The permanence of Alexis, the good spirit of Samaras, the new bond of Ioannou, the Hellinikon Hub and the “yoke” of Absolute

By | May 10, 2023

Hellohe said it all yesterday nice and clear president alexis… “we have grievances with SYRIZA, but we don’t change the president if he loses an election, as is done in other parties.” Well, yes, we know, after all, this is not found only in SYRIZA, but in all the communist parties in the world. Win or lose the leader… it’s always a winner until the next. I must point out that this is the second reference to a – God forbid – possibility of defeat for Tsipras, a few days ago he said that “SYRIZA without Alexis is a skordalia without garlic”… Don’t study it, President.far from us these


-Everything in its place yesterday at the meeting “Right Party Rally” organized by ND and attended by two (normal) former right-wing prime ministers, Karamanlis and Samaras to support a center leader (let’s say center-right, for the sake of the elections) who is Mitsotakis. HE karamanlisfor quite some time they tell me argues that ND seeks self-sufficiency or even has strong conditions of self-sufficiency. Now, I am not an expert in their most intimate souls, there are also physiognomists, like Antonaros I imagine. However, I tell you for sure that Samaras was (also) in a good mood yesterday. In general, during the four years, there was always a “point of contact” between Mitsotakis and Samaras, and the former prime minister enjoyed special treatment on the issues he brought to the governing table. a few tense moments There were, “after all, they are never lacking with Antonis, but the insurmountable differences we have with Tsipras unite us,” my worker source told me.

Now and Karatzis Brokerage (with the 39 purposes)

-Although… the business activity of the Karatzi group is spreading. From fishing nets and packaging materials to luxury hotels in Crete and from energy to VIP airline flights and cruises, the group has perhaps more purposes than anyone else. In fact, they reached their numbers until recently 38. Recently another one was added with the serial number 39 that provides for the provision of real estate brokerage serviceswhich includes by way of example and not limitation, as has been said, “the suggestion of opportunities or mediation for the execution of contracts related to real estate and in particular contracts of sale, exchange, lease, financial lease, establishment of easement or consideration for real estate “. With the upward trend in the market this activity seems to have “bread”… At the same time, however, in the same amendment to the bylaws, a decision of the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of October 29, 2022 was approved, with which it was decided to reduce the company’s share capital. for an amount of 13,271,307.84 euros with a reduction in the total number of its shares from 14,679,792 to 6,780,204 registered ordinary shares, due to the cancellation of 7,899,588 of the company’s own shares for a total amount of 13,271,307 €84. so after that Karatzi’s share capital now amounts to 11,390,742.72 euros and is divided into 6,780,204 common registered shares with a face value of 1.68 euros each.

ACTOR: Liquidity injections to move projects forward

– Liquidity injections are sought in Aktor ATE to launch the projects and start up the machines at the construction sites after the signing of the new contracts. The needs are many and the fronts are many, as a result of the advance of 20 million that has recently been made intracat with the signing of the acquisition contract of the construction company so as not to cover the greatest needs. For this reason, these days in the halls of AKTOR it is heard that financing is sought which will help the technical company to work on the fronts of the projects it has undertaken.

The new donkey bond

-In issuance of a new bond loan of 8 million euros Donkey Hotels (Intercontinental, New Hotel, Semiramis, etc.), of their interests, advances John’s family. As reported in the column, the Board of Directors has deemed it appropriate for the company to issue a loan in convertible bonds for an amount of 8 million euros, which will be divided into 8 million nominal bonds, with a nominal value of one euro each. one and one issue price at par. The loan will be issued by Donkey in series of bonds until the end of the availability period, that is, within 12 months after the issuance of the first series. The exclusive object of the loan, as has been indicated, will be the finance the company’s business and investment needs. The initial lenders of the bonds will be the shareholders of the company due to their participation in the capital thereof, while the bonds will accrue interest and will include, in addition to the right to return the capital, the right to deduct interest from the bondholders fixed at 9% on an annual basis. As specified in particular, the interest on the bonds is paid accrued on each interest payment date only on the condition that the issuer has paid the creditors’ creditors of the loans that the company has subscribed with credit institutions (Piraeus Bank and National Bank) . It is recalled that at the end of last year, Burro proceeded to absorb the subsidiary company “Santorini Hotel and Tourism Enterprises SA”, through which the group’s new luxurious five-star complex was built in messariawhich began operating last spring under the brand “We Santorini” and is part of the Yes Hotels arm.

