“Tourism for all”: Who will take a free vacation, before the applications

By | May 1, 2023

The reason for Social Tourism of the OAED (DYPA), Tourism for All of the Ministry. Tourism, OPECA Rural Housing Programs and of course the North Evia – Samos Pass that can be repeated this year.

The weather is opening up, the mood is improving, and everyone is slowly planning their summer excursions to one of the beautiful islands of our country. There are many who are already planning a getaway and are asking for information about the vacation allowance to be able to do their calculations and planning.

Like last year, three and maybe even four vacation subsidy programs will open this year. The reason for Social Tourism of the OAED (DYPA), Tourism for All of the Ministry. Tourism, OPECA rural housing programs and of course the North Evia – Samos Pass, which may not take place this year, or other areas of the country that have been tested may be selected.

Dnews presents the free vacation allowance programs:

Social Tourism 2023

Applications for the DYPA – OAED Social Tourism Program are expected to start sooner.

According to information from Dnews, the submission of applications for the DYPA 2023 social tourism program this year will begin in May and not on June 15, which began last year.

In fact, meetings have already begun to make changes both at a technical level and in terms of the number of beneficiaries, with the possibility of increasing them.

Meanwhile, a significant number of beneficiaries have not yet used the 2022 social tourism vouchers, as they can be used until July 31, 2023.

The new program will be implemented from 08.01.2023 to 07.31.2024.

Beneficiaries may spend up to six (6) nights in tourist accommodation in the Registry of Providers.

Beneficiaries who choose for their holidays the tourist accommodations of the Provider Registry located on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros, Kos or in the Evros prefecture may spend up to ten (10) nights.

The beneficiaries who choose the Municipalities of Istiaia-Edipsos and Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna Evia will have 12 overnight stays.

The beneficiaries of the program are:

– insured persons who accumulated 50 days from their insurance in the eEFKA in 2021 due to an employment relationship under private law with contributions in favor of the contributing branches of DYPA and/or

the granting of special maternity protection provