Power generation “at home” by PPC

By | May 10, 2023

PPC, the company that has been identified with electricity in Greece for more than 70 years, at a time when the search for cleaner and cheaper methods to supply electricity to consumers becomes imperative, it breaks new ground by offering innovative solutions that not only protect the environment, but also contribute to significant money savings for their customers.

With ecology and economy in mind, PPC enables customers to become their own home energy producers with PPC’s integrated photovoltaic system solutions. mySolarEnergyNet, reducing both the cost of electricity supply and the environmental footprint.


PPC studied the different needs of consumers and designed comprehensive solutions, fully adaptable to the needs of each home, so that its customers can:

Either to generate their own solar energy on the roof of their house and consume it themselves (MySolarGridEnergy+).

Either to produce energy and sell it to the grid (myEnergySolarShare).

But the options don’t stop there. Choosing the solution that also includes a battery storage system (myEnergySolarSave), PPC customers can produce the energy they consume and use it even at times when the photovoltaic system cannot be used directly.

In fact, solutions that include a storage system can also be included in the new program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, “Photovoltaic on the Roof”depending on conditions.


Freeing the client from lengthy procedures and bureaucratic obstacles, PPC is in charge from beginning to end of the study, supply and installation of the most suitable equipment, depending on the needs of each home, as well as advice and continuous support from specialists. staff.

In addition, it is in charge of creating the corresponding file to connect the photovoltaic system to the grid, making the process easy and fast.

In it mySolarEnergy Only top quality brand name equipment with all the necessary performance and safety certifications is used.

In addition, PPC created the special application myEnergySolar in which customers can, by answering simple questions about their home and their needs, directly receive personalized proposals that include the economic and energy benefit they will have.


By installing solar power on their roof, customers reduce the cost of energy they consume and participate in the country’s green transition, drastically reducing their environmental footprint as carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

Home solar requires minimal maintenance and pays for itself over a reasonable amount of time without risk. In addition, residential PV increases the value of the property, since they classify it in a higher energy class and can guarantee an uninterrupted supply of energy even in emergency situations, such as power outages due to grid failures or severe weather events.

By choosing a solution that also includes a battery storage system, customers have the possibility of self-consumption even at times when the photovoltaic system cannot be used directly, such as night hours, adverse weather conditions (cloud, rain, snowfall, etc. .). ) or in case of network failures, by installing special equipment.


PPC, Greece’s largest energy provider, could not be absent from the front lines of the country’s effort to gradually move away from fossil fuels and the exploitation of renewable energy sources (RES) from solar, wind and hydro natural resources. .

Solar and wind power dominate the renewable energy landscape, however it is worth mentioning that approximately 10% of PPC’s electricity production comes from the company’s hydroelectric plants, which produce around 5,000 Gwh per year.

With renewable energies gradually occupying an increasing percentage of the energy mix, PPC leads the implementation of projects for the exploitation of renewable resources throughout the territory, participating, among other things, in the particularly ambitious program of creating perspectives for the energy autonomy of the Aegean islands.

Through the 100% subsidiary of PPC Renewables, operates in 36 wind farms, 19 small hydro, 32 photovoltaic plants and a hybrid system in operation.

By participating in the above projects with a total capacity of 327 MW, PPC Renewables has dynamically positioned itself in the Greek renewable energy space from the very beginning and with the completion of the implementation of its five-year business plan, it targets more than double. its installed capacity portfolio and significantly increase its market share.

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