The KKE proposal is completely based on modern possibilities, on the needs of the people and the youth.

By | April 29, 2023

newspaper interview “D”document» and the journalist Panagiota METERPussy, granted by gg his KE of KKE, Dimitris whatyou suck

The text of the interview is as follows:

In a sketch by Iakovos Vais in “Rizospastis”, a man is depicted covered in black paint from three boxes, each of which is labeled ND, PASOK, SYRIZA “laws”. He goes to the polls with a KKE ballot and monologues: “I’m not ungrateful. They did everything to blacken my life. I say I’ll pay it back”. How can a negative vote against the government management parties be turned into a conscious positive vote in the KKE?

The vote to condemn the parties that governed and govern the country can only take place if it is given to the KKE. Because only the KKE warned of what was coming in time, told the truth, when all the would-be administrators shamelessly exchanged hopes. Only the KKE was firmly on the side of the people, devoting all its forces to put obstacles to this policy, to keep the anti-people laws on paper, as was done in many cases.

It will continue to do this, firmly, without hesitation, with as much power as the people give it. This vote of condemnation will acquire positive characteristics if, in the face of their dilemmas and extortions, we finally put our own needs first, the needs of the workers, the youth, and the women of our country.

Do you think that in the elections of 21 Could it be, by simple analogy, the beginning of a relative electoral deforestation of ND, a kind of “NDification” by analogy with the never before “PASOKification”?

We wish you the best. We also hope that it will not come back to us after “through the back door”, as happened with PASOK, which when it was massively condemned by the people for its actions, a part of it “transferred” to the subsequent SYRIZA government, another to the current government of ND and a third party stayed there and today is preparing to return to govern either with ND or with SYRIZA.

In other words, what needs to be done is to condemn the ruling ND, but above all to condemn his policy, which in the “big” issues is identical to the policy of SYRIZA and PASOK who governed. And this can only be done with a much stronger KKE.

Many were surprised by his claim that the SYRIZA government was the worst post-election. Why do you say that?

Is this the first time some have heard what we’ve been saying for years? That each government is worse than the previous one because it maintains its anti-popular work and adds new anti-popular laws? And we have explained why: because the government-run system itself is getting worse and more aggressive. This is what the SYRIZA – ANEL government did, it incorporated two memoranda and added one more. Just as the ND government is proving to be worse than SYRIZA because in the memorandum laws that are still in force, it also loaded the youth onto the backs of the people… Of course, the same applies to any government that is formed after the elections.

In your opinion, can there be a capitalist “development for all” as ND president Kyriakos Mitsotakis says, or “justice for all” as SYRIZA says?

In general, in the system in which we live, in capitalism, there is no such thing as “for everyone”, and anyone who says that is playing a bad game. There is capital on the one hand and the working class and on the other hand the popular layers. For one to win, the other must lose.

The development that ND, SYRIZA, PASOK and other willing parties “swear” presupposes for many constant sacrifices, starvation wages and violated labor rights, very expensive electricity, taxes and auctions. Only in this way will it be possible to reach the “investment level”, ensure “fiscal balance”, advance in the goals of the “green” transition, disburse the money from the Recovery Fund, “clean up” the banking system, etc.

All of the above objectives – and many more – constitute their common anti-popular program and the basis on which the next government will be formed. This constitutes the terrain on which the well-known “transfers” from one urban party to another take place, as we saw with the candidacy of the former ND deputy, announced by SYRIZA.

May Day 2023 finds large sections of the population in dire financial straits. Even though you tell people not to trust municipal governments, does the change of the baton of government leave room to improve life?

Let’s take a look at the broken labor rights and the labor “jungle” that this May Day finds us with… Really, after so many governments that have passed in recent years, how many anti-worker measures can anyone remember that a government passed and were repealed? from the next? Maybe just a few minor exceptions.

But let us remember, for example, Adonis Georgiadis who “came and did not stop”, as he said in Parliament, to vote in favor of Mrs Ahtsioglou’s amendment, which restricted the right to strike. These restrictions were later “removed” by Hatzidakis’ extreme law, half of whose articles were voted for by SYRIZA.

