These headphones promise ‘gasm in the ears’ by using a hybrid driver that lets you FEEL the music

A concert on a headset, is essentially what this India-based audio startup wants to offer…

Have you ever listened to good music on TWS earphones? It sucks, frankly. That little driver is incapable of delivering the kind of audio you’d expect from big speakers. The headphones are a marginal improvement, but they don’t really get your heart pumping like being at a real concert does. The reason is simple, explains tech startup Sonic Lamb… our ears are well tuned to higher frequencies, but not as much to low frequencies as bass. Instead of hearing the bass, we ‘feel’ the bass through our bodies; that’s why you can feel the drum or bass drop on your chest when you’re at a concert. Headphones can hardly deliver that experience, and headphones can only do so much with their marginally larger audio drivers. The solution, says Sonic Lamb, is to allow users to not only hear music through their ears, but also FEEL it through their bodies. Good bookshelf speakers and home theater systems replicate this experience via dedicated audio drivers for mids and highs and a subwoofer system that moves air to create that powerful, immersive bass… Like experienced audiophiles and engineers Prior to headphones and helmet audio systems, the folks at Sonic Lamb decided to make headphones that provide a theater-like experience using their Hybrid Driver technology.

Designers: Navajith Karkera, Jagath Biddappa, Sudesh Acharya and Mohammed Fadil

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Powered by the world’s first and patented Hybrid Driver Acoustics.

Sub-wooder now in a headset.

The headphones come with a proprietary hybrid driver architecture, including a pair of full-range drivers for mids and highs that mimic loudspeakers and a proprietary impulse driver that emulates a subwoofer system by converting audio signals into mechanical movements. correspondents that are then directed to your body. Using a method not unlike bone conduction, these headphones rely on real audio waves and vibrations to help you hear and feel the music you’re listening to. The resulting experience is nothing short of feeling like you are attending a concert, with a part of the music flowing through your body. The Sonic Lamb headphones are perhaps the only pair of cans crazy enough to integrate subwoofers into their architecture, and they’re surprisingly low on listening fatigue because the bass is directed at your body rather than your ears.

Loud and clear.

Forget fiddling with equalization controls.

The on-ear headphones are built with loads of high-end features, including the ability to simultaneously charge and play studio-quality 24-bit audio at 96kHz thanks to USB-C direct input and Bluetooth 5.1 to handle wireless audio. A twin microphone array also gives the headset ambient noise suppression and vocal enhancement capabilities. Instead of fiddling with the equalization controls, you can customize your listening experience by taking a quick 2-minute listening test in the Sonic Lamb app, or better yet, use the multi-mode dial to cycle through the multiple listening modes on the earbuds by turning the integrated knob. in the cans

Multimode for customization.

Sonic Lamb offers four immersive modes to choose from, ranging from the relatively softer ‘Feel’ mode for tuneful music genres (in which case the subwoofer just purrs), to ‘Beast’ mode (for a fully activated subwoofer offering the most powerful and immersive bass response) that’s ideal for action movies, gaming, and for absolute bass fans who want nothing less than ear picking. These modes obviously affect the overall battery life of the Sonic Lamb as well, with Hear mode giving 24 hours of use and Beast mode giving you a solid 6 hours of gassing at maximum volume.

Replaceable ear cushions and silicone headband lining.

The design and construction of the earcups are also in line with premium earphones, with two-tone finishes that sit well with the sleek body of the earphones. There are 6 color variants to choose from, all with their own replaceable ear cushions and silicone headband liners to ensure the headphones last longer. The headset also comes with detachable boom microphones, making it a great headset for video chatting or perhaps the most immersive gaming headset on the planet, as well as USB charging and audio cables. The Sonic Lamb headphones start at a fairly modest $189 for the first 25 early backers (price climbs to $199 after that) and come with a travel case, soft pouch, and tamper-evident box.

Click here to buy now: $189 $299 (37% discount exclusively for YD readers). Hurry, only 25 left!

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