RIMOWA luggage jumps into the phygital metaverse market with RTFKT NFT collaboration

After a brief period of relative silence, the metaverse became a hot topic again largely thanks to the most recent rumor from Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, which unsurprisingly split people into camps again. Some say or hope that the metaverse is already dead, and along with it, the more controversial NFTs. If that were the case, it seems no one told luxury luggage maker RIMOWA because it looks like the brand will dive into this mess when others seem to quietly get out. RIMOWA has partnered with Nike-owned digital fashion brand RTFKT to bring their iconic luggage brand into the metaverse through two NFT releases, but RIMOWA fans can rest assured they can still get their hands on this next edition luggage. physically limited.

Designer: RIMOWA x RTFKT

The metaverse will eventually happen and become our present, although many argue that we are still far from making it a reality. Even more problematic are NFTs, which were supposed to bring the concept of sole proprietorship of goods from the physical world to the digital realm. The camps are still divided on whether it’s a blessing or a nightmare, but many companies have already banked on those nascent ecosystems to attract early adopters, especially among designers and collectors.

While the news about big brands embracing NFTs seems to have softened a bit, RIMOWA is kicking things up again with a “phygital” campaign in partnership with RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”). The latter has made a name for itself by bringing big brands into the metaverse spaces, specifically through those much-debated NFTs. “Phygital” is the new buzzword coined to describe products that are released in both physical and digital formats, the latter usually through NFTs to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity.

That’s probably a good thing for RIMOWA loyalists who have some geek leanings because the original limited-edition “Meta Artisan” carry-on luggage is pretty cool. Its surface is covered with a pixelated “Anti-FUD” pattern print that looks like a corrupted QR code spread across luggage. Only 888 of these will be available, both digitally and physically, as a nod to the triple digit number that has become synonymous with good luck in the crypto community.

The collaboration will also produce 2,222 NFT WorkerBots that will serve as collectibles for this virtual world created by RIMOWA and RTFKT. Unfortunately, these admittedly cute robots won’t have physical counterparts, and you’ll only be able to enjoy their existence on AR platforms or digital screens. The unique-looking luggage might spark a bit of interest and controversy, as you won’t be able to purchase the physical luggage separately and will have to purchase the NFT version first for around $3,000 at a “forge” (trade) event later.

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