This small smart home monitor listens for the most important sounds in the home

Today’s smart home security is mostly about things we can see, from people approaching our door to things that go bang in the dark at night. While that might be the easiest way to identify visible things, it barely encompasses all the things that could happen inside the house, whether you’re there or not. Most of the time, the things that matter most can only be heard, whether it’s a baby crying or a window breaking. For these events, smart home cameras really aren’t enough, especially considering their limited presence. Fortunately, the solution is simple but also ingenious, as evidenced by this rather cute little smart home monitor.

Designer: Earzz

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Some smart home security cameras have audio detection that alerts you when something happens at home, even when you’re away. However, it’s an all or nothing deal, and it’s left up to you to discover what’s really going on out of sight. There is also often a limit to the number of cameras you install around the house, often directly in security-critical locations. In general, these smart devices can’t cover the full range of sounds in the house, especially the ones you need to be aware of.

Place your Earzz devices where you want to hear the sounds.

Earzz offers a smarter way to keep your home safe and secure in a small package that’s no bigger than the palm of your hand. That makes it easy to place it anywhere it’s needed, whether by a window or on a kitchen counter, without drawing too much attention to itself. Both their size and price make it possible to have an army of these around your house, becoming your virtual ears that are always alert for important sounds, from the whistling of a kettle to the opening of the pet door.

In the corridor: doorbells, knocks, mail slots, broken windows and mailboxes, among others.

In the kitchen: appliance beeps, running water, timers, alarms, whistles and latches and even fire and smoke alarms for added peace of mind.

In the nursery: crying, coughing, baby gates opening or closing, offering peace of mind for parents.

What makes Earzz truly special, however, is the sprawling sound library powered by its AI, allowing it to identify and listen to only specific sounds. Each monitor can be set to listen for a specific set of sounds, allowing you to be more accurate and efficient at hearing what’s going on around you. Once you hear that sound, it sends a notification to your phone instantly, even when you’re not home, including information like the type of sound and when it was heard. All of these settings, of course, can be adjusted and controlled from the Earzz mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Earzz AI recognizes sounds NOT speech.

Since this smart home monitor only listens to sounds and not human speech, Earzz has the privacy advantage over smart speakers that have to constantly keep an eye on what people nearby are saying. Once the sound clips are identified, the recorded sound clips are automatically deleted from the device. Earzz also uses advanced security and encryption to ensure that all data going to and from your device is safe from prying eyes and ears.

We live in a world that is filled with not only sights but also sounds, some of which are more important than others when it comes to home security. Rather than simply relying on what a few security cameras can tell you, the Earzz smart home monitor actually listens for the sounds that matter to you. For just $71, which includes Earzz’s standard subscription upgrade free to Super Early Bird backers on Kickstarters, you can have peace of mind knowing what’s going on back home, even if you’re not around to hear it.

Click here to buy now: $72 $100 (30% off). Hurry, only 277/400 left!

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