The smart modular pillow is filled with smaller removable pillows inside

Do you know how you use individual LEGO bricks to make bigger LEGO structures? The Pod-Pillow™ is more or less the same. Filled with smaller pillows on the inside, the Pod-Pillow comes with a design that you can easily adjust to create thin, thick, concave, or custom shaped designs. Smaller pillows make it easy to “design” the shape of the pillow to your needs, without having to stick in or out handfuls of cotton or microfiber to fit the pillow. The little pads or ‘fit pods’ as they are called make the entire modular system that much more elegant, turning a messy and cluttered process into a neat and easy one.

Designers: Mark Rane and Peter Rane

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The Pod-Pillow was designed by Mark and Peter Rane, former YETI and Lenovo Senior Designers who came together to form Twilla realizing there wasn’t a single pillow on the market that would exactly fit their needs. Sure, the pillows are a dime a dozen, and we’ve covered modular ones before, but there’s no truly modular pillow that will let you create it any way you want. That distinction belongs solely to the Pod-Pillow, which allows you to virtually create the pillow that is tailored to your exact needs.

It doesn’t have to be symmetrical; in fact, many people sleep on their left side, so you could design a pillow with a thicker left side so that your head is higher when sleeping on your side. You can also create a cradle shape that holds him on his back with his head up. You can build a neck support based on what suits your comfort level; for example, I like thicker pillows on my neck and thinner ones on the back of my head.

Building your modular pillow is incredibly intuitive: unzip the pillow and add trim pods in areas where you want a thicker pillow. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, close the pillow and fluff it up to smooth things out, and your Pod-Pillow is ready for sleep.

The Pod-Pillow is lined on the outside with Tencel fabric, a eucalyptus-based material known for its softness along with its moisture wicking and thermoregulation capabilities. Dig deeper and the pillow is filled with Light-Loft™ fill, a premium down alternative with a light, airy softness that breathes extremely well. Fit pods are filled with Cooling-Gel Foam™, an odorless, gel- and polymer-infused foam that draws heat away from the pillow’s surface, keeping it cool as you rest your head against it.

The Pod-Pillow is machine washable and comes in 3 sizes: queen, king, and body, with varying amounts of fitting pods depending on the size of your pillow. Sleep enthusiasts (which is to say, all of us) can also get the Twilla Sleep Mask Add-on to help you capture some extra winks in your new, modular and comfortable Pod pillow.

Click here to buy now: $110 $135 ($25 discount). Hurry, for a limited time only!

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