Revelation: The tripartite strategic and military alliance of Greece, Cyprus and Israel… Jerusalem’s deep appreciation for Athens and Nicosia

By | May 6, 2023

National Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos (K) and Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant hold a meeting in Athens, Thursday, May 04, 2023. APE-MPE, MINISTRY OF NATIONAL DEFENSE, STR

He traveled to Athens (and Nicosia) on Thursday (and Friday) Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in the context of an important trip to Greece and Cyprus, writes the authoritative Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post.

He notes that Jerusalem’s tripartite cooperation with Athens and Nicosia is also aimed at intercepting Iran. Appears in title: The alliance of Israel, Cyprus and Greece is important against Iran.

The lead article in the newspaper highlights the following:

Israel, Greece, and Cyprus have become key strategic partners in recent years, working closely together in areas such as trade, energy, and defense and security.

This new partnership is also part of a broader series of relationships in which Greece and Cyprus work with NATO members, but also with other countries such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and India, which are also Israel’s close partners.

Therefore, Gallant’s trip to these two countries is important for Israel’s alliances in the region and the world.

Gallant began his journey in Athens, where he met his Greek counterpart, Defense Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, at the Greek Defense Ministry.

Gallant praised the bilateral ties between Israel and Greece and discussed the intelligence cooperation that prevented a terrorist attack in Greece. This is an important reminder of how Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has tried to extend its threats to Athens.

Gallant noted that the recent arrest in Greece of two terrorists sent by Iran is significant. “This is not the only attack that was averted. In fact, Iran has launched a global campaign of terrorism under the direct command of its leader,” she said.

  • He also raised concerns in Greece about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, noting that Tehran has enriched uranium to 20% and 60% for five nuclear bombs.

Iran is a threat not only to Israel, but also to other countries in the region. The fact that the Islamic Republic has threatened Greece, trying to recruit or infiltrate terrorists, is a clear example of this.

Tehran has also attacked Israelis in Bulgaria, Greece’s northern neighbor. Iran’s actions show that it does not respect national borders and is willing to violate basic principles of international law to achieve its nefarious designs.

Gallant’s trip underscores the importance of Israeli ministers and leaders traveling and meeting their counterparts abroad. He emphasized industrial projects and information sharing.

The Defense Minister also referred to the flight school at Kalamata Air Base, which is part of the Israeli Elbit Systems program to provide a major training facility for Greek pilots.

Israeli defense companies have done significant work with their Greek counterparts in recent years. Rafael, for example, recently struck a deal to sell Spike anti-tank missiles to Greece, which is also acquiring drones as part of the deal.

Athens also signed an agreement several years ago to lease IAI drones. In general, the general trend is towards an unprecedented level of cooperation between Jerusalem and Athens.

  • Gallant hailed the close relationship between Greece and Israel as an anchor of stability in our region. The trip to Greece, along with Secretary of State Eli Cohen’s recent trip to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, are part of Israel’s efforts to significantly expand its strategic ties with neighboring countries.

They also reflect some of the changing dynamics in our region. Energy security in the eastern Mediterranean, for example, is a major issue these days due to offshore gas exploration and the maritime agreement with Cyprus.

In addition, recent joint exercises with the US Central Command, as well as other naval exercises conducted by Israel, help consolidate our maritime cooperation throughout the maritime area between us, Cyprus, and Greece.

In the coming years, we expect to see more collaborations with Greece and Cyprus, which will include more ministerial visits, as well as defense and trade agreements.

  • It is important to invest in these agreements as we work to expand our ties with other partners in the Mediterranean, such as France, Italy, Egypt and Turkey.

While the opportunity now exists to make greater efforts for peace and security in our region, there are also actors who would like to reverse this trend, particularly Iran. That is why Gallant’s reference to Iranian threats during his visit was so important.

Our partners must understand that Iran is not only a threat to Israel but also to Europe and the region in general. Gallant’s trip sends the message to our friends in the Mediterranean that we value their cooperation.

SOURCE: Jerusalem Post newspaper

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