“Tayyip Erdoğan has destroyed everything in the last four or five years”, declares Orhan Pamuk: The Europeans keep him in power, says the Nobel laureate!

By | May 15, 2023

epa06450172 Turkish author and winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature, Orhan Pamuk poses at a press conference while presenting the exhibition ‘Il museo dell’innocenza di Orhan Pamuk a Milano’ (Innocent Museum of Orhan Pamuk in Milan) at the Bagatti Museum Valsecchi in Milan, Italy. EPA, MATTEO BAZZI

The rights and wrongs of outgoing President Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan), during his two decades in power, recalls in an interview with the newspaper Le Monde (text by Marie Jégo and Jean-Philippe Rémy), the Turkish writer, Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk.

He mentions that in the last twenty years there has been enormous economic growth, points out that the change during this period was not homogeneous, stressing that in the last ten years all this has been reversed and finally the change is zero.

It refers to the two turning points, the attempted military coup on July 15, 2016, which it qualifies as “unacceptable”, and in the revision of the Constitution in 2017.

It emphasizes that both contributed to the omnipotence of Erdogan, who, by abusing this opportunity, blocking free speech, imprisoning thousands, became a lone and omnipotent leader, who by marginalizing pro-Western, rational, educated and did you know, [ειδικά οικονομικά]has led to poorer Turks in the last five years.

“He also said that he would create a rapprochement with Europe and the Turks saw this as an economic opportunity,” he adds.

Asked if he thinks Erdogan was sincere about coming to Europe, he says:

“….toif there were no Erdogan, there would be another Erdogan, because unfortunately the secular camp, to which I belong culturally, and my novel Neige [Gallimard, 2005] talks about this issue, he has made so many mistakes in the past that a somewhat radical conservative has been given power.” Erdogan’s true political prescription was “I will make you wear the veil and I will make you shake hands with Europe”, while the CHP, twenty years ago, was not very friendly to Europe, he points out.

Regarding the difficulty of the Turkish president in these elections, he affirms that “Erdogan was synonymous with economic prosperity and little freedom of expression, a good combination, that worked for almost fifteen years, but in the last four or five years it has ruined everything”.

He then points out that mainly the economic situation, but also the loss of Kurdish support, as well as that of women, in addition to his rapprochement with the far-right party MHP and the mishandling of the earthquake on February 6 could lead to the loss of the elections. However, not considers Erdogan “more opportunistic than any other politician in Turkey”,

He claims that awhat partly keeps Erdogan in power is Europe. “On the one hand, Erdogan is criticized by European leaders for his restrictions on free speech, jailing writers, etc., on the other hand, leading Western countries like Germany and France are secretly happy with him, because he keeps out immigrants,” he notes, noting that Kemal Kiliçdaroglu said he would deport Syrian refugees.

He believes that the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic in October will be quite exciting, noting that this will also be the moment of balance, for what are the successes of modern secular Turkey and what are its failures. According to him, “youthe greatest achievement of Turkish secularization is that it runs through the veins of the country, which Erdogan was unable to suppress. »

When we present Erdogan as a strong person, it is not because of Islam, but because of the authoritarianism he has put in place. We shouldn’t criticize him for his Islamism, moderate after all, but for his authoritarian turn.” he asserts, emphasizing, that the current paradox is that Erdogan is faced with a basic law that he made himself, only to discover to his dismay that this all-powerful position that he has created will potentially be won by a completely secular person, an Alevi and a Kurd at that.

SOURCE: Le Monde marie jego and Jean-Philippe Remy – Pour l’écrivain turk Orhan Pamuk, “Erdogan a tout gâché au cours des quatre ou cinq dernières années”

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