Smart Bites: 5 Secrets to Healthy and Delicious Snacking on the Go

By | May 18, 2023

They tame your hunger, so you don’t fall headlong into “sinful” temptations at main meal times. They give you the energy you need to endure a hard day at the office, but also to boost your performance in the gym. And, if you give them the love they deserve, they can become great sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and many more nutrients. How not to love sandwiches?

Of course, the above doesn’t apply to the temporary solutions you often resort to when you’re at work (or even at home) completely unprepared. In reality, however, your in-between meals can acquire freshness, high nutritional value, and unmatched flavor very easily and in less time than it takes for delivery to your door. You just need to be properly equipped. Always having the following ingredients on hand, you can enjoy delicious and healthy snacks in minutes.

Rice wafers: The ideal base for everything

They have identified their name with the healthy snack and not without reason, since they are light, have few calories and you can take them with you everywhere. Now they are also associated with deliciousness, with the new line of wafers crispy king to surprise with its interesting flavor, its pure ingredients (Greek brown rice and Messolonghi salt) and its unique recipes.

Free of allergens and gluten (ION Dark Chocolate Rice Wafer is the only one that does not contain gluten), they are suitable for everyone, including vegetarians. In addition, they are produced in its modern and exclusive high-quality facilities. Flavor Factory SAthe first Rice Wafer industry in Greece, which applies stricter quality standards, to be 100% sure that what you enjoy is safe and nutritious, as well as delicious.

Their modern packaging ensures, among other things, an easy closure, to maintain their freshness for longer after opening, while their fine raw materials and intelligent combinations make them delicious, even when eaten alone. To further enhance both their flavor and their nutritional value, you can use them as a crunchy base for fruits and vegetables, but also for healthy and sweet creations.

For example, him Wafer Rice with CornWith its high fiber content, it combines perfectly with both savory and sweet ingredients, while Wafer Super SeedsWith its excellent nutritional profile that includes, among other things, eight valuable seeds, it is enough on its own to give you the energy boost you need between meals.

Fruits and vegetables for all hours

Yes, you already know: the ideal is to add a fruit or vegetable to each meal of the day, and this, of course, includes your snacks. Prefer the ones you like, with an emphasis on the less perishable ones, which will last longer in your fruit bowl or refrigerator.

If you are tired of seeing them spoil before your eyes, you can follow different strategies: reduce the quantities you buy according to your needs, put some in the freezer or bet on nuts, making sure they do not have additives. sugar. And, if you know that you are going to get tired of cutting that lettuce, it is not a bad idea to opt for a fresh salad already prepared.

popcorn day and night

Did you know how healthy and light popcorn (can be)? If you skip the butter and opt for a vegetable oil (coconut oil is one of our favorites for work), the beloved snack will retain its flavor and light crunch without filling you up with empty calories.

Tired of preparing it? You can enjoy its delights wherever you are thanks to its irresistible Corn Wafers crispy king100% corn with an exciting popcorn flavor.

Nuts for instant energy

Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews will provide you with ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids, vegetable proteins, B vitamins, minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and copper, and, of course, fiber.

Plus, they can be dipped with a little honey in a low-fat yogurt, added to delicious salads, and of course, eaten plain, reducing hunger pangs or cravings for chips and other little snacks. healthy when you’re eating a movie. If you want to enjoy them in their healthiest version, prefer the ones without salt.

Dark chocolate for a sweet pleasure without guilt

Both your body and your palate love it, each for their own reasons. Dark chocolate is perhaps the most delicious superfood and definitely deserves a place in your diet for its flavor and nutrients.

Minerals, vitamins and trace elements fit comfortably inside, while the antioxidants it contains have been shown to protect you from cardiovascular disease.

In its most delicious form, you will find it in its innovative ION Dark Chocolate Rice Wafers crispy king, which contain no trace of sugar and owe their sweet taste to a sweetener from the stevia plant. Healthy as well as tasty, they definitely deserve a place in your home cupboard, but also in your work drawer, when you want something sweet but also light.

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