Eleftherios Venizelos will hardly fly to the AX this year

The original goal was introduction of actions from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, which will be completed before the elections. In fact, some optimists from the Ministry of Finance had recorded income of the order of 1,000 million euros, in favor of the State (and the Debt) for this operation. The truth is that many things got in the way (war, precision, energy crisis, interest rates, etc.). However, now everything indicates that the public registry of the 30% of the AIA shares that TAIPED owns in its portfolio it may not in 2023. TAIPED’s management states that it is in a hurry and wants to get ahead of the investment stage. On the part of the private shareholders of the Airport, however, doubts and objections are raised. Shareholders of Eleftherios Venizelos, with the exception of WITH TAPE that owns 30%, a percentage that will be assigned during the public registry, continues to be the Superfund (with 25% that it will keep in the portfolio), the Avi Alliance GmbH (26.7%) and Avi Alliance Capital GmbH (13.3%), both holdings of the Canadian insurance fund PSP Investments and Mr. Kopelouzou’s family (5%). There was even a second agreement, between the State and PSP Investments (which controls a total of 40% and management) that provided for the right of PSP to acquire an additional 10%, but at a significant premium in relation to the share price. . be formed during public subscription. All this now seems spend on vacation of the following year.

Moment of decision of the project of 185,000 m2 400 million

– It is expected that the Regional Council of Attica “pass” within the next few days one of the important news of Hellinikon that is none other than project for the Commercial Pole, that is, the commercial pole of the project. At the meeting scheduled for today, Wednesday, the issuance of the opinion on the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) of the project related to the building construction and operation special architectural design of the shopping center, offices and shops within the Hellinikon Metropolitan Pole – Agios Kosmas. It is the group that It will extend over 185,000 m2. in greek and as Lamda Development staff have declared “it will be the largest and most modern shopping complex in Greece and one of the largest in southern Europe”, joining the projects of the first five years, with the licensing process now and the expected completion in the second half of 2026. The total investment exceeds 400 million and will be covered 30% with own resources and 70% through loans. In relation to the environmental aspects of the project, it is established that it will incorporate eg.state-of-the-art technologies and smart, “green” solutions, aspiring to LEED Gold type certifications, with bioclimatic design, functional green roofs, installation of Renewable Energy Source systems (especially photovoltaic systems), rational use of water resources, use of rainwater as far as possible, etc. . Based on the studies presented, it is estimated that the total number of employees of the Commercial Center is approx. 3,700 seats to the mall and shops and in approx. 2,700 seats in the offices while the total number of visitors is estimated at 17 million per year.

Americans are… worried about their deposits

-CNBC presented a survey conducted by the Gallup company, according to which approx. 50% of Americans are worried. for the security of your deposits. (very anxious 19%, moderately anxious 29%). At the same time on Wall Street they are planning it short selling ban only in bank actions. Completely coincidentally, the resurrection of cryptocurrencies is also recorded, with cryptocurrencies of unlikely origin, such as e.g. the infamous Pepe to record thematic upload.

When chatGPT invests better than fund managers

-The stock portfolio of Britain’s top 10 mutual funds, with the ups and downs of the markets, is performing a marginally negative -0.8% this year. In exactly the same period, the theoretical stock portfolio created by chatGPT outperforms top management companies in Great Britain, since it already produces 4.9%.

Absolute won’t sell vodka to Russians

-Your management absolute vodka decided to suspend its plans to return to the Russian market. Swedish farmers who supply grain to Absolute’s production staged large protests against the motion of the Durroux administration who wanted to sell Swedish vodka to the Russians. The reactions of Swedish farmers canceled the return decision In Russia.

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