, opening up spaces within the structural grid of a typical hotel tower. This carving strategy aims to enhance a connection between the interiors and exteriors of the building and the surrounding urban context, creating unique spatial settings in doing so. The team continues: ‘By selecting unique and luxurious experiences within the initial design framework, Aera will create a highly differentiated product within an urban setting, appealing to both locals and international visitors..’

The model is organized among seven districts including dining, art, fashion, theater, garden, wellness, and family. A sky deck opens up to the city and houses a swimming pool that looks directly onto the streets below. The team notes: ‘Serving as an escape within the city, the paths lined with greenery allow for a true sense of escape from the stress and challenges of the metropolis..’

obmi air
paths lined with greenery create a true sense of escape obmi air
the architecture is carved with large voids to link the interiors with the city beyond obmi aira stack of micro-landscapes within the urban context would preserve the natural environments

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