Top 10 FilmPlus Alternatives in 2022 (Movie Streaming Apps)

Things have changed considerably in recent years. Gone are those days when we used to rely on our television and movie theaters to watch movies and TV shows.

Now you can fulfill your video streaming needs by installing apps or using video streaming websites. Online streaming of movies and TV shows has become more important these days.

If you are a movie buff like me, you might know FilmPlus. FilmPlus used to be the best Android app for movies and TV shows, offering free videos.

However, since it is an app that shares copyrighted video content, it was not available on the Google Play Store. You can get it from third-party app stores, but you can’t rule out security and privacy issues.

Many problems are associated with the use of applications that share copyrighted content. You can invite yourself into legal trouble, and the chances of your device being compromised are high. So if you want to stay safe, it is better to use these Alternatives to Film Plus instead.

Top 10 FilmPlus Alternatives

Many FilmPlus alternatives available for Android and iOS allow you to stream movies and TV shows legally. Most of them are premium, but they will not bring you any problems. Here are the Best FilmPlus Alternatives to watch movies and TV shows.

1. plexus


When Plex was introduced to the world, it used to be a media server app that allowed you to manage your offline media files on different devices using its technology.

However, after a few years of release, Plex launched its full free movie streaming service. Today, Plex allows you to watch thousands of movie titles and TV shows for free.

Although Plex has a premium plan, it is mainly used to create streaming servers online. Most of the content available on Plex is available as free viewing.

If we talk about availability, Plex is available for Android and iOS and is known for its seamless cross-platform compatibility.

Download for Android and iOS

2. The rise of the film


If you are looking for a free program FilmPlus alternative to watch movies and TV shows legally, then FilmRise is the best option for you.

FilmRise is a free movie streaming app, but it is supported by ads. The good thing about FilmRise is that it uploads all videos in HD quality and is free to stream for life.

Also, the app doesn’t even ask you to register or submit your credit card details. If we talk about the content, FilmRise hosts movies and TV shows of various genres including thriller, horror, drama, romance, documentaries, crime, action movies, and more.

The only drawback of FilmRise is that it does not allow you to download movies for offline playback. Overall, FilmRise is a great app like FilmPlus for streaming movies on Android.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Popcorn


If you are looking for a Movie streaming app for Android and iOS With a clean user interface and no messy settings, then Popcornflix might be your best bet.

Popcornflix is ​​a movie streaming app available for Android and iOS smartphones. Watching movies and TV shows on Popcornflix is ​​free and legal.

Apart from Android and iOS, Popcornflix is ​​also compatible with hosts of other devices like Amazon FireStick, Roku, etc.

If we talk about the content on Popcornflix, most of the content available on the app is free to watch. You can also browse content from popular genres like drama, horror, action, comedy, romance, documentary, etc.

Download for Android and iOS

4. Pluto TV

pluto tv

Pluto TV is one of the best FilmPlus alternatives for Android and iOS that allows you to watch free movies on the go. Compared to other apps listed above, Pluto TV has more free content.

The user interface isn’t the highlight of Pluto TV, but it’s not bad either. Pluto TV is a great app, especially if you want to watch movies from Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox Studios, etc.

All videos are available in HD quality on Pluto TV and you don’t need to create an account or share your credit card details. Just install the app and start watching free movies with this app.

Apart from movies, Pluto TV also has more than 100 live TV channels. Overall, Pluto TV is a great app like FilmPlus for Android and iOS.

Download for Android and iOS

5.MX player

mx player

Being introduced as a media player app for Android and iOS, MX Player has grown into a full-fledged video streaming service.

Today, MX Player has thousands of movies that you can watch for free. All movies available on the app are uploaded in high quality and you can stream them infinite times.

The Android version of MX Player Right has over 2,00,000 hours of video content. Video content includes movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and more.

MX Player also has a premium plan that removes ads from the app. While MX Player premium is not required, the free version spams you with ads and can ruin your movie-watching experience.

Download for Android and iOS

6. Crunch


If you are looking for the best FilmPlus alternative to stream hollywood movies freeTV series and exclusive content, then Crackle might be the best option for you.

Crackle is a 100% free app to watch premium TV shows and movies. It doesn’t have a massive database like Netflix, but its library is still growing.

The Crackle app UI is clean and allows you to filter genres like drama, action, thriller, fandom, comedy, etc. Crackle is available for Android and iOS and is one of the best apps to watch free movies and TV shows. .

Download for Android and iOS



Well, Disney+ needs no introduction as everyone knows it. Disney+ or Disney+ Hotstar is one of the world’s leading video streaming services, which has its app available for Android, iOS, and various streaming devices.

Disney+ is not free; you need to buy a premium plan to watch movies and tv shows. And also, only some Disney+ premium plans remove ads from the video.

To be completely ad-free, you have to buy Disney+’s top tier plan from Disney+, which is a bit pricey. However, with a premium subscription to Disney+, you can unlock all the videos available on the service.

Disney+ is known for Marvel movies and TV shows, exclusive content, and live TV channels. Overall, Disney+ is a great video streaming app for Android and iOS that you can use today.

Download for Android and iOS



Netflix is ​​the leading video streaming service out there and is known for its huge database of movies and TV shows. Over the years, Netflix has served as a great app for fun and entertainment.

Like Disney+, Netflix does not have any free plans. However, it does have affordable premium plans for purchasing and watching videos.

Netflix Premium will unlock all videos and the ability to download videos for offline playback. So if you are looking for a FilmPlus alternative to download movies and TV shows, Netflix might be the best option.

Until now, Netflix has offered massive hits like Money Heist, Squid Games, etc. It’s also a great app for watch free korean dramas.

Download for Android and iOS

9. Tubi TV

tube tv

Tubi TV might be the best FilmPlus alternative for you, especially if you want to watch recently released movies. It is an app known for featuring recently released movie titles.

Tubi TV is a free app; you can see its wide collection of frescoes Free Movies and TV Shows. Until now, Tubi TV has partnered with some leading studios like Warner Bros, Paramount, etc.

Tubi TV is also a great Android app to watch anime videos, since it has a fair collection of this genre. According to the App Store listings, Tubi adds free movies and TV shows every week.

If we talk about availability, Tubi TV is available for almost every platform you can think of. You can get it on your Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

Download for Android and iOS

10. Yidium


Yidio is last on the list and is very different from the apps we have listed. This one serves as a video aggregator, which means you can track down and discover new movies and TV shows.

Yidio is a guide to streaming movies and TV shows, which would be very useful if you don’t know what to watch next. You can use it to track movies and TV shows available on popular streaming services like Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, etc.

Apart from tracking movies and TV shows, Yidio is also known for its personalized suggestions. The app sends you personalized movie and TV show suggestions based on your tastes.

Yidio is also the first choice if you haven’t subscribed to any streaming service yet, as it allows you to find the free and cheapest ways to watch your favorite video content.

Download for Android and iOS

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So, these are some of the best FilmPlus alternatives that you can use today. All the apps listed in the article offer free streaming of movies and TV shows. If you want to add your favorite apps like FilmPlus, please let us know in the comments below.

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