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By | May 18, 2023

Cosmote announced great deals for World Telecommunications Day. Check the list and prices.

COSMOTE and GERMANOS celebrate World Telecommunications Day again this year (5/17) with offers and suggestions on technological products.

Until May 19, consumers visiting COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores throughout Greece, as well as and websites, will get cheaper high-tech products with up to 48 interest-free installments such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, televisions, game consoles, accessories, etc.

In particular, at COSMOTE and GERMANOS, consumers will find:

the flagship iPhone 12 5G, 64GB, with powerful A14 Bionic processor, 6.1” OLED Super Retina XDR screen and 12MP dual camera, from €799 for only €200, converting your prepaid card or with portability to COSMOTE GIGAMAX 10GB plans / 20GB / UNLIMITED / Family M.

the exclusive MOTOROLA edge 20 Lite 5G 8|128GB Smartphone, with 6.7” OLED FHD+ screen, triple 108MP main camera & 32MP selfie, from €249.90 now free for prepaid conversion or portability to COSMOTE GIGAMAX3 programs

the exclusive OPPO A78 5G 4|128GB Smartphone, with a 6.56” HD+ screen, dual 50MP main camera and 33W fast charging support, from €249.90 to €199.90

the exclusive TCL Tab 10 3/32GB 4G, with a 10.1” HD screen, octa-core processor and long-lasting battery, at €129.90

the elegant LENOVO Ideapad 3 laptop, with a 15.6” FHD IPS screen, AMD Ryzen 3 5300U processor, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD hard drive, at €349

AirPods Pro 2nd generation, which offer up to twice the active noise cancellation, with an adaptive transparency function that allows external sound to be heard and reduces loud noises, from €299 to €249

the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 & Watch5Pro LTE, with LTE connectivity through the eSim service, advanced health monitoring and interval training support, from €269.90

the Samsung 4K Ultra HD SMART TV AU7172 series, with a slim design and HDR10 support for even brighter colours, ideal for gaming, in 43” from €379 to €359, and in 55” from €479 to €459. In addition, in physical stores COSMOTE or GERMANOS with each new subscription to COSMOTE TV, consumers can get their favorite Smart TV €100 cheaper in COSMOTE TV Cinema, Sports or Full Pack programs.

all televisions from €349 with a 5-year free warranty.

the Nintendo Switch OLED console, with realistic colors, improvements and improved sound, from €389 to €359

the TP LINK Wi-Fi Range Extender RE700X, to extend and boost Wi-Fi in any space, from €99.90 to €79.90.

In addition, on the occasion of World Telecommunications Day, until 05/19, registered members of the GERMANOS Rewards Program, with each purchase automatically win, through G App, a discount coupon of up to €50 for the next purchase.

More information here.

Finally: Cosmote, Vodafone and NOVA are taking the step we’ve all been waiting for

Cosmote Vodafone Nova: Numerous benefits for consumers are offered by the main telecommunications operators after the dance that the new NOVA was the first to launch at the beginning of the year.

Given the great competition that the give and take packages have in mobile telephony and in fact due to overdue debt and interruption of the connection, the user will have access to the Internet in a short time.

The packages that the companies will offer will include the attraction that even if the phone is cut off due to late payment of the bill, the customer will have Internet access.

A battle in the trenches with a consumer winner is expected to break out in the coming period in the domestic telecom market, at a time when the sector is reshaping its identity, enriching both the infrastructure and the services it offers.

Cosmote Vodafone Nova: Battle of offers – Benefits for the consumer

A common factor that will affect the next competition day will of course be the quality of the network and, as always, the new packages that will be configured on the mobile. The quiver of offers includes the incentive that, even if a telephone is cut off due to late payment, the client will be able to access basic Internet use for free.

The merger of two of the four players in the Greek market is undoubtedly a pioneer in developments.

The reason for NOVA and WIND, which now, under the umbrella of United, have completed their merger and are launching the combined services offered by the new company with an aggressive commercial policy.

The goal, as company executives made clear at a recent event, is to win over existing foreign customers and expand their market share, which has already increased due to the unification of the two companies’ customer base.

Cosmote Vodafone Nova: The market

The packages that the companies will offer will include the attraction that even if the phone is cut off due to late payment of the bill, the customer will have Internet access.

It is underlined that although the new scheme being created does not threaten the primacy of COSMOTE, NOVA and Vodafone Greece are now competing for second place.

And it is that while Vodafone continues to lead in mobile telephony -since only WIND had expanded to mobile, so the existing balances are not altered-, in fixed line and television the situation is changing.

In the case of fixed lines, the combined customers of the two companies place NOVA in second place in the market, while in the case of television, NOVA’s base, which has been declining in recent years (at the close of of 2021 the total number of subscribers reached 393,736), is reinforced by some 80,000 customers, at least according to market estimates.

This gives it a big advantage over Vodafone (160,000) and is close to COSMOTE (624,195).

For this reason and given that it had previously announced the EON platform, during the merger of the two companies the announced offers focused on mobile and landline.

With very competitive packages and with the help of the investment of 2,000 million euros that it has announced, NOVA intends to attract customers to both the mobile and fixed networks.

Cosmote Vodafone Nova: When does the Easter Gift arrive?

As an indication, it should be noted that the advertised offers included 1 Gbps connections for 33 euros, while the amount of 500 Mbps reaches 26 euros per month, if, of course, the connection is covered by the FTTH (fiber optic) network. NOVA own.

Although the coverage of said network is not very good, the condition could change, and the company is expected to make relevant announcements soon. As you have already commented in the past, the goal is to reach 22,000 km of fiber optic network in the next five years with an investment of 500 million euros.

In any case, however, the fact that NOVA seeks to attract customers through its own network means that in the future there will be areas with parallel coverage in terms of FTTH availability.

It is noted, however, that NOVA is not the only one making large investments to strengthen its infrastructure.

COSMOTE has announced and is executing an investment plan of 3,000 million euros until 2027 to cover 3 million homes, while Vodafone intends to invest a total of 600 million euros to reach 850,000 homes and companies.

With the aforementioned investments underway, interest now turns to how the other two providers will respond to NOVA’s aggressive commercial policy, but also whether these moves will ultimately succeed in lowering prices for the end consumer.

Especially at this time, where inflationary pressures and rising provider operating costs have already led the conversation to possible potential increases.

It should be noted that, as reported recently by the head of Vodafone Greece, Mr. Haris Broumidis, the fiber optic materials that reach homes and that are of vital importance in the investment programs of telecommunications companies have revalued in 70% in the last year, while energy costs and inflationary pressures have cost Vodafone Greece more than €60 million by 2022.

Increases in the prices of services are coming

Recent research and studies indicate that while the telecommunications industry has had a continuous downward trend in consumer costs over the past decade, it is now beginning to exhaust its potential to absorb intense inflationary pressures.

In fact, the increase in the cost of energy, the cost of raw materials and the cost of maintenance of the facilities comes at a time when consumers limit their expenses as much as possible, drastically compressing their profitability.

Since their fiber and 5G investment plans could not be derailed at this time, global market executives are already talking about price hikes for services.

Finally, market analysts estimate that even if the providers exhaust the price increase margins in their services, the average income per user cannot increase more than 10%, a percentage that is not capable of alleviating the price increases in costs. operational.

In this case, in fact, there is a risk that consumers will react with a further reduction in the use of services, which will again lead to a reduction in all revenue.

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