The kindergarten teacher who was assigned to Donoussa and found the man of her life there

By | May 18, 2023

Even if it is a wild card, who played it and won it!

Marianna Kanelli chose a difficult-to-reach island to earn double credits as a kindergarten teacher, Donoussa turned out for her, and there, among ten young people, only five of whom would be men, she met the man of her life!

Panormitis, as is her name, whose grace she adored until then while she was at Symi in kindergarten.

It is these scripts that life writes and no scriptwriter can surpass.

I spoke to her in the afternoon, from Donoussa, and it was as if she was listening to the sound that the wave makes every time she walks on the sand to go to school to look for her two young students.

Hard life, one could say, happy life, another would say. It depends on the point of view, and there are many points of view from which one can see something.

“The first year I was assigned to kindergarten in Symi,” he tells me. “I thought I would also have the points for Symi for the second year, but I was ‘thrown’ to the Cyclades! Then I was sad not to be near the Panormitis Monastery, where I often retired to pray.

When I was in Symi, I would go with my car to worship almost every Sunday and usually I would go when my soul needed it. A few months after I was appointed to Donoussa, I met Panormitis and we have been a couple ever since.”

In Donoussa with 100 inhabitants, you found your partner and his name is also Panormitis?

Nothing is a coincidence. And her mother is from Symi! After that, I “placed” Donoussa for a second year and “got” the credits, so I’m wrapping up this year and my second year here. Pick an island that is difficult to access to get double points. But it is also a life experience. You can’t understand it unless you live it. At first I missed things that in Rhodes you have in a minute. Then I realized that it is not so necessary. I cut my hair, I dye it myself, I do my nails… I miss the art here. But if you have love, you are patient for everything else. On the first of October-November I learned to squid, by boat. Squid fishing! You find other occupations. I already knitted. Baskets… I ask Panormitis for things, he makes them for me at home. We continually create.

You left Rhodes, which has everything, and you went to such a small island where, what do you miss the most?

Let me tell you what it has: it is a very beautiful island, very calm, so you don’t have stress. It is in the Small Cyclades belonging to the municipality of Naxos, between Amorgos, Naxos, Koufonisia. I didn’t even know Donoussa existed. I met Ano and Kato Koufonissi, both 40 minutes from Donoussa, on a small boat, the “Skopelitis”. Medicines, supermarket products, we order them and they arrive on this ship, from Naxos. Here we have a small grocery store, but we don’t have a butcher shop, we don’t have a pharmacy… We order, online or by phone, and three times a week “Skopelitis” comes and brings them to us. . In the past, “Skopelitis” was called “Panormitis”!

Panorama again!

Yeah! Three times a week a big ship also comes, but it doesn’t bring us single things. The people deal mainly with tourism, accommodation, restaurants, but also with agriculture. It is difficult in winter because the island is lashed by the winds and it is closed, there is no public transport, the routes do not circulate. But that’s what they say around here “Vibrant, witch.” The waters are crystals. In the morning, the first thing I smell and see is the sea. I walk on the sand to go to school. The same in winter and then we use hats, wellies, resistant shoes, to pass. A place as special and different as the one you have ever lived.

How many children does the nursery have in Donousa?

This year I have two children in kindergarten, last year I had four. The Elementary School has a teacher, with six children, and the Middle School, with High School classes, has eleven children. Each class has one or two children. In kindergarten, my own children are a boy who is a toddler and a girl who is a toddler.

If you hadn’t met Panormitis in Donoussa, would you have stayed?

I wouldn’t be here. I met him among the ten people of this age who live here! He is a shipwright and restores ships. His grandfather Simiakos was also a shipwright.

How life brings you!

Whatever your luck will happen. And what needs to be done will be done! My goal is Rhodes next year. I told him: “next year we are going to Rhodes…”. But you never know. These tables are full of surprises. Based on the children I see here, he will definitely have three more years of kindergarten.

He was in Rhodes for two weeks at Easter and took a strong dose. And her parents, Nikos and Stamatia, went to look for her in Donousa in October, for two weeks. After all, life is elsewhere! And with the others!


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