The advice of a famous gymnast to lose weight after 40 – Steak for breakfast, chocolate every day

By | May 16, 2023

Gymnast reveals what you should do and eat to lose weight.

With the arrival of summer, most of us have already begun to think about what diet and exercise program to follow to get the summer body we are looking for.

According to personal trainer Sarah Lindsay, the secret to losing weight for women approaching or past middle age is very specific, and the method to achieve the goal may seem…unconventional.

The 43-year-old personal trainer has previously represented Megali
Great Britain participated in three Olympic Games as a figure skater, and currently runs the luxury sports brand ‘Roar’ with her husband, runs 4 gyms, three in London and one in Dubai, and a successful online training platform.

Gymnast Sarah Lindsay workout videos:

She points out that three-quarters of the women she coaches live perfectly normal lives, and more than half of them are nearing or already going through menopause. According to the famous sports guru, for women over 40, the key to losing weight is to lower your ‘metabolic age’, a term used to describe how efficiently our bodies, particularly our digestive systems, work. .

The qualified fitness trainer explains that as we approach middle age, increasing muscle mass is by far the best way to maintain a fit and healthy body, since muscle greatly revs up our metabolism. “By increasing your muscle mass, with a few changes to your diet, and a commitment to regular weight training, you can lower your metabolic age while transforming your body,” she says.

Do not reduce your calorie intake

According to Lindsay, during middle age it’s a good idea to eat as much as you can to get all the nutrients you need without gaining weight. If you want to gain muscle (and therefore increase your metabolism), it’s okay to eat more calories; just make sure the additional foods are healthy vegetables or lean protein.

In fact, you may need to increase your calorie intake to ensure you are getting enough protein. Protein provides amino acids, which are the structural and functional building blocks of cells, hormones, tissues, and organs. If we don’t eat enough, we may not be able to maintain the maintenance our bodies need to keep us metabolically healthy and, yes, young.

steak for breakfast

“I recommend eating protein (meat, fish, eggs or tofu and legumes) at every meal. Personally, I can’t understand why people cringe at the thought of eating a juicy steak for breakfast — it’s just a healthier version of sausage and bacon,” Lindsay says.

By contrast, the cereals that are so popular are a poor breakfast choice: They’re high in sugar and carbohydrates, which your body struggles to handle morning after morning. It is definitely better to make some eggs or a steak on the grill, and accompany it with some vegetables.

Carbohydrates at lunch

By noon, your body will have woken up and will therefore be able to handle the carbohydrates you will be consuming. So lunch is the ideal meal to include your carbs: some rice, bread, or potatoes.

fish for dinner

It is good that our dinner is relatively light, so that our digestive system does not have to work hard at night so that we can sleep more peacefully.

According to the famous personal trainer, our digestion also tends to slow down as we age, so we must learn to “listen” to our body and not overwhelm it. If we eat red meat and/or eggs for breakfast and lunch, we will eat white meat or fish later in the day.

yes to chocolate

The famous gymnast insists that you should not deny yourself foods that bring you joy and pleasure, while confessing that she herself eats a little dark chocolate every day after lunch.

However, he does share one important piece of advice when it comes to sugar consumption: there is a narrow window (about 20 minutes) right after a strength workout when our muscles perfectly absorb glucose in any form while trying to replenish lost stores. during sport.

You can then use this “window” as an opportunity to enjoy a sweet treat without negatively affecting your metabolism. In particular, Lindsey recommends that her clients bring a protein drink or shake to consume post-workout. However, according to her, if an occasional muffin or dessert gives you too much pleasure, the best time to eat it is right after working out.


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