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By | April 30, 2023

Edited by: Periklis Halatsis

The commercial career of the new DS 3 began in Greece with three versions. With a gasoline engine, with a diesel engine and also with the electric E-Tense that has a new 115 kW (156 CV) propulsion system and a new 54 kWh battery that allows it to reach a combined range of up to 404 km. Cycle according to WLTP.

The latest model from DS Automobiles, which was shown in particular at the most prominent institution of haute couture, Paris Fashion Week, has arrived in Greece and its disposition has already begun.
The new DS 3, which is manufactured exclusively in Poissy, Paris, was first presented to the Greek public under the name DS 3 CROSSBACK in 2018. Two years later its purely electric version was presented, making it a benchmark in the SUV Premium B category.

Today, the new DS 3, with its renewed exterior design, incorporates new technologies and develops the efficiency of its engines to offer passengers the level of luxury that the DS Automobiles brand carries.

The new DS 3 is based on the latest generation CMP platform. This platform offers greater safety, comfort and driving pleasure. This platform is also called “multi-energy” because it can accept an all-electric powertrain, with no loss in performance or compromise in cabin space or luggage space.

The DS 3 retains its bold design identity while embracing clean lines that accentuate its exterior appearance. The French implemented new design and assembly processes. The welding technique of the parts offers a 30% increase in rigidity, while the bolted parts increase by 10% and replace the bonded parts, while special materials are used between the joints to help minimize friction, which which translates into the elimination of unwanted noise in the cabin. .

At the same time, it’s the only car in its class to have standard rear side (chest) airbags in addition to roof (head) airbags.
The front of the new DS 3 follows the new design identity of DS Automobiles. The slim LED headlights, part of the vehicle’s standard equipment, as well as the daytime running lights, consisting of two vertical LED strips, are highlighted by the new DS design grille and redesigned DS wings.

However, alongside aesthetic perfection in the design of the New DS 3, emphasis was placed on optimizing aerodynamics. At the bottom of the fairing, the air ducts are flanked by two spoilers, which significantly improve the vehicle’s drag coefficient. On the side of the vehicle, the pop-up handles stand out, which are fully integrated into the body.

On the rear of the vehicle stands out the signature of “DS AUTOMOBILES” that adorns the tailgate. The new model is available in seven exterior colors, highlighting the new triple-coated Diva Red color. The characteristic is that its hue changes depending on the lighting and the viewing angle.

With the use of very high-strength steel, aluminum composite materials combined with the use of compact, high-performance powertrains help reduce vehicle weight. Therefore, the new DS3 has a reduced environmental footprint, reduced fuel consumption and improved drag coefficient (-5 to -8dm2) compared to its predecessor.

Attention to detail inside.
A benchmark of quality and attention to detail is the interior of the DS 3. The seats can be ordered heated with a massage function. The quality is high as befits all DS cars. High-quality fabrics, Claudia leather, and Nappa leather are highlighted and distinguished through specialized processing techniques, such as unique pearl stitching, the “Clous de Paris” finishing technique found in Haute Horlogerie, and leather treatment with “bracelet” pattern.

The new DS 3 is his first vehicle category B from the Stellantis group incorporating the new DS IRIS SYSTEM, found on the DS 4 and DS 7. The new intuitive infotainment system is fully customizable with widgets, offers 3D navigation and includes a personal assistant, IRIS, which recognizes natural speech . In addition, the new infotainment system provides the wireless Mirror Screen function (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay).

The high-resolution 10.3” central touchscreen, standard across the model range, is divided into 12 (2×6) cells (depending on vehicle equipment), while widget sizes range from 1 to 8 cells, allowing easy access to all essential driving functions. Below the screen, the center console retains its striking design, using touch controls designed in the recognizable style of the DS emblem, which have been modified for improved ergonomics.

The 7” instrument panel is divided into 2 zones and redesigned according to the brand’s new standards. Finally, the steering wheel of the New DS 3 now integrates the controls for the ADAS systems, the gearshift paddles and the controls for the basic functions of the new infotainment system.
In addition to the new generation infotainment, we find technological novelties, both in the basic equipment and in the optional equipment of the model, some of them exclusive to the SUV Premium B category:

• DS MATRIX LED VISION: The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights of the New DS 3 consist of 3 LED headlights for low beam mode and a MATRIX BEAM headlight for high beam mode, consisting of 15 independent LED units. These units gradually turn on and off based on the environment and driving, which are scanned by a camera mounted on top of the windshield.

• DS DRIVE ASSIST: The semi-autonomous DS DRIVE ASSIST system is one step closer to autonomous driving. This innovative equipment adjusts the speed and the distance with respect to the preceding vehicle and precisely positions the New DS 3 in the lane chosen by the driver acting on the steering wheel. Of course, it allows the driver to regain control of the car at any time.

• KEYLESS ENTRY AND STARTING SYSTEM: At a distance of 3 meters, the vehicle recognizes the driver’s key and the headlights come on. At a distance of 1.5 meters, the vehicle unlocks, the door handles pop out and the mirrors open automatically. Finally, when the driver moves within 2 meters of the vehicle, the door handles and mirrors fold in and the vehicle locks automatically.

• NEW GENERATION OF ACTIVE LANE KEEPING ASSIST AND BLIND SPOT MONITORING SYSTEM: Standard equipment across the entire model range that ensures safe driving and prevents inadvertent lane changes. In addition, the new generation system that equips the New DS 3, unlike its competition, helps to keep the vehicle in its lane or on the road, since it works even with a single stripe or with partially “off” stripes.

At the same time, the blind spot monitoring system warns the driver that there is another vehicle in the vehicle’s blind spot, if that vehicle is a potential hazard.
Let’s look at internal combustion engines and E-TENSE technology

let’s start with DS 3 E-TENSO which is the first Stellantis Group model to feature a new powerful battery, with a capacity of 54kWh (usable capacity 50.8kWh), with a new chemical composition that significantly improves energy density (220 litres, energy density record). At the same time, liquid circulation thermal management and the heat pump allow the battery to be recharged quickly, optimizing autonomy and increasing useful life. The new battery can be recharged from 0 to 80% in 25 minutes with a 100 kW DC fast charger, while with an 11 kW AC 3-phase wallbox it can be fully charged in approximately 5 hours.

The placement of the new compact battery between the front and rear seats, under the central tunnel and the special construction of the rear axle, allow the new DS 3 E-Tense to retain all the advantages of vehicles with internal combustion engines (comfortable space for rear passengers, large trunk, driving position identical to that of internal combustion vehicles, etc.).

At the same time, the new HSM (Hybrid Synchronous Motor), manufactured in Trémery, France by the new joint venture between NIDEC and Stellantis, offers a power of 115 kW (156 hp) and a torque of 260 Nm, immediately available to the driver. and guarantees maximum driving pleasure with zero emissions.

The new battery combined with the aerodynamic optimization increases the range of the vehicle up to 404 kilometers in WLTP combined cycle, while the driver of the New DS 3 E-Tense has up to 575 kilometers of range in urban environment (WLTP).

The range of the New DS 3 is completed with Blue HDi 130 engine with automatic transmission EAT8 and two PureTech 100 gasoline engines with 6-speed manual gearbox and PureTech 130 with EAT8 automatic gearbox.
The new DS 3 is offered in 5 trim levels depending on the engine. You can find it in the Bastille, Rivoli, Opera, Performance Line and Performance Line+ editions.

To see the prices of the new DS 3, click on HERE, when mentioning how your greek company Syngelidis Group representing DS offers the DS Assistance program, five 5 years of free roadside assistance and an additional five years of factory warranty.

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