This innovative machine keeps the planet clean while you do the laundry

There are two tasks that seem to be universally rejected or avoided by people of all ages. Doing the dishes is one of them, although it’s probably an easier task than most. Doing laundry, on the other hand, is more labor-intensive, especially when you consider putting clean clothes away as part of the process. We have all kinds of advanced machines and substances that are trying to make life easier in that sense, but only as far as humans are concerned. It may come as a surprise that keeping our clothes clean can have a detrimental effect on the environment, though not because of the activity itself. Modern clothing and fabrics are at the heart of the problem, and this nifty little gadget solves it in a way that won’t hurt the environment in the long run, either.

Designer: Adam Root of Matter

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Gulp – The design stops microplastic contamination from your clothes, with no additional filter costs and no disposable parts.

We take clothes for granted because most of them are cheap to make and seem harmless when it comes to sustainability. However, it’s a pretty dirty secret in the fashion and textile industry that many of the materials and processes used to make most fabrics are harming the planet. In addition to the toxic chemicals used to dye fabrics, there are microplastics in the synthetic fibers used to make our clothes, tiny particles that eventually make their way into the ocean from our clothes and harm the marine ecosystem. Almost like a poetic irony, these microplastics eventually end up in our water, food, and air and eventually enter our bodies.

More environmentally conscious people can use laundry filters to separate these microplastics before they are released into waterways. Unfortunately, these filters themselves pose risks to the environment they claim to protect, primarily because their filters must be replaced and eventually disposed of, not to mention the parts that must also be replaced regularly. In stark contrast, Gulp offers a holistic solution that simplifies the entire equation to be effective and efficient every step of the way. No filters or parts to replace, no extra waste, and no harmful microplastics.

Gulp’s simple appearance belies the advanced technology and design that goes into this washing machine filter. Simply place the device on top of or next to your washing machine and connect one end to the washing machine’s sewage hose and the other end to your sewage outlet. You then plug Gulp into an electrical outlet and carry on with your laundry as usual. You don’t need to adjust anything else in your personal system and you can even continue using your favorite detergents.

Patented Technology – Gulp’s unique self-cleaning technology means no filters or disposable parts are required throughout the product’s life cycle.

Gulp’s unique self-cleaning technology doesn’t require any additional filters and automatically drains the water, so you won’t need anything else either. When the indicator light says it’s time to empty Gulp, you can simply remove the filter cup and empty the captured microfibers into a trash container. Rinse and repeat for a guilt-free, plastic-free laundry day.

What’s even better is that Matter, the creators of this sustainable product, have systems in place to give those microplastics a new home. Starting next year, you can send them your captured microfibers, which will be used for ongoing research or recycled into new materials and products. For just £149 (about $170), you can get a single Gulp to keep your clothes and the planet clean without having to change your wardrobe or style.

Click here to buy now: $170 $280 (40% discount). Hurry, there are only 19/475 left! It raised over $115,000.

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