The great Larissa Nella Golanda has died

By | May 10, 2023

This afternoon the great sculptor of the Urban Landscape Larisa Nella Golanda passed away. She was born in Athens, but came from Ampelakia, Larissa.

He studied engraving, mosaic and book art at the Athens School of Fine Arts. From an early age, his interest was focused on reshaping the urban environment through art.

He left behind great works in Larissa, such as the Glyptos Pinios, while he also designed the surrounding area of ​​the Larissa Ancient Theater.

About his works he had told the magazine PERSONS de larissanet:

“My works “Inhabited Sculpted Landscapes” of large urban scale in public space, such as the Central Square of Old Faliro (1976 – 1982), the Sculpted Promenade of Old Faliro (1984 -1986), the Aixoni Sculpture Theater in Glyfada (1984 – 1992) (program for the rehabilitation of the inactive quarries of Attica, in charge of Antonis Tritsis), the Post Office Square (1993 – 1996) and the Central Square of Larissa (1996 – 1998) and the pedestrian – connection with the aforementioned central squares around the Ancient Theater (2006), as well as the “Sculptural Architectural Landscapes N. Golandas + A. Kouzoupis”, such as the restoration of the landscape in the Inactive Dionysos Quarry (Dionysos SAEVE Marble Property) with the creation of the Open Museum of Ancient Stonework Art (1994 – 1997), the aesthetic interventions along 8 km on the Ymitou – Attiki Odos Western Ring Road (1999 – 2005) and the Central Square (“Vasso Katraki Square”) in Glyfada (2006- 2008), projects carried out in collaboration with Aspasia Kouzoupi, AUTh engineering architect. MAS Landscape Architect ETH-Zurich, PhD of AUTH and professor at the Department of Architecture at Thessaly University, were characterized by the common element of great joy for collaboration and participation and unconditional pleasure among those involved in these projects, starting with the scientists. of the Municipal Technical Services and of the works as artisans who have participated in the realization of these works”.

In the column “PUBLIC SCULPTURE IN THE CITY OF LARISSA” panagou glass had written to larisanet:

HE Nella (Penelope-Heleni) Golanda He was born in Athens, but hails from the mountainous Apelakia of Larisa Prefecture. He studied engraving, mosaic and book art at the Athens School of Fine Arts. From an early age, his interest was focused on reshaping the urban environment through art.

His “Inhabited Sculptured Landscapes” are noted for their overall design and holistic approach, allusions and symbolism.

His art, large-scale landscape sculpture, is dynamically integrated into space. His work is developed in the tripartite architecture-sculpture-environment on a human scale, in the redefinition of the public environment and is reduced to dialogue and daily interaction with citizens.

Nella Golanda’s large-scale landscape works are: Flisvos Square in Paleo Faliro (1976–1982), Flisvos Quay sculpture in Paleo Faliro (1984–1986), Axoni Theater sculpture in Glyfada (1984–1992), the office Post Office Square (1993 –1996) and Central Square (1996–1998) in Larissa, pedestrianization – connecting the surroundings of the 1st Ancient Theater of Larissa (2006) with these squares, the coastal bike path – Rafina Pedestrian – Neas Makris ( 1992–1995), Alsos Veikou Botanical Garden (1993), Old Faliro New Town Hall Outdoor Area (2005–2006), Glyfada Vasso Katraki Central Square (2005–2008).

Since 1995, in collaboration with Aspasia Kouzoupi, they form the “Sculptural Architectural Landscapes” group, designing, studying and carrying out large-scale landscape projects, such as: in the inactive Dionysos Marble Mines of Attica, the restoration and conversion into an Open Museum of Ancient Quarrying Art (1994–1997), the aesthetic interventions in Attiki Odos and the Western Peripheral of Hymettos (1999–2005), the configuration of the outdoor space of the New Town Hall of Old Faliro (2005–2006), the installation of Games of Sculptures with Neolithic Symbols on the pedestrian walkway of the Archaeological Museum of Karditsa (2013). He has also created sculptural monuments (Fallen Faliriots 1985, Antonis Tritsis funerary monument at the 1st Cemetery 1993, sculptural composition at the HSAP station in Neo Heraklion 2003) and wall sculptures in public spaces (Commercial Bank of Larissa 1982, Kifissias 1984, Agricultural Bank Syntagma Square 1987).

central square fountain

Nella Golanda has participated in the European Architectural Landscape Biennial with her works, receiving awards: 1970 Alexandria Mediterranean Biennial, 1973 Sao Paolo, 1983 Alexandria, 1999 Barcelona (2 central squares of Larissa, Dionysus Quarries – Open Museum), 2003 Barcelona (landscape sculptural interventions in the western region of Ymitto), 2005 Barcelona (House on the island of Kea – Spathi location), 2006 Barcelona, ​​2006 Venice (House on the island of Kea – Spathi location), 2007 Paris, 2010 & 2012 Barcelona (Central Plaza de Glyfada Vaso Katraki), 2012 Milan (Attiki Odos), 2016 Venice (invitation of honor).

His work and visual interventions in public spaces have led to extensive publications in sculpture, art and architecture books and magazines (Germany, Italy, England, Spain, France, Brazil) and a monograph has been published. Announcements have been made at international conferences, at the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg (1983), Prague (1993) and Delphi (1984) and diplomatic studies have been carried out at universities in Greece and abroad. His works are in museums and collections in Greece and abroad.

In Larissa, with which her name is inextricably linked, the internationally renowned landscape sculptor created works that stand out for their connection with the urban and natural environment, in a special proposal and construction, loaded with elements of historical memory.

The idea of ​​the “water element” accompanies her to the city. Through the general and holistic artistic intervention and the reform of the two large central squares (Plaza Central and Plaza de Correos) and part of the pedestrian route that reaches the 1st Old Theater of the city, Nella Golanda achieved and brought to life and everyday life. of the neighbors of Larissa the art, projecting through her creations the power of a main element of the landscape, which is the Pinios river. The water from the fountains in the 2 squares of Larissa emerges through steps and architectural lines, as a source of life and a constant flow of time.

Post Office Square Fountain

In Plaza de Correos the sculpted river (1993-1996) reconstructs the relationship between the city and its river. The artist’s work starts from here and develops in two parts-levels, which symbolize the folding of the mountainous masses. The first sculpted volume (first part of the project) – fountain, on a large sloping surface and decorated with elements of the mountains, the plains and the architecture of the city (drinking troughs, millstones, old pavement kennels, various architectural elements that refer to the history of earthquakes in the city), symbolizes the mountainous Thessaly and the cascading waters symbolize the mountainous sources of the river Pinios. Next, the second sculptural volume emerges-source (second part of the project), with various elements (wellhead, wheels, grinding wheels, cisterns), where the river continues its course with intensity.

central square fountain

The project continues in Central plaza. The river appears in all its splendor in fountain (1995-1998), in its now flat development. After the water falls with intensity from the mountainous massifs (in the Plaza de Correos), the river reappears, which the Thessaly plain allows to develop calmly. The lighting of the fountain with dozens of lights at night is reminiscent of a settlement, observed from afar. The viewer is taken to the next part of the work – an archaeological excavation with a two-room building with buildings reminiscent of an ancient temple. The corridors of the square lead to the 1st Old Theater, framed by lights reminiscent of telephone or electricity poles. The pavement design mimics the planting arrangements of fields and railways.

Pedestrian street Venizelos

TO pedestrian street Venizelou street (2005-2006) we find the culmination of the holistic work of the sculptor Nella Golanda. The designs of the cladding with geometric patterns of inlaid marble refer to the floor plans of the old houses of Larissa.

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