The Finalmouse RGB LED is a glass keyboard with a PC inside

PC accessories brand Finalmouse has announced a unique mechanical keyboard that features detailed animated images that can be displayed below the transparent glass keys. That’s right, you read that correctly.

Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard Reveal

While many keyboards may include moving RGB LED lights as a fun design, the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard features “interactive skins” that are generated through Unreal Engine 5, the 3D computer graphics game engine.

There is a screen at the bottom of the keyboard switches that projects the skin scenes for you to see. One skin features swimming koi fish, and if you press a key they are out of sight. Others include breaking ice, the Eye of Sauron, a grazing lion, a galaxy, clouds, a spaceship taking off, and cherry blossoms, among many others.

Finalmouse has yet to share details on the display’s specs, such as exact size, brightness, resolution, or refresh rate, according to Ars Technica.

The keyboard is also powered by its own CPU and GPU, so your system resources are separate from the devices you’re connected to, according to Finalmouse.

Artists are also expected to be able to submit skins on the company’s Steam app called The Freethinker Portal and even get a chance to monetize. Few details are known about the app, other than that it will be available for people to download layouts and that the Centerpiece keyboard can store up to three layouts and switch between them via a dedicated switch on the side of the peripheral. In particular, you don’t have to leave the animations on all the time. The keyboard also includes a brightness knob on its side that doubles as an on/off switch.

The glass material used in the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard is the DisplayCircuit laminated glass stack, which sits on an aluminum chassis. Despite its materials, Finalmouse said users shouldn’t have a problem with the keyboard’s durability.

The keyboard has also been described as having a unique typing sound comparable to “smooth marble raindrops”, however this has yet to be tested for confirmation. In terms of other mechanical switch specs, the keyboard is based on Gateron’s Black Ink linear switches, which have 4 millimeters of travel and actuate with 60 grams of force, according to Finalmouse.

The brand said it has plans to release an analog version of the Finalmouse Centerpiece keyboard with Hall effect sensors.

The peripheral will be available early next year at a price of $350.

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