This magical wreath carries the stars to bring a little sparkle to your room.

It’s that time of year again when many people start decorating their homes with shiny things and lots of lights that are sure to add to your electric bill for a month or so. Of course, you don’t really need any excuse or occasion to spruce up your interiors, but it is true that there are some decor pieces that are more appropriate for certain seasons than others. Conversely, some designs are also timeless, whether we associate them with certain holidays or not, and they add a certain flavor to your home no matter what time of year. This wreath, for example, could easily be associated with the Christmas season, but the almost magical experience of seeing celestial bodies in your living room is something that will never go out of style.

Designer: SPARKLE

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It can be disconcerting to some people how quickly the starry lights become associated with the December holidays. After all, the stars shine all year round, and their timeless beauty captivates and inspires anyone who gazes up at the clear sky. Of course, not all night skies display the stars in their mystical majesty, so having them available in your home at any time can be a great idea to add not only light but joy to your space.

Of course, having small lights that look like stars would probably be a bit boring, so the Sparkle Wreath adds a bit of artistic flair to the composition. On one side, you have large Styrofoam balls that apparently capture the starlight within their shapes. On the other hand, you also have a lush fir branch that holds these magical spheres in place, as if suspending them in the air like luminous elves resting on the branches of a tree.

These two elements provide an almost perfect harmony of accessories, one earthly, the other heavenly. The green branch, carefully arranged by a florist, provides an ideal backdrop that makes the yellowish stars really stand out. Starry globes, on the other hand, cast a soft yet sublime glow over the greens, giving them an otherworldly appearance that will enchant you and your visitors with every glance.

As if that weren’t enough, the tiny LEDs that give each sphere its light create a special hologram that changes the light inside. After all, the stars flicker and shine in different ways, making them more mysterious and attractive. Similarly, this star wreath offers a delightful display of light and foliage that will complement any motif you may have, bringing you fun and maybe even a little happiness no matter the time or season.

Click here to buy now: $84 $99 (15% discount at checkout). Hurry, the site-wide pre-Black Friday sale ends on November 21.

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