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By | May 16, 2023

The Ikaria Hospital tomograph is out of service and, although the breakdown has been reported since March, according to the press release of the Association of Hospital Employees, the tomograph does not have a contract that technically covers the machine in the event of a breakdown, which means that the problem will take a long time to be resolved, if at all. The company has seen the damage in the photos and verbally declares that the machine is working. The administrations and officials have not issued any document stating that the axial is not working.

SENI press release


What is happening with the Ikaria Hospital tomographer?

We are living in a period where the government’s pre-election discourse, gradually moving between lies and daring, transforms the harsh reality that we have been living every day for years into a magical image.

An exception to this situation is not even the issue of the CT scanner, which, although it has been malfunctioning for two and a half months, the Deputy Director of the Hospital was informally and verbally leaking to us that… it works! On the same wavelength, possibly due to a corresponding update, 2 also movedhe Ministry of Health.

As for the joint director of the interconnected hospitals of Samos and Ikaria, to the patients’ questions about whether the axial unit is working or not, she should declare ignorance!

Faced with this miserable situation that is taking shape at the expense of the patients and their already bleeding pockets, with the hospital administrations and the 2he The Ministry of Health to make the duck, the government candidates to not articulate a single conversation on the subject and the private diagnostic centers to monopolize, as workers we are obliged to inform the local community about the truth.

And this is none other than the fact that the tomograph at the Ikaria hospital has a fault And till repaired cannot function safely for the patient, the workers or the machine itself. It is indicative that the damage has been declared

· by the doctor in charge of the axis immediately and on time from March 2, that is, the day the problem arose in its operation, and

· The technical service of the hospital, which by letter of March 10 requested the purchase office to order the necessary spare parts. And we say possibly, because up to now there has been no certification of the damage by a company technician. General Energy !!!.

In a massive intervention of our association to the hospital administration on the axial issue, in the presence of dozens of colleagues, we found the following unprecedented facts about which we must inform the local community:

1. The axial tomograph does not have a contract which technically covers the machine in case of damage!! It is like saying that we take a car that does not have insurance or that we buy any device without a guarantee.

2. The supposed “diagnosis” of the failure of the machine was not carried out by an autopsy by a company specialist but through photographs (!!) Submitted by technical support workers who did their best since the problem occurred.

3. Until today no qualified technician has come to check the machinenor your specialist General Energy but neither do any other experts!

4. Because of the vital problem in the operation of the axis. they had not been informed by management for some time EKAV, Medical Service, Scientific Council, the emergency doctors of our hospital and the local community of our islands, thus causing an incredible mess in our daily operation!!

5. To this day and with the exception of the doctor in charge of the CT scanner, without competent body (hospital administrations, 2he Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health) did not issue any official document informing about the state of the tomograph.

6. The company General Energy verbally, sometimes it is said that the axial can work, sometimes that the operation of the machine is unsafe because of the failure, but he NEVER gives his position on the subject in writing and in an official way. It is usually hidden. And apparently it will never happen because no technician would take responsibility for the safety or non-operation of a high-voltage machine unless compensated to perform an on-site autopsy of the failure.

Questions to the authorities arise effortlessly: Why hasn’t a specialized technician come yet? Are they economic reasons? Why does this bottleneck exist? Why is the problem covered up, leaving workers exposed and patients suffering? Why has no manager so far officially informed employees and patients in writing whether the axial can work or not?

As a workers’ association, we denounce the authorities (hospital administrations, 2he HYPE, Ministry of Health) for obstruction and mockery. They with their attitude of extracting oil making pre-election misinformation from above that the machine is working, while at the same time the workers are exposed and the patients without the necessary and vital tests for them.

The demonstrated irresponsibility of those in charge shows once again that they write the needs of patients in the old shoes, apparently for political, economic or other reasons that only they themselves know about. Reasons, which on the one hand do not even have the courage to announce in writing and on the other to tell lies that supposedly the axial works. And all this always orally. We are talking about such responsibility…

Under this regime, costly transfers are made through an axial, cancer patients suffer and workers are exposed to the demonstrated dangerous irresponsibility of those in charge.

Both the TAC and the Artificial Kidney Unit arose from long and persistent struggles and demands of our association and the transport associations of our islands, they belong to the people, they were implemented with taxpayer money and they have to serve them. .

Because the case smells like Tempe, we demand:

· Let the taunts and delays stop now.

· Repair the Ikaria Hospital CT scanner NOW

· No more avada in the private sector

· Compensate those patients who were harmed in any way by the non-functioning of the axial unit due to the negligence and vexation of the competent bodies.

It was May 2019 when the tomograph was inaugurated at the Ikaria Hospital. The tape was cut by then Deputy Health Minister Pavlos Polakis accompanied by SYRIZA officials.

After 4 years we return to the starting point. The axial “finished us” of course after many adventures, since for a long time there were not even personnel to operate it.

Damage has been declared, spare parts have been ordered without the manufacturer certifying the damage, since there is no technical support contract. The agreement on the spare parts was made through photos.

Let’s go where it comes out…

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