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By | April 30, 2023

A wonderful stone farmhouse in the Papa Nero location in eastern Pelion with a breathtaking view is the new creation of architect engineer Stefanos Adamakis and his partners. It combines traditional technique with new construction trends, offering owners the warmth and at the same time all the comforts of a modern residence, all adapted to the special element of Pelion’s nature.

On a 4,703.64 m2 plot (off plan) in Papa Nero, since the 1980s, there was a small holiday home for a family of four originally from Volos and a permanent residence for many years in Athens.

Access to the residence was via an internal road uphill through the main street Agios Ioannis – Damouchari. The plot with an excellent view of the sea, but with a large slope and unevenness from the lowest to the highest point make the construction of the new building extremely difficult and expensive.
The family of four had associated summer family vacations with the pre-existing vacation home and was very fond of the area.
The new construction program had to cover the needs of at least 3 couples (parents and children) with corresponding comfortable bedrooms and interior sanitary areas, as well as kitchen, living and dining areas.

An important condition is the creation of comfortable open-air and semi-outdoor living spaces for both morning and afternoon and evening.
It was decided to add a basement part of the old building in terms of surface and height to the existing ground floor, which was preserved and improved structurally and energetically.

The two-story addition to the west side includes the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a kitchenette and a large independent terrace – pergola with an excellent ocean view. On the ground floor the other two bedrooms with their corresponding organization and exit to the large porch on the ground floor.

The reception-living area and the kitchen are organized in the existing building.

The addition on the east side includes the living room, with the everyday corner fireplace. It is an independent morphological building, connected to the rest of the building with a lower neck – reinforced concrete slab. It is a ground floor built of stone with exposed Argalasti marble masonry and covered with tiles. On the skirt of the openings, on the preki and on the coronation of the roof, anti-seismic horizontal tiles of reinforced concrete in memory of the wooden tiles of the traditional stone structures of Pelion.
The stonework is evident inside and outside the building and internally the roof made of irregular chestnut cross sections is also evident without the intermediate ceiling.
The frames are also made of wood according to the traditional standards of chestnut wood varnished in a light shade.
On the east side, under the tall existing trees, which were preserved as an eyesore, an outdoor seating area was created, perfectly usable in the morning hours, due to the excellent shade created by the existing vegetation.

Special attention was paid to the bioclimatic logic and the creation of sufficient natural lighting, natural ventilation of all the interior spaces of the building, as well as semi-exterior and exterior spaces to live comfortably every day and season of the year.

An important parameter that influenced the architectural proposal is the good adaptation of the building to the natural terrain of the plot, avoiding large excavations and the construction of high retaining walls.

A division into individual volumes of the building was also imposed respecting the scale and the traditional logic and morphology. Of course, this does not mean a sterile copy of tradition, but a creative reference and respect for the basic internal principles of anonymous traditional architecture.

These are scale, respect for the local climate, the use of local materials, good adaptation to the natural slope of the terrain, transparent natural lighting and ventilation of spaces with double openings when possible, taking advantage of new materials and methods. of construction.

The integration of the E/M facilities was extremely difficult. heat pumps were chosen
which were placed at the back of the building in special places – mezzanines, without being visible and creating a problem with the facades and the morphology of the building. Internally, air ducts running through false wooden ceilings were used, offering cooling and heating in all areas of the building. The roof is made with 3 square wooden tile roofs at 3 levels and different heights, contributing to the oncoplastic differentiation and accentuation of the different volumes of the space.

The terraces and outdoor seating areas are paved with rectangular Pelion slabs and fillets of white marble in an irregular pattern.
In the large courtyard on the west side an outdoor kitchen and barbecue area was built. The space was covered with an obvious roof made of chestnut wood tiles.
The retaining walls for the creation of the patios as well as the correct adaptation of the building to the terrain are made of exposed masonry and have a maximum height of 2.5 meters. The internal access road creates parking on two levels, one at the bottom with access via an external stairway to the East Yard and another at the top to the West Yard level for easy transport of supplies.

Architecture studio:
Adamakis architects and associates
Adamakis Stefanos – Architect Engineer
Architectural Studies Consultant: Adamakis Konstantinos – Engineer Architect, Om. Prof., Ph.D.
Other collaborators and researchers:
Architectural Studies Consultant:
Kostas Sarantis – Architect Engineer
Ioannis Kinatsidis – civil engineer
Elpiniki Pavlou – architect engineer
Adamakis architects and associates
Adamakis Stefanos – Architect Engineer
Adamakis Konstantinos – Architect Engineer, Om. Prof., Ph.D.
Adamakis architects and associates
Adamakis Stefanos – Architect Engineer
Adamakis Konstantinos – Architect Engineer, Om. Prof., Ph.D.
Edited by: Adamakis Architects & Associates
Adamakis Stefanos – Architect Engineer
Adamakis Konstantinos – Architect Engineer, Om. Prof., Ph.D.
Adamakis architects and associates


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