Rage from Vodafone customers: See what the company is taking away immediately

By | May 10, 2023

vodafone: Vodafone made a statement, in which it informs about the packages that it cancels immediately.

Detail of the packages that Vodafone is canceling in Vodafone CU as of 5/4/2023:

As of 04/05/2023 Vodafone offers the following renewed package for new and existing UC and Vodafone prepaid customers:

  • The Weekly Combo package that offers 250′ to everyone and 1GB for 7 days is renewed and will provide Unlimited Minutes to everyone and 700 MB for 15 days at a cost of €6.3

In addition, effective 04/05/2023, the following commercially available packages will be removed for all new and existing customers:

  • The Data Unlimited Weekends 6 months package, which offers unlimited data on weekends for 6 months at a cost of €17.50, is discontinued for all current and new customers of CU, Vodafone prepaid, Olympiacos prepaid, Vodafone International and Taza
  • The 2-Day Data package is discontinued, which offers 6 GB for 2 days at a cost of €2 for all existing and new customers of CU, Vodafone prepaid, Olympiacos prepaid, Vodafone International and Taza
  • The 6H Data package that offers 1GB for 6 hours at a cost of €0.50 for all current and new customers of CU, Vodafone prepaid, Olympiacos prepaid, Vodafone Internacional & Taza is cancelled.
  • The Unlimited Data Nights package that offers Unlimited GB from 20:00 to 08:00 at a cost of €6.50 for all existing and new prepaid CU and Vodafone customers is removed
  • The Unlimited Students Xclusive Data Day package offering unlimited GB for 1 day at a cost of €1 for all existing and new CU customers is discontinued
  • Remove the Students Xclusive SMS 1 package which offers 300 SMS for 30 days at a cost of €1.01 for all existing and new CU customers.

Vodafone: End of internet in thousands of mobiles! What did the company decide?

Vodafone has announced the abolition of the 3G network, which means that the owners of older devices are left without the Internet.

Following the relevant announcements from our company on 1/15/2020 and 12/22/2021, we inform you that the phase-out of the 3G network (which is done as part of the 4G and 5G network upgrade) is ongoing. and it is expected to be completed throughout the country in the first half of 2023.

We remind you that all subscribers can check the type of technology of their device (that is, if it is 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G) as well as their SIM card at any Vodafone network store.

Vodafone has ensured that all its subscribers who use an old technology SIM card can replace it immediately and free of charge at the same points.

Now, access to the Internet (Internet) will be carried out through advanced 4G and 5G networks from devices that support 4G or 5G networks, with U-SIM technology cards, while voice and messaging (SMS) services will not be available. are affected and will continue to function. are served normally.

Contract, Card Program and Prepaid subscribers affected by the interruption of the 3G network in their area have the right to terminate their contract without prior notice within two (2) months following the date of the interruption, for which will inform them through an informative text message. – SMS (except subsidy of any remaining device or terminal equipment).

The subscriber can check the type of technology of his device (that is, if it is 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G) as well as his SIM card at any Vodafone store.

Vodafone has ensured that all its subscribers who use an old technology SIM card can replace it immediately and free of charge at the same points.

Learn more about how to remove the 3G network here.

For more information, call Vodafone Customer Service (13830 for individuals and 1399 for corporate clients) or go to any Vodafone store.

Vodafone: Strong… slap – What happened

The code of conduct of telecommunication companies towards consumers is changing, otherwise there will be fines!

The Code of Ethics for the Provision of Electronic Communications Services to Consumers was published in the Official Gazette.

The specific code binds providers such as Cosmote-ΟΤΕ, Vodafone, Wind, Nova to specific rules of “behavior” and sets conditions that must be met otherwise… penalties will be imposed!


Communication with consumers: The provider ensures that the promotion and sale of its services is carried out with respect to consumers.

When communicating with consumers, the provider’s staff promotes and sells its services in a fair, transparent, accountable and clear manner. Likewise, during the promotion of the services, it clearly and clearly explains the basic terms, conditions, limitations, special conditions and costs of the products purchased by consumers.

contact hours: Communication with consumers, whether it is a visit to the residence or by telephone, must be carried out at the appropriate times and not during the usual hours of rest, unless the person called agrees with it. This also applies to automated telephone calls, which are made only under the terms and conditions defined by current legislation on the protection of personal data.

Registry of article 11 of Law 3471/2006: The provider does not make calls to consumers who have been included in the Registry of article 11 of Law 3471/2006 and have requested not to receive telephone calls for direct commercial promotion of products and services and for any kind of advertising purposes

Privacy: All data used to contact consumers during prospecting must be collected, submitted and maintained in a manner that complies with data protection legislation.

Staff Presentation: The provider ensures that its staff during communication with consumers immediately announce at the beginning of the communication their last name, the provider they represent and the purpose of their communication. In particular, in the case of subcontractors/partners/resellers, communication with consumers must clearly state the name of the subcontractor/partner/reseller’s company and its relationship with the supplier. That is, the communication must have the content: “my name is …………… I am calling from [όνομα εταιρίας υπεργολάβου / συνεργάτη / μεταπωλητή]that it is a company collaborating with the supplier [όνομα]».

Do not use misleading expressions that create the wrong impression on consumers, such as “I am calling on behalf of the provider [όνομα]» if it is a subcontractor/partner/reseller staff of the supplier.

Vulnerable consumer groups: The vendor’s staff does not take advantage of the weakness of consumers who belong to sensitive groups, such as the elderly, minors, people who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, and people with special needs to make sales.

Vocabulary and staff courtesy: The provider’s staff, when communicating with consumers, address them with courtesy and the use of appropriate vocabulary. All information must be simple and accurate and provided in such a way that it is directly and immediately perceived by the respective consumer. It does not deceive, nor does it intend to deceive in any way, by action or omission, consumers by giving false impressions about the service provided by the provider or the services provided by other providers.

Unsubscribe from promotional communications: In the event that the consumer states or clarifies that they are not interested, or that the call or visit is annoying, the provider’s staff is obliged to immediately interrupt the call or visit in a courteous manner, without insisting against the will of the consumer and without exerting any type of pressure or indirect coercion.

Registry mantenance: Records of sales telephone conversations with consumers are kept by the selling company for six months from the sale, under the terms of the applicable framework. The aforementioned records include the date and time of the conversation with consumers, as well as information sufficient to identify the agent involved in accordance with applicable law to be used to resolve any future complaints or problems that may arise. The provider informs the consumer about the period of conservation of said data and grants him the rights defined by the relevant legislation for the protection of personal data, such as the right of opposition.

Offers: The provider communicates the main conditions and important restrictions that apply to the supply of its offers, such as the duration and the end date of the offer, as well as special conditions for the purchase of the offer, such as the combination with other products and services. or the limitation of supply to a certain category of consumers.

Customer service: The provider ensures that consumer inquiries and complaints/grievances are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Complaints handling departments must be adequately resourced and have satisfactory levels of authority.

In case of violation of the provisions of this Code, the EETT may impose sanctions applying the provisions of articles 137 and 138 of Law 4727/2020.

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