This $49 smart robot can automatically open and close your blinds, making it a great gift this holiday season

Coming from the folks at SwitchBot, SwitchBot Blind Tilt is a uniquely designed home accessory that can automate your blinds, allowing you to open or close them remotely or even with your voice. It clips onto your existing horizontal blinds and can be configured to run on solar power, meaning it works reliably every day without you having to worry about charging it.

Designer: SwitchBot

Click here to buy now: $49 $69 (29% discount). Hurry, there are only 30/300 left!

SwitchBot carved a solid niche for itself with its flagship product, the SwitchBot curtain, an autonomous robot that could open and close curtains simply by raising and lowering the rods/rails while carrying the curtain. This award-winning product led the company to build one of the strongest smart home ecosystems, with products ranging from cameras and sensors to even an accessory for your deadbolt that could turn it into a smart lock.

The company is returning to its shade-based roots with Blind Tilt, an autonomous robot built for horizontal shades. Blind Tilt is a little gadget that universally fits almost any horizontal blind. Armed with built-in sensors and an AI-powered algorithm, Blind Tilt can detect how open or closed your blinds are, as well as detect how much light is entering your room. When combined, they allow Blind Tilt to autonomously adjust your shades to ensure your room is lit to exactly the brightness you want, when you want it.

Setting up your SwitchBot Blind Tilt is easy and requires no technical expertise, not even tools. Fits most horizontal blinds with a swivel rod mechanism (will not work with ball chain), works with blinds up to 3 meters wide. Once set up, it can be controlled via the SwitchBot smartphone app or integrated into your smart home to operate based on shortcuts, routines, or voice commands.

For example, Blind Tilt can automatically close your shades when it’s too hot outside, saving on your air conditioning bills (and vice versa), or it can automatically start opening in the morning to sync with your alarm clock. You can even connect it with SwitchBot’s ecosystem of products to turn your regular home into a smart home. Plus, with solar panel compatibility, your smart shades will even run on renewable energy! Perfect for upgrading your own home/office or as a gift to a friend or family member, the SwitchBot Blind Tilt starts at $49.

Click here to buy now: $49 $69 (29% discount). Hurry, there are only 30/300 left! It raised over $150,000.

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