Sidney’s cabin from ‘Scream 3’ is the cutest Airbnb ever

Scream fans, this one is for you. (And honestly, no-Scream fans who like to look at cute Airbnb listings and fantasize about staying in them, this one is for you too). Remember the really beautiful and remote cabin where Sidney Prescott was hiding. scream 3? With this view?

Where Dewey very romantically proposes to Gale on the porch?

And where, in a moment of true closure for the original movie trilogy, Sidney decides she can, you know, leave the front door open?! No more terrifying killers to run from?

That house is now listed on Airbnb. I don’t know if it’s because Scream it’s my guilty pleasure or because I love looking at photos of Airbnb listings that I can’t afford, but I’m completely obsessed with it.

Sidney’s house from Scream 3 is now officially on AirBNB for rent!

Bill Kennedy / Elsewhere in California

In scream 3, the cabin is supposed to be in Monterey, California. But according to the listing, the real-life property is in Topanga, which is basically between Malibu and Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The actual Scream The cottage, now known as The Gate House, is one of seven unique spaces on a gated property called, unsurprisingly, The Estate. The various properties were rehabbed by Elsewhere California, and you did No waste your time with these renovations.

Let’s start with the inside. If you have ever seen scream 3, you’ll remember this take. Probably due to the attractive Patrick Dempsey holding a bowl of popcorn.

The new and improved cabin apparently worked with the original green kitchen cabinets and said “Y’all like green? I’ll give you green.” For my part, I think it’s flawless.

(Although they are missing an important element).

The kitchen itself is sage green from the bottom up and includes a farmhouse sink and French door refrigerator to boot. As evidenced by the horribly blurry screenshot of scream 3, the original kitchen had none. It also appears that they moved the original Stairs from the hallway to the kitchen.

…to accommodate this sleeping loft! We love.

The entrance used by Sidney and initially closed off as Fort Knox now appears to be a bedroom. Great idea for an Airbnb, but something (*cough* Sidney’s security system and double locks in the movie) tells me she would NOT have appreciated that design choice.

And while we’re in the living room: remember that cursed scene where Sidney is haunted by the ghost of her dead mother in the bay window?

And then he imagines Ghostface there?!

The bay window is still there, and I’m so glad it wasn’t ripped out.

Outside, the gate that Sidney used to walk her sweet pup looks pretty much the same today, minus A) the paved driveway and B) lots of deer.

The biggest update since Scream days, however, it is probably the exterior of the house itself. They built a retaining wall, did a lot of landscaping and, most obviously, swapped the brown paint job with green trim for the very modern all-black look.

The porch also appears to be a new addition. It spans the entire length of the cabin…and was even built around a tree! (And there’s that bay window again.)

And that beautiful establishing shot of the mountains I mentioned earlier?

I’m 99% sure this is the exact same view. Add the cedar tub and I am literally drooling.

Or, more realistically, here.

Anyway, the scream 3 The cabin, also known as The Gate House, is currently available to rent on Airbnb. If you have some money to spend and would like nothing more than to live out your horror movie fantasies in real life, the cabin sleeps four in two bedrooms and rates start at around $600 a night.

However, watch out for Ghostface.

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