The shipowner working with the Russians, the villas in Saint Barth, the art collection and the ‘Barracuda’ (photos)

By | May 6, 2023

There were not a few who, upon hearing the news with the characterization “bad boy of Greek sailing” from the Wall Street Journal at now 70 years old Jorge Economou where hoard transporting russian oilthey mocked.

versatile, lover of the good life, art and fair sex The Economou is said to be stingy when it comes to getting something, be it a René Magritte painting or a much younger woman he fell in love with. In the second case we are not only talking about a much younger girl, but about the close friend of Alexandra’s daughter, Kyveli Meletopoulosthe fifth companion of his turbulent life.

They met in the summer of 2014 on their decks 50 meter sailboat “Barracuda”an impressive schooner from the Italian Perini naval shipyards, proved to be a catalyst.

Those who lived through it spoke of a love that was quick as lightning, that left no one in doubt, at the same time that Alexandra Economou experienced a shock.

As heard at the time, the relationship of the two girlfriends was on the rocks for a long time and it took some time before they spoke again, during the period when the daughter of Tasos Meletopoulos. she became pregnant with the ship owner’s sixth child.

The luxurious Barracuda

At that time Oikonomou was 62 years old. and his love of just 32 years old, a lovely girl who until then had little interest in the public eye and no worldly news.

After revealing the relationship at a birthday party in Mykonos, the often-dense shipowner’s shipping plans fall apart.He found out that he is going to be a father again.

Two marriages, two divorces and two couples

He had already died before five other children, three from his first marriage to her. rika bosnians– eldest son Christos who entered the shipping industry as an heir, Stefanos who got involved in real estate and Alexandra who studied psychology.

In his first divorce, the distinguished MIT graduate who began his career in his offices Thenamaris of the Martinsbefore assembling his own in the 90s cardiff marinaHe was gallant with his ex-wife.

After some flirtations that flourished for short periods of time between New York, Athens and London entered his life. Lizi Manolas, a classy woman with whom he climbed the church stairs for the second time.

She bore him two more children, Lydia, who is a jewelry designer, and Philip, who studied Computer Science at New York University.

But she couldn’t keep him alive either. Jorge Economou captive of marriage, a mystery with which he does not get along, so an consensual divorce and flirtation with the second ex-wife was the natural outcome.

follow maybe the most explosive relationship of the point guardwith a woman he met on a flight, business class of course, bound for New York.

Economou and Ismailos

the blonde Angela Ismailou, It intrigued Giorgos Oikonomou from the start for many reasons.

Was scion of a well-known business family, charming, with interests very close to those of the owner, such as a passion for art. Her explosive personality was not a guarantee of a calm relationship and this became evident in the years that followed – more than twenty – but perhaps that is why Oikonomou fell madly in love with her. In October 2010 he even awarded him “Barracuda” with their trademark purple sails, for a Vanity Fair story titled “Too Big to Sail?”.

Ismailou was photographed on the mast of the yacht and was featured in the American lifestyle magazine as shipowner’s wife, while in the text she appeared as the owner of the impressive boat.

What she hadn’t counted on was that, as much as her boyfriend spoiled her, there were times when he wanted nothing to do with her. secular madness.

He financed the film out of his own pocket. “Great Directors” from his partner, he sent Barracuda to Cannes when the film was shown at the film festival of the same name, and paid the Gypsy Kings to entertain Angela’s guests on board.

But when he learned that the news had leaked to a Greek outlet that was looking for photos, he reportedly told the PR manager who had taken over the event: that if you see a picture of him or he is mentioned by name, you will never get paid.

The latter finally managed to prevent the publication of the man who I longed to be like Stavros Niarchos and he continued to date the lovely blonde until 2014.

Baptism, riots and the Caribbean

Their separation, although at first it seemed consensual, ended up in court after Ismailou accused him three years later, according to reports by the New York Post and the Daily Mail, that They broke what they had agreed to.

As stated in the documents, the owner signed in 2012 contract whereupon he promised her that if they divorced, Ismailou would receive 50% of his property.

The heavy paper on Economou’s side was the agreement to relinquish the owner’s assets signed by Mrs. Ismailou, when the latter gave her two hundred thousand dollars to “save” her apartment in 525 Park Avenue in New York.

Barracuda with purple sails

The publication of the lawsuit came at a bad time for the shipowner, since in 2016 his company dry boats had announced a moratorium on its loan payments.

In the midst of the persecution of shareholders, he also had to face the ishmael’s wrath who stated that when he signed the waiver of 50% of the owner’s assets, he did so under duress.

“When I met my husband,” she had noted in the infamous Vanity Fair article introducing herself as Mrs. Economou despite the fact that there was no marriage, “I told him I love art and opera. She told me that she loves to sail and I pointed that out to her. I hope we don’t end up like Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis.”

In the end, the separation vindicated its specific sentence, although Callas never took legal action against his Aristo, while the butler had already found his new partner and was preparing to be a father.

In November 2015, the Kyveli Meletopoulos gives birth to a healthy girl and nine months later the couple baptizes little Elektra in Serifos, on Vagia beach, in an atmosphere reminiscent of the 70s with barefoot guests.

During the same time period Dryships shareholders had filed lawsuits against the treasurer accusing him of stock fraud and he denies the accusations as he has in other cases.

The $25,000,000 villas and the mall

Being a point guard did not prevent Giorgos Oikonomou from expanding into other areas such as his real estate, both in Greece and abroad.

The mall

His adoration for San Bartolome gave him the idea to build and build on an idyllic hillside with a stunning view three exquisitely aesthetic villas.

She trusted him again architect François Pecardwho designed the three homes in 2009 and once the owner approved the plans, construction began.

It took about four years to complete and they are different from each other. The first refers to a huge New York loft with high ceilings and particularly wide spaces, while the second has adopted some designs from balithat give it a relaxed diversity.

The third end has classic Caribbean Style, but in all of them the best materials were used, without thinking about reducing costs.

Their market prices when they went on the market varied since they started from twenty million euros and they reached twenty-fiveaimed at clients with high bank accounts.

Some lucky ones who have seen them speak of dreamy buildings, with impressive views, which They fully justify their price.

But apart from this, the owner with real estate interests also invested in something else that Saint Barth lacked, a big mall.

When he found the right place in the island’s capital, the Gustaviabuild it The shopping center in the center of the university citythat gave another glam aura to the tiny Caribbean jewel.

All the famous visitors to the island, from rock stars to actors to billionaires like Roman Abramovich, at some point they will take a walk to browse or buy whatever piques their interest.

Something like this was heard in a group of businessmen a few years ago in Saint Barth on vacation and diving at the end of the afternoon and after several bottles of rosé wine. “The Clans” the comment: “Hey, we’re not going for a walk from your mall Jorge?”.

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