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Achla, Andros/Photo: Shutterstock

One of the most enchanting islands in Greece, beautiful Andros not only has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, magnificent mansions that keep the air of another era alive, but also a number of extremely interesting museums, archaeological sites and galleries.

On the Aegean island with many faces and a rich culinary tradition, you will swim in crystal clear waters, lie on warm smooth pebbles or on shores covered in soft golden sand and admire the vastness of the sea, on some of the most beautiful beaches in all the cyclades

The sandy beach of Agios Petros/Photo: Shutterstock

Saint Peter: Just 2 km from Gavrio, a long beach of fine, blond sand, a beach bar and taverns. It is organized in much of it, but exposed to the winds. It offers a view of Gavrionisia. It is located on the main road from Gavrio to Batsi.

Golden Sands and Cyprus/Photo: Shutterstock

Golden Sands and Cyprus: It is one of the most famous beaches on the island, windless, with shallow water and fine sand, just below the main Gavriou-Batsiou road. There are umbrellas, sun loungers and a beach bar. It is suitable for families, there is the possibility of water sports and it is relatively windless. It is located 3 km from Gavrio. Next to Chrysi Ammos, there is Kypri with Surf Club, beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas.

Cork/Photo: Shutterstock

cork: To the northwest of Gavrio, a large closed bay of Fellos with sand, green waters and tamarisks. The beach is not organized and has easy access from a paved road (4 km from Gavrio). Fishermen prefer Fellos and the other two small nearby beaches, Selki and Kourtali, which are difficult to access from land. A traditional tavern operates nearby.

Pisolimones: Secluded beach north of Fellos, with turquoise waters. It is not organized and is reached by a passable dirt road. It is worth staying late to watch the sunset heading towards Cabo Doro. It is 8 km from Gavrio.

Vlychada and Pyrgos: Vlychada is a long sandy beach in the north-west, divided in the middle by a rock. It has no organization, it is ideal for those who want isolation, and for snorkel lovers. Further north is a smaller, sheltered, sandy beach, Pyrgos. It took its name from the ruined Venetian tower (Makrotantalos Castle) in the rock. The two beaches are about 10 km from Gavrio, to the northwest.

Zorkos, Andros/Photo: Shutterstock

zorkos: The first image from above, when approaching the large bay with the sandy beach, justifies its position among the most beautiful on the island. It has crystal clear waters and impressive rocks. It is organized in one place, but there is also a lot of free space. He operates a tavern. The beach is located on the northwest coast of Andros, it is 17 km from Gavrio and is accessed by a paved road and a passable dirt road. We recommend that you come only when it is not windy.

Vitaly: A beautiful beach in the northeast of the island with easy access. It has thick boulders and crystal clear waters. There is a beach bar and there are umbrellas and sun loungers. The meltemi catches her.

Athens: Sandy with easy access. It has sand dunes and a small canyon.

North: Beautiful sandy beach near the village of Arni (see Discoveries), towards the NE side of the island. It became known thanks to the wreck of a Turkish ship on the rocks. But it is not the only one: At its bottom there is another shipwreck that ran aground there in 1920. It is ideal for snorkeling, you will go from a passable dirt road.

paleopolis: In the area where the ancient capital of the island was located and very close to the excavation site. It has large stones (cobbles) and clear water. With a deep dive, you will admire the old jetty. The access is from a road that starts from Kato Paleopolis.

Chalkolimones/ Photo: Shutterstock

Chalkolimones: A beautiful and popular beach in the Stavropeda area, with a beach bar and plenty of free space. It has fine pebbles and sand. It is surrounded by impressive rocks and a typical Cycladic landscape with terraces, farmyards and the picturesque church of Agios Ioannis. It is worth staying until sunset. It is easily accessible from a paved road and is 14 km from Chora (see Monuments). Avoid it when it’s windy, because it creates a sandblast.

Apothike Beach/Photo: Shutterstock

warehouses: In the Stavropeda area, a beautiful enclosed bay with green water. It is very close to Chalkolimion and is reached by a passable dirt road. There is a beach bar.

HEBatsi Settlement/Photo: Shutterstock

Batsi: The organized family beach on the Batsi coastal road has sand, sun loungers-umbrellas, cabins and showers. In its free part you will find tamarind trees to provide shade. Cafes and taverns operate around the beach. It is without wind.

Kolona/Photo: Shutterstock

Column: Small sandy beach, in Batsi Bay, popular with families. It is sheltered from the winds, organized, with a beach bar and a nice view towards the Batsiou settlement. It is easily accessible on foot or by vehicle.

Robust: Next to Batsi – a narrow sandy and pebble beach.

The old woman jumping / Photo: Shutterstock

The old woman’s jump: The small sandy beach near Ormos Korthiou (see Sights) is a sight to behold, so you will rarely find it empty this summer. Its characteristic feature is a monolith 15 meters high. His name, according to tradition, is related to an old Andriotissa who helped the Turks to invade the castle of Faneromeni (see Monuments). When she realized the consequences of her action, she jumped off the hill and was petrified.
To find the beach you will follow the signs inside the settlement of Korthio and you will park to continue on foot along the sea. The final descent is made by a small path. You can also come on foot, starting from Agia Ekaterini in Ormos (15′).

Windmill: Ormos Korthiou beach is long and sandy, ideal for windsurfing when it’s windy.

intelligent: An impressive deep bay below the settlement of the same name, with boulders and deep water. The Dipotamata Gorge also ends here (see Attractions). It is not organized, it is accessed by a paved road and it is 16 km from Korthi.

Better to visit Paraporti on a windless day/ Photo: Shutterstock

paraporti: Chora beach. Upon arrival, you will meet its permanent residents, the ducks that live in Megalo Potamos, which empties into the beach. You will enjoy its waters and the view towards the Tourlitis lighthouse (see Attractions). It has parasols-loungers, a beach bar and a tavern. When it blows from the north, you have to be careful, because big waves of ebb and flow are formed. To go, you will have to go down the steps from Kairi Square.

nimborio: The sandy beach of Eastern Chora is preferred by families with children and locals. It is sheltered from the wind, next to the road, divided in two by the rock of Tourlos. There are umbrellas and sun loungers. It has a nice view of Agia Thalassini, the square with the Invisible Sailor and the Tourlitis lighthouse.

lydi: Small deserted beach near Chora with sand and pebbles. It is accessible by a difficult path, or by boat. Avoid it when it’s windy.

The small and crowded beach of Gialia near Chora/Photo: Shutterstock

Glasses: Small crowded beach near Chora, with pebbles and clear water. The trees come close to the water and provide shade. It is located next to the paved road and there is a tavern. It is without wind.

Achla/Photo: Shutterstock

People: In the northeast of the island, 24 km from Chora, below the village of Vourkoti. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean, and now in the tourist season it is full of moored boats and people. It has very fine white pebbles, dreamy crystal clear water and the small church of Agios Nikolaos. It follows the Achla River, which rises from the surrounding mountains to flow into the beach. You will find seasonal ponds (pedestals) in the banana trees, where you can also snorkel. In Achla, he prefers to go by boat. If you go by car, you will reach the car park along a dirt road in poor condition for about 8 km, also passing by the Gria lighthouse.

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