Tourism for All 2023: Application with CIF for 150 euros

By | May 17, 2023

The €150 and €200 holiday vouchers offered by the program have proven particularly popular.Tourism for All». In 2023, a new round of applications will begin through and those who meet the income criteria will be able to enter the first lottery that will distribute the checks, which will be valid from the beginning of July.

As every year, applications will be made as soon as the application process of the “Social Tourism 2023” program is “executed”, while this year the platform is expected to open in stages, depending on the expiration of the VAT number. . .

When will the process start? Last year, applications were made from mid-July. This year there is information that it will be done earlier, that is towards the end of juneHowever, this remains to be seen in the official announcements made by the Ministry of Tourism. HE draw will be approximately one week after applications.

It is recalled that the beneficiaries of last year’s vouchers must use them until June 30, so that the first draw will be held from which the new beneficiaries will come out for the summer of 2023. 150 euros get into intangible card on mobile and beneficiaries can redeem them at ferry tickets and accommodation.

Tourism for All 2023: How to apply – All steps

When the platform for your VAT number opens, you will be able to log in with your TAXISNet codes. Click here to enter at and follow the steps:

  • He enters his contact information, and in particular his email and mobile phone number, which he then confirms.
  • You declare that you have not been selected as a beneficiary under another social tourism program or internal tourism support program implemented during the same period of time. These programs are explicitly mentioned on the platform.
  • You declare that the amount of money credited to the debit card will be used exclusively by the beneficiary himself to cover accommodation expenses for him and his beneficiaries and it is not possible to transfer it to a third party or withdraw it.
  • You enter the financial institution of your choice, from where the card will be issued, and request the issuance of the immaterial digital debit card and the payment of the corresponding amount.

Who are the beneficiaries of “Tourism for All 2023”

Potential Beneficiaries of the “Tourism for All” program, are natural adultswho are tax residents of Greece and are subject to income criteria which are the following:

INDIVIDUAL (+ SINGLE PARENTS) WITHOUT CHILDREN is defined as a maximum income of 16,000 euros.

  • With 1 child the 17,500 euros of rent.
  • With 2 children the 19,000 euros of rent.
  • With 3 children the 21,000 euros of rent.
  • For those who have many children, an income of 26,000 euros is defined.

Regarding the FAMILY (Marriage Agreement + Coexistence)

  • Without children, the maximum income is 28,000 euros.
  • With 1 child the 29,500 euros of rent.
  • With 2 children the 31,000 euros of rent.
  • With 3 children the 33,000 euros of rent.
  • Adult children rent 38,000 euros.

They will not be considered beneficiaries. of the “Tourism for All” program:

  • those selected as beneficiaries within the Social Tourism program for the period 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 of the OAED and D.YPA.A., respectively, regardless of whether or not they made use of the provision,
  • those selected as beneficiaries – beneficiaries of the “Evia-Samos Pass” program or related provision by any other body for the same period of implementation of the program.

Tourism for All 2023: Who gets 200 euros

As last year, through the program the financial facilitation of the amount 150 euros to individuals that meet the defined conditions, prior online application and selection by lottery. Specially for PWD selected as beneficiariesas well as for beneficiaries with disabled children, the financial support amounts to 200 euros. The above amounts concern exclusively the beneficiary and do not increase in the case of dependent members.

Tourism for All 2023: How to “put” the 150-euro voucher on your mobile

Once all the procedures have been carried out and the draw has been carried out, if you are a beneficiary, you will receive a notification via email and SMS that your card is ready. Then you must follow the steps below to be able to see it within the Viva Wallet platform.

If you do not have a Viva Wallet account:

  • Select the link “Activate your Tourism Pass for Everyone” in the email you received
  • Create your password, which must be 5-16 characters long, contain at least one digit (1-9) and one special character (eg !@#$%^*).
  • Re-enter your password to confirm
  • Enter the code received by SMS on your mobile phone and select Confirm

If you have a Viva Wallet account:

  • Select the “View your Everyone Sightseeing Pass” link in the email you received
  • Sign in with your mobile phone and password
  • Pass Select Cars For All
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