Taxisnet is over – it’s being phased out for good – see what will replace it

By | May 17, 2023

Suspected cases of tax evasion and smuggling will be detected in real time

taxinet: the new taxis it will integrate artificial intelligence and data mining tools to combat tax evasion and more, as reported by

It is expected to dominate in three important areas, such as taxation, transparency and citizenship performance.

In taxis, the extensive updating of the three tax information systems and the operational modernization of AADE are already underway, with a budget of 100 million euros.

For example, artificial intelligence will allow tax authorities to immediately identify which tax returns are true and which are false, or even intelligently monitor taxpayer movements for hidden assets.

In particular, your system has the ability to extract data from a huge set of information and data on income, personal and real estate, expenses, transactions and bank movements.

Suspected cases of tax evasion and smuggling will be detected in real time, while taxpayers will be categorized according to their behavior, such as “strategic delinquents”, “probability of tax evasion”.

AADE is already planning an application for mobile phones, with the aim of making life easier for citizens, simplifying the processing of their tax obligations.

Citizens will be able to view their tax profile, pay their fees and receive personalized updates and notifications of upcoming obligations.

The new app will act as a fiscal calendar.

The professional will receive updates on VAT filing and payment reminder dates.

With the new information system starting in 2023, applicants for Greek citizenship will now be identified and apply via with the aim of causing as little inconvenience as possible to the applicant.

The Transparency of the Next Decade project will now leverage data instead of pdf documents, as well as GDPR-compliant AI tools to improve transparency and accessibility for citizens.

The conversion of pdf documents to simple data will allow their automatic processing and will improve their search in Diageia, giving the citizen the possibility of obtaining aggregated data easily and quickly.

Taxisnet: change your passwords instantly

In an extraordinary announcement, the Treasury has called on all taxpayers to change their passwords immediately.

According to Pitsili’s decision published in the Government Gazette, all those who have issued and use Taxisnet codes “must update their electronic contact information, that is, their email addresses and telephone numbers (mobile and landline).” This will be done in the “Register and Contact” option and in the “Contact Information” section.

With the same decision, the institution of the “Assistant to meet” obligations is now established, for people who have their own codes but, for various reasons (such as the elderly, etc.) need the help of others to comply with their tax obligations. . .

In particular, certified users of the electronic services of the Independent Public Revenue Authority must update their electronic communication data, that is, their electronic mail addresses (e-mail) and their telephone numbers (Mobile and Landline).

These data, at the option of the interested party, may be synchronized with the National Communications Registry (RMN).

1. For electronic communication, the person dealing with AADE declares at least one of the following:
(a) “Personal Email”, as the email address to which you have access. Notifications are sent to this address for sending – notification of all acts, documents and informative messages from the Tax Administration to the taxpayer’s account in the electronic notifications application in myAADE, including those that may contain sensitive personal data, which are not refer to tax returns or tax obligations of the citizen.

(b) “Compliance Assistant Email”. The electronic address of the person who undertakes to assist the declarant in the fulfillment of his tax or other obligations is declared as such.

Who can be a “compliance assistant”
A “Compliance Assistant” is declared to be any person who agrees to assist the taxpayer in complying with his or her tax or other obligations.

The citizen himself is obliged to choose the characterization of his relationship with the Compliance Assistant, from an exclusive list of roles such as, indicatively:

  • counter
  • tutor
  • relative
  • familiar face

The notifications are sent to the email address of the Compliance Assistant for the publication of notifications in the taxpayer’s account in the application of electronic notifications in myAADE, of acts, documents and informative messages of the AADE.

They may contain sensitive personal data resulting from or included in tax declarations or tax obligations of the citizen (for example, EI declarations, acts of corrective or administrative determination). With the condition of the taxpayer’s consent (check-box), personal data (sensitive or not) may also be contained, which are not related to the tax obligations of the citizen before the Tax Administration (eg fines of immunized persons, notification of payment notices not tax obligations, such as traffic fines, obligations in favor of third parties, etc.).

In case of lack of consent, the notification is sent only to the “Personal Email” or, in case of not having registered it, the notification is made as provided in writing.

2. By filling in the mobile phone number, personal email, and compliance assistant email, the data is confirmed by sending a 6-digit code (respectively to phone or email) to the customer, and to the latter, to the compliance assistant.

3. Contact details must be updated whenever they change. The taxpayer will not be able to invoke the contact data changes against the AADE until the date of the update.

4. The Fulfillment Assistant can digitally retrieve a list of customers who have completed and confirmed their own email address as “Fulfillment Assistant Email”, subject to confirmation via a code they will receive in the indicated email . direction during recovery time.

Upon recovery, the Compliance Assistant may remove your email address from the client’s quota, provided the client has previously made a “Personal Email” statement.

As long as the data of electronic communications by taxpayers is not updated, the email addresses already declared in the AADE will be considered as corresponding to the “Personal email” option. If the taxpayer has already declared two email addresses, it is considered that the one declared in the field defined as “Email” corresponds to the option “Personal email”, while the one declared in the field defined as “Additional Email” is considered which corresponds to the “Compliance Assistant Email” option.

In this case, it is considered that the prescribed consent does not exist.

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