The workers, the new generation have criteria, experience and strength! There is only one answer to blackmail: KKE!

By | May 16, 2023

How long will SYRIZA’s blackmail reach ordinary people who jump to conclusions and abandon it?

There is no bottom of the barrel there in SYRIZA, in the attempt to monopolize the vote of the workers, of the popular people, of the young people who had trusted the official opposition party in a previous phase.

After the incessant morningism, which “goes to the bucket” after the revelation of the gross lies presented and forced to admit even its candidates for parliament (with the last episode the letter of the 99-year-old man from Lamia, after the ridicule of the press “the KKE is doing well and will rise in the elections, now let’s vote for SYRIZA so that the right wing leaves”), in the last few hours the trope has been inserted…

They have the audacity to tour neighborhoods and people’s houses and address those who were disappointed both by the period of their government with the far-right ANEL, and by the last 4 years when they played the role of an “opposition” ministry. supporting the Mitsotakis government, crying and saying that SYRIZA is not doing well and calling people… to rethink their election and vote for SYRIZA.

They are probably in a panic there at SYRIZA. They see it day by day, what they have tried up to now to once again trap the popular forces in the delusions that they can and earnings to prosper and the vast popular majority of living humanely is not convinced. They are frightened by the election of thousands of people who trusted SYRIZA and now they say that precious time was lost and they decide to make it up and with their own more active contribution they decide to strengthen the workers-popular movement and the KKE, which gives all its strength to organize popular demand and counterattack.

This new blackmail, at least underestimates the intelligence of the people, or maybe there in SYRIZA they can judge the aliens for themselves. That is, because the SYRIZA leadership wants its anti-people projects and days to be forgotten by the workers who turn their backs on it, they think that the world also has a memory of a goldfish. Except that the workers, professionals, young men and women, in addition to memory, live today, now, a very hard daily life. It is this everyday life that ND, SYRIZA, PASOK formed together.

The workers, the new generation have criteria, experience and strength! They can reject and disable all kinds of blackmail and they will do so by voting for the KKE!

There is no time for more disappointments in elections whose criteria will be that of the lesser evil. It has been proven that such a thing does not exist… Because the smallest thing always becomes a greater and worse evil, because the exploitation system and those who serve it do nothing but worsen. That is why each government that comes is worse than the previous one, no matter how it is defined. That’s why there is no luxury of wasting more time!

Now we know… who finally, with his anti-popular policy, sowing disappointment in the popular world, justified the policy of the ND-PASOK, the memorandums as a supposed necessary evil, who sowed conservatism and gave the right to Mitsotakis and the ND to win their 2019 elections.

Now we know… who supported the Mitsotakis government as an opposition, saying that “they will take us into account later”, that is, they never voted for half of their bills, even trying to wash the ND that is supposedly being diverting. of his principles and values. Rather, Antonaros is considered to have stood firm in his principles and values, as he said on a television panel, and was the “golden transcript” of this pre-election period…

And after SYRIZA did what it did, paving the way again and again for ND and Mitsotakis to implement their politics on behalf of big business groups, now it comes and asks for a vote of mercy so that our people can continue to be spectators in the same project of anti-popular politics, with a program already known and openly hostile to the great popular majority.

On Sunday at the polls everyone will be alone on the screen. Confronted with his conscience. The choice he will make will be in anger, with his heart and mind, with a vote for the KKE. Leaving the screen, he will leave with his head held high, confident that by voting for the KKE he will not feel doubts and his election will not be denied. He will know that this act of his is not unique, but with thousands of other people he will be proud, he will destroy all kinds of blackmail and he himself will put his own stone so that the KKE is so high. as possible.

Because we can all be stronger, with an even stronger KKE. And let us leave alone those who believe they have the people in their hands, who can shamelessly blackmail, without paying for it…

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