Panhellenic 2023: Psychology studies in the 6 HEI departments

By | April 30, 2023

People’s need for psychological support increased dramatically during the country’s economic crisis and intensified during the pandemic years. This great science, however, also exerts a great fascination on the new generation that seeks, through Panhellenic 2023their position in the labor market. Studies in the science of psychology are in great demand and now graduates have many options for professional rehabilitation in addition to the “classic” solution of a freelancer providing psychological support to citizens with his own office.

In our country there are six Departments of Psychology that belong exclusively to the 1st Scientific Field.

Specifically, these departments operate, at the National Kapodistrian University (EKPA), in Panteio, at the Aristotle University (APTh.), at the University of Crete in Rethymno, at the University of Ioannina and at the University of Western Macedonia, in Florina. This year, by decision of the Ministry of Education, the mentioned departments are being strengthened with one more department that will operate at Democritus University of Thrace, which will accept the first students of the 2024-2025 academic year and will be based in Didymoteicho. The Department of Psychology’s mission is the exhaustive theoretical training of students in the most important branches of Psychology, their familiarization with the basic principles and methods of psychological research, the development of their abilities to understand and interpret human behavior, as well as the development and promotion of the science of Psychology at a national and international level. The Psychology Department can organize first, second and third cycle study programs. The first cycle of studies is structured in eight (8) academic semesters. In the Department of Psychology, eight (8) places are recommended for members of the Research Teaching Staff (DEP). Until the charges in the first paragraph are covered, the educational needs of the Department of Psychology are met by members of the Faculty of Education, Special Education Personnel, and Laboratory Teaching Personnel from other Departments of the Faculty of Education. with a topic equal to or related to the scientific field of the Department.


Graduates who acquire a specific specialization can be absorbed in many disciplines, such as Clinical Psychology and Health, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Organizational, Personality and School Psychology. They have the possibility of being employed on the one hand as freelancers with their own psychological counseling office and on the other hand due to their wide scope of action to work in hospitals, clinics, mental health centers, prisons, nursing homes, care structures social. , in addiction centers, etc. In addition, with an adequate combination of studies, they can progress professionally in other areas such as Marketing, Sports and Neurosciences. Also with School Psychology and Neuropsychology. Among the most widespread specialties of the science of Psychology (in Greece) are clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, school psychologists, educational psychologists, health psychologists, sports psychologists, who work to provide assistance to athletes to maintain their focus and resilience during matches. Social psychologists, Developmental psychologists, Cognitive psychologists and Neuropsychologists.

Psychology studies at Greek universities

One of the most attractive study options is Psychology for the new generation, which is why these faculties are at the top of the preferences of candidates for the 1st Scientific Field. In the 6 departments of the HEIs, students acquire a broad base of knowledge, both theoretical and applied, in the field of Psychology. With her they will be able to continue their education at the postgraduate level to pursue any career they desire in one of the many areas of specialization in the science of Psychology today. The graduates of the departments obtain a professional certificate with their diploma, although it should be noted that a graduate of another school cannot obtain the professional right of psychologist, even if they carry out a postgraduate specialization in a field of Psychology. Psychology is the scientific branch that studies the human mind. More specifically, it studies mental processes, personality and brain function. Its objective is, on the one hand, the understanding of human behavior and the way in which each one of us thinks, behaves and interacts, and on the other, a deeper understanding of the world and facing the challenges of the modern age.

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