Roussopoulos: Tsipras will not be the first, nor will he be able to form a government – Tzoumakas: “Not even in the mind” of a special purpose government

By | May 17, 2023

“I hear the word government a lot in Mr. Tsipras’s dream, and it reminds me of that old proverb that says ‘all oil is oil and nothing comes out of a pancake’. It will not be a government, it will not form a government, ”he said. the candidate for parliament in the Northern Sector of Athens with ND, Theodoros Roussopoulostalking to main newscast his ERT and the Jorge Kouvarasabout 24 hours before the parliamentary elections elections on May 21.

Asked why ND insists on the fear of a “desperate government – with a “special purpose”, since SYRIZA claims it has no intention of forming one, he added:

“It matters what one says at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. We have a government of losers, which is what we call it, but we actually said it, because we believe that the parties are going to be defeated. Initially, Mr. Tsipras said to form a government with the two remaining parties.

Then he said that if they lose and it’s not the first party, he doesn’t want a government. He then spoke of a government of tolerance. Then he spoke, just yesterday, of a special purpose government, with the special purpose of taking Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the Special Court.

(…) He himself clarified at some point that if he is second, he does not form a government. At the same time, he clarified that what is said in the pre-electoral period is one thing and what is done in the post-electoral period is another. We believe that since everything is possible – not that SYRIZA is the first party, that is not entirely possible, it does not come out of nowhere – but that it will change its position immediately after the elections, we say what we say: Self-sufficient government – Government of New Democracy. We hope and believe that we will.”

“No way. I am against a special purpose government,” he said for his part. the candidate for parliament in the South sector of Athens with SYRIZA, Stefanos Tzoumakasbefore the question of whether he considers that a government like this is today a social demand, and whether or not SYRIZA should try it since it is not the first party.

While adding:

“These governments are wanted by the business class of the country, the leaders of the channel, Brussels and Berlin. They want multiparty governments. They have done it in Berlin and Berlin is a government. The Secretary of State reports to Biden in Washington. They have done it in Amsterdam, and we know what a government Holland has where the energy exchange every morning is a disaster. They have done it in Belgium and they have also done it in Rome, which fortunately also has stature (…) We are going in a progressive direction. So I ask the question, who wants a government with a third prime minister in the country. From the morning they wake up, that’s what they want.”

He went on to say: “The first issue of the country is political. Will the government continue politically in this direction or will it change its political course? And we say political change with a progressive sense. This is a political issue, it is the first. Change the course of the country. It’s not just about leaving Mitsotakis, this is an issue.”

Since ND houses PASOK officials in his government who are now ministers and parliamentary candidates with ND, when asked how one would believe that ND cannot co-rule with PASOK, Mr. roussopoulos he pointed:

“Here the verb host has no place. In essence, this is not hospitality. Here we have people who come from other parties, who have embraced our own ideological practices, adopted our own ideological directions, governance practices, the stability that New Democracy government exudes and has always exuded and joined the New Democracy party, now they’re included.

(…) ND is a party that moves from the center to the left periphery. Absolutely nothing has changed in the political philosophy of the New Democracy since 1974: next year we will celebrate half a century. Just as our vision of self-sufficient governments has not changed at all. We believe that these are the governments that provide stability, consistency and perspective.

At the same time, we never said that collaborations are taboo. We don’t have any whims because in 1989-1990 we worked together with Andreas Papandreou, when there were great rivalries between Mitsotakis and Papandreou. In addition, in 2012-2014 we collaborated with PASOK.

(…) The day after the elections, depending on the results, the prime minister of the country will receive the check and will decide based on the results whether to keep it, direct it elsewhere, deliver it after a few hours, after a day. He has three days to go.”

In response to the question of what is SYRIZA’s relationship with the ballot box, Mr. Jumakas underlined:

“Surveys are needed, they are useful in all countries. But from a point, the interventions are made and change direction depending on the orientations related to political interests and political searches. We saw it yesterday in Türkiye. We saw it in 2015. Not sure, but because Mr. Roussopoulos reminded me again in 1989: Who wanted impeachment over prime ministerial affairs? Father Mitsotakis. We are against them. They will all be judged politically and, of course, if there are problems, they concern the authorities and the services and the judiciary.

(…) Then we have the political issue – the economy. The country does not produce, it produces 25% and 70% are services. The country is last in terms of technologies. The country loses 30 billion each year from imports. We lose with imports, so we must go to an economy that produces and exports. This will have the consequence of having employment, having a concentration of wealth, having prosperity.

Well, because Mr. Roussopoulos said that New Democracy is going completely to the left, the Greek Statistical Service said this year that last year the country produced around 200 billion in wealth and shows that 25% of those who have and possess got the 100 billion (…) Income redistribution is needed. Production and redistribution. The third is your income. Those who have a salary of 700 euros have lost 40% of their purchasing power. One in three young people is unemployed, seven in ten are homeless. That is, we have serious life problems. Economy, distribution and income situation. Stock markets are complex. There is no political leadership. For example, the cartels that operate every day while inflation is 5%, prices are at 14%. There is indecency.

Mister. roussopoulosresponded about it:

“Today it was announced, according to Eurostat, previously quoted by dear Stefanos Tzoumakas, that in the European Union food inflation is 14% and we are at 11%. Spain, which is constantly cited by SYRIZA, is at 12.8%, much higher. It was announced that in terms of inflation we are the fifth country. In other words, we have sustained performance. You know that after 12 years we made a decision and increased pensions by 8%. We increased the money received by nursing and medical personnel by 10%. We increased by 1,500 million euros, 1.4 to be exact, the money in the health budget.

(…) We create conditions of trust. The citizens know that when Mitsotakis says that in the next four years I will give an additional 9 billion in total and Mr. Tsipras says 83 (25 he says himself, but in any case we say based on the regulation that we know, 83), then they trust the one who is more honest and what he has said before the elections has come true.

We said we would raise our salaries, we raised them. Mr. Tsipras said that he would increase the free tax and reduced it. To dear Stefanos Tzoumakas, I want to ask: Does SYRIZA agree that after the elections, because I believe we will have no government on Sunday, our programs will be paid for by the State Accounting Office? Let’s see if people trust ND”.

Mister. Jumakas put it this way, saying:

“If in the morning there is no agreement with the neighboring political parties, with the first party, we go to the second elections to determine the political issue by which the country should be governed. First the country and then the factions.

(…) I find it unacceptable that New Democracy proposes the costing of the programs. Why is it possible for parties to acquire the entity of a state? Will the state intervene in political programs? And even a public guided by political leaders? (…) I have experienced the replacement of ministers by the public because the ministers did not have the skills, and I have also experienced the replacement of public interest by politicians. Is it possible for the State to be judged by political parties?

“The SYRIZA government used to send all its invoices to the General State Accounting Office, so it was trusted,” replied Mr. roussopoulos.

Source: ERT

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