We say this with our hands on our hearts: employees should have no hope of improving their lives with such exchanges. However, they have high hopes of improving if they follow the path that many of their colleagues have already followed in COSCO, in “efood”, in LARCO, in the Naval Repair Zone, in construction and elsewhere: Organization, fight and counterattack. along with the KKE! And, of course, on Monday, everyone at the May Day strike rallies!

However, Alexis Tsipras argued that if the ruling majority is 5-10 deputies short, then the KKE deputies should take their responsibility, otherwise they open the way for a Mitsotakis government. What is your response?

Mr. Tsipras’s attempt to find in the KKE the parliamentarians he may be missing for the anti-popular government he wants to form with PASOK is audacious and ridiculous at the same time. But, above all, it is blackmail, not against the KKE, because he knows very well that this is not the case, but against the people themselves and especially against the progressive people who turn their backs on him.

As for who has paved the way for the Mitsotakis government, let them look in the mirror, half of the Mitsotakis bills they have voted for and the schools they are setting up in Municipalities, in unions, in GSEE, with actors known from ND. There he can also search for parliamentarians that he might be missing.

Is the KKE’s political proposal well-founded or is it “up in the air”, as its opponents accuse it?

It is absolutely based on the modern possibilities created by the enormous progress of science and technology, but also on the vastly expanded needs of people and young people in the year 2023 compared to previous decades. Unless it is about “air travel” to want everyone to have a decent job with rights, free education, health, guaranteed right to vacations, sports, culture, etc.

The proposal of the parties of the system is also “based”, but on different things: On the priorities of the profitability of big capital, on the paths of the EU, on the dangerous US-NATO imperialist designs. That is why it opposes the needs of many, that is why it takes us backwards, instead of forwards.

In a popular-worker power government, “tomorrow” -someday, as you imagine, what would be the first two or three “revolutionary” practical decisions that would mark the KKE’s contribution to it?

The first thing that the workers-popular power-government will do will be the exploitation of all the productive and development potential of the country, its labor and scientific potential, which today is largely squandered. And this can only be done if the means of production are socialized: factories, companies, shipyards, ports, airports, railways, etc. These now will work not to make more and more profits for their owners like today, but to satisfy social needs. to an increasing extent.

For this, the workers-popular power will use the most important weapon of central scientific planning of the economy and services, which can operate in the 21st century free of the problems of the past, using the enormous possibilities that technology offers for rapid processing. of an unimaginable amount of data, in networks, communication, etc.

It goes without saying that all of the above cannot be done within the “prisons” of NATO and the EU, from which the country must be freed, seeking equal and mutually beneficial relations with all countries and all peoples of the world and especially in our area.

On the occasion of the legislative regulation for the electoral exclusion of the Kasidiaris party, the theory of the two extremes and anti-communism is reproduced. What can stop the risk of ideological prohibitions?

A shield of protection against any such method is the indestructible ties and roots that the communists, the KKE, have in the people. He and his movement are, after all, the ones who guaranteed the legalization of the KKE in 1974 and it was not granted by any Karamanlis, contrary to what Mr. Tsipras said in a speech on Drama to “fish” right-wing votes. . .

Of course, we cannot ignore that the ahistorical theory of “two extremes” and anti-communism are official EU ideology and policy, in several member countries where communist parties are illegal. In fact, the amendment approved by the government opens very dangerous paths for generalizations and crude interference within the parties. Equally dangerous was – in our opinion – the SYRIZA proposal, with the unacceptable invocation of the anti-terrorist law, which has been condemned by the movement. Fascism, the extreme right, will only be defeated by an organized people.

Do you think that the first place, as “Pansputastika” claims, again in the student elections on May 10, and the participation of thousands of young people in the parliamentary elections, will be reflected in the percentages of the KKE on the national ballot?

A big step was taken in the student elections last year. After 36 years, the students “overthrew” the ruling DAP, highlighting the KNE faction, “Panspudasti”, with more than 33%, and the SYRIZA faction competing with the whites. It was the culmination of great struggles waged by the student movement in recent years, in which the KNE forces have always been at the forefront, and it shows, if you will, how one can really and effectively “get rid of the right”. “.

On May 10, we are sure that the students will take this step and, of course, such a result will have more general political value. When we are talking about hours of a poll of 1,000 people, think how much weight the biggest youth polls have, just 11 days before the general elections.

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