This brutalist side table enshrines your books and magazines for all to see.

Most of us have reading materials around the house, sometimes in multiple locations. There may be books we’ve been trying to finish for months, magazines we’re collecting, or some special piece for the coffee table that shows our particular interests. Those with more active reading habits will want a few of these within easy reach or within sight, but most bookshelves and coffee tables do just one or the other. This side table, however, is capable of doing both, placing your reading materials on a pedestal designed to be both utilitarian and attractive in a certain brutalist way.

Designer: Hyeonil Jeong

We all have particular tastes in furniture, but most would probably prefer one that looks finished and complete rather than stark. At least for interior furnishings, go-to materials include finished wood, sandblasted metal, matte plastic, and cut glass, to name a few. Some outdoor furniture tends to look a bit clunkier, indicating its sturdiness and durability. Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule that says these designs can’t be mixed, like a combination of concrete and metal that makes a powerful statement within the living room.

The B HOLD side table concept is one of those designs that is minimalist to the point of being almost stark. The base is a simple concrete cylinder with part of its upper part carved to make room for the table. That “top” is made of two pieces of metal joined at an angle, one of which forms the flat horizontal surface on which you can confidently place your coffee mug or wine glass.

What makes this design different is the space under the table. Inspired by both magazine racks and book stands, it stands at an angle that allows a few books or magazines to be stacked without any falling over. That angle also makes it easier to see those reading materials, particularly the one at the top of the stack. It presents an opportunity to show off what you’re currently reading or a book you want to brag about.

That space won’t be able to accommodate an entire collection of books, so you’ll have to choose only the best or current volumes. In a way, that limitation forces you to be a little more organized and more demanding, at least with what you want to show. The side table’s design is simple yet effective, raw yet powerful, creating a dedicated space for you to catch a breath, have a cup of coffee or tea, and kick out something to read, all while giving guests a peek at the books that make you, you

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