Robert Kennedy Jr.: The CIA Was Behind the JFK Assassination

By | May 8, 2023

New theories about the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, after 60 years.

Nearly sixty years after the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963, theories of a broader conspiracy behind his execution involving even the CIA remain at the fore.

The latest to repeat the conspiracy theory that the CIA is behind the assassination, the nephew of the assassinated US president and candidate for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming US presidential elections, Robert Kennedy Jr.

In an interview with WABC radio, he argued that there was “overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved in the assassination and the cover-up” and claimed that “beyond a reasonable doubt, the agency was responsible.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is known for his conspiracy-related views, as he belongs to the anti-vaccine movement and has addressed false claims about the dangers of coronavirus vaccines.

In fact, it was mentioned in James Douglas’ book “JFK and the Unspeakable” as the best document proving his claims of CIA involvement.

However, the agency referred to the claims in its article, calling them “false.”

The official US government investigation into the assassination, the 1964 Warren Commission Report, concluded that Lee Harvey Osland acted alone and that there was no credible evidence linking him to a larger conspiracy.

He has repeated the claim in the past.

This is not the first time Kennedy Jr. has supported the claim that the CIA was behind his uncle’s assassination.

Last year, according to a Daily Mail report, he supported the theory that Oswald was a “CIA tool” during an interview on “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

He also retweeted a video of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson expressing his opinion on the alleged CIA involvement, captioning it: “The bravest news report in 60 years. The assassination of my uncle by the CIA was a successful coup from which our democracy has not recovered.”

What the researchers found

Investigators investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy last year have claimed to have found evidence that Oswald was involved in a CIA operation months before the shooting that killed the then US president.

Jefferson Morley, an expert on the Kennedy assassination at the Mary Ferrell Foundation, told reporters that he and the foundation’s lawyers have found documents showing that “the CIA knew much more about the lone assassin than it admits today.” .

The indictment came a month before the National Archives released thousands of previously classified files collected as part of the official murder investigation.

Polls show that most Americans do not believe that the Warren Commission discovered that Oswald did not act alone.

The CIA has said in a series of statements that most of its released records, like the latest after the Kennedy assassination, “do not change the historical record and have no bearing on the execution or the investigation.”

“We are also not aware of any documents showing a direct connection to Lee Harvey Oswald that are not part of this collection,” an agency spokesperson said.

attack on Biden

In his interview with WABC, Kennedy also argued that there are “substantial differences” between him and his “close and personal friend,” Joe Biden, with whom they are rivals for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming presidential election.

In particular, he argued that the 46th US president has allowed a foreign policy dictated by the same neoconservative ideology that plunged the country into the Iraq war, which he likened to the current war in Ukraine.

“I feel like my country and my party have been robbed and I feel like I need to speak out against it,” he said. He also described Biden’s policy of “expanding” the war in Ukraine to expand the war in Europe as “misguided” and “extremely dangerous.”

“We went there on a humanitarian mission, as they said, and now the mission has changed to a broader mission to eliminate the Russian army. We are playing the role of the geopolitical representative of the Ukrainians in the war with Russia, where Ukrainian lives are being sacrificed.”

He also attacked the lockdowns and policies as a war against middle-class Americans and claimed that the Democrats have become the “party of big business.”

Regarding immigration, he agreed on the “closing of borders” but also on the expansion of legal immigration. “It is not racist or cruel to say that we need to close our borders and have a smooth immigration policy,” he added.

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