This electric bike’s folding design and 150-mile range make it a versatile, game-changing electric bike

It seems that Zectron discovered something that most other bike companies haven’t discovered. Simply connecting a motor and battery to a bike meets the minimum requirements, but to go the distance, the real distance, you need to create a bike that’s smart enough to know when and where to conserve or release energy. With a 350W motor capable of reaching 20 mph, an algorithmically optimized battery with a 150-mile range, and a folding frame that allows you to store the e-bike in the trunk of a car, the Zectron e-bike is built to be the best of all worlds It’s comfortable to ride on any terrain, comes with multiple riding modes and pedal assist levels, and boasts a battery that lasts a whole week thanks to Zectron’s algorithms that constantly optimize riding in real time to Give it its astonishing 150-mile range.

Designer: Zectron Team

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The origins of the Zectron electric bicycle seem surprising: the company was founded more than 60 years ago by the renowned American toy manufacturer Wham-O. Their first product was the humble superball, a tiny ball capable of bouncing 5 times higher than balls twice its size. The spirit of innovation led the company down a rather specific path, making it a force to be reckoned with in the mobility sector, and roughly half a century later, the Zectron e-bike was born. The e-bike’s unique design and build boasts an incredibly stellar range in a deceptively small form factor at an affordable price – the trifecta that other e-bikes struggle to achieve.

Easy 2-Step Fold: Easily fold the Zectron bike in just 2 steps for easy storage and take it on any adventure.

Ultimate Comfort Suspension: Dynamic rear suspension keeps the ride comfortable and its anti-shock technology ensures a cloud-like driving experience.

Suspended Seat: Feel the instant response of your interpretation of the seat’s ultra-shock absorption that suspends the saddle to soak up any road jolts for a smooth, effortless ride.

The Zectron’s secret ingredient is a combination of factors that make the bike greater than the sum of its parts. It comes with a foldable magnesium alloy frame that reduces the e-bike’s form factor to almost a third of its original size. Combine that with the fact that the entire vehicle weighs just 55 pounds (24.9 kilograms) and you have an electric bike that’s easy to take with you on the subway, fits in an elevator, or even hides in the trunk of your car when you’re not It’s in use. Once opened, however, you have a comfortable e-bike with a clean design that cleverly hides all its electronic hardware and cables. The e-bike has an adjustable seat that sits just above the dynamic rear suspension, giving you a ride that feels comfortable no matter what terrain you’re on (thanks to that anti-shock tech that gives you a ride ‘like a cloud’ experience), while the ergonomically designed electric bike is designed to fit a wide range of riders up to 6’5″/195cm and weighing up to 297lbs or 135kg. A built-in dashboard gives you easy access to Zectron’s multiple riding modes.

Three Riding Modes – Pedal only mode gives you full control of your pedaling, allowing for a good workout. Pedal-Assist mode offers electrical assistance while pedaling to ease your cycling experience on all types of terrain. Or choose throttle-only mode and enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat.

Tuned as One: The battery, controller, and motor are algorithmically optimized and work in synergy to allow riders to enjoy a long range.

The dashboard allows you to toggle between the Zectron’s three riding modes. You can opt for a full pedaling experience (similar to your everyday analog bike), a pedal-assist mode where the motor complements your riding (with 5 levels of assistance to choose from), and a throttle-only mode where the motor takes over. 100% Driving Experience, a feature currently only available to the US public. Full Throttle mode also lets you choose your riding speed, with a low-end Eco setting capped at 10 mph, a 15 mph Normal setting, and a Sport setting allowing American riders to reach speeds of 20 mph. Settings affect the bike’s overall range, though with optimal use, the Zectron’s battery gives you 70 miles of range. However, combine it with the modular power bank that integrates directly into the hollow space of the e-bike frame, and suddenly your range doubles to 150 miles, thanks to the two batteries working together and optimized by Zectron. . expert algorithm.

Other features of the Zectron include the powerful headlight and taillight that work well in the dark, a Shimano 7-speed gearbox for a comfortable riding experience on both flat and incline roads, and additional anti-theft and GPS functions that keep your bike safe and prevent it from being stolen.

The Zectron comes in several colors, though the metallic iridescent and chameleon colors are my personal favorites. EU customers can purchase their own Zectron with a 250W Bafang motor (according to EU guidelines), while US customers receive a 350W Bafang motor variant with the added feature of soloing acceleration. Each electric bike ships with a 1-year warranty and local after-sales service in both the US and EU. The extra battery pack and anti-theft GPS are added features and enthusiasts can even grab a Zectron smart helmet as an accessory, complete with its own built-in rear light for increased nighttime rider visibility!

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