RIMOWA enters the metaverse with phygital baggage RTFKT

physical craft enters the digital realm

RIMOWA has long advanced its innovations through interdisciplinary collaborations — now the luxury luggage brand is crossing the metaverse in alliance with owned by NIKE digital fashion brand RTFKT. The group, pronounced ‘artifact’, hails the collaboration as its first with an LVMH brand since its acquisition by NIKE last December. The result combines physical craftsmanship and digital art. two creations, a physical suitcase and an NFTare born from a RIMOWA x RTFKT gamified universe, complete with its own lore and characters.

On October 27, 2022, the limited edition Original Cabin suitcase will be released, with only 888 pieces produced. As the team points out, this number is often associated with luck in the cryptoverse. The piece of luggage will be available both in physical and digital format. A collection of 2222 ‘WorkerBot’ NFTs will be released as part of the collaboration.

Genuine RTFKT x RIMOWA ‘Meta Artisan’ Cabin Luggage

a new virtual universe by rimowa and rtfkt

RIMOWA and RTFKT’s new virtual universe tells the story of a space station workshop whose ‘WorkerBots’ are infected with a virus. The world, whose history can be fully explored on the computer website — combines the visions of the metaverse of the virtual mark with the luggage designers‘Heritage and crafts.

The release will come with a challenge, as the digital platform often invites its community to participate in a quest to unlock access to items and items. This time, an interactive campaign calls on the community to solve challenges together to uncover a hacked RIMOWA x RTFKT space station. This virtual space station must be reactivated to mint the limited edition NFTs.

After the challenge, NFT holders will be able to spoof their asset to redeem a physical version of the baggage at an exclusive digital event. The original cabin part ‘Meta Artisan’ will be available for purchase at 2.3 ETH ($3,081 USD at the time of writing), while WorkerBot NFT will be available for 0.08 ETH ($107 USD).

RTFKT RIMOWARTFKT x RIMOWA WorkerBots, ‘the perfect avatar to start exploring the metaverse’

the original ‘metaartisanal’ cabin luggage

The original RTFKT x RIMOWA ‘Meta Artisan’ cabin luggage will take shape with the classic aluminum shell, this time covered in pixelated motifs. Amongst this Anti-FUD pattern print of ‘Wandersmith’, iterations of the duo’s iconography can be deciphered. The design draws on the element of anonymity and pseudonymity that defines much of the digital realm, especially within the metaverse.

Pushing the limits is not something we shy away from at RIMOWA,’ Emelie de Vitis, CMO RIMOWA tells designboom,so we were very excited to work on this collaboration with RTFKT and create something new that can live both in the metaverse and in the physical world. It is an opportunity to show our German craftsmanship in a new way and to truly engage with the Web3 community.

RTFKT RIMOWAWandersmith, a ‘mechanical craftsman’ creating empowering teams in the space station workshop RTFKT x RIMOWA

Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of RTFKT, continues:Working with such an iconic brand as RIMOWA and bringing them into our world has been an incredible experience. Travel is generally restricted to real world destinations, but within the Metaverse, it is limitless. You can explore many worlds and create unique stories, and brands can engage with their audience in entirely new ways..

I believe that what we are creating together with RIMOWA in terms of design, storytelling, experience and minting mechanics will become a benchmark for all brands that want to take the Web3 community seriously..

Also, this physical baggage is amazing and pays homage to our love for cyberpunk, anonymity and our Lore Story. If you see someone with him, you will know that it is someone who is part of the future.

RTFKT RIMOWAPixelated ‘Wandersmith Anti-FUD pattern’ wraps the original cockpit with the limited edition

RIMOWA enters the metaverse to launch phygital and NFT baggage with RTFKT
only 888 iterations of the ‘Meta Artisan’ piece will be released RIMOWA enters the metaverse to launch phygital and NFT baggage with RTFKT
the piece is made of high-end anodized aluminum, designed with longevity in mind

project information:

Title of the project: RIMOWA x RTFKT collaboration

luggage designer: RIMOWA

digital fashion brand: RTFKT

release date: October 27, 2022

luggage price: 2.3 ETH ($3,081 USD)

WorkerBot NFT price: 0.08 ETH ($107 USD)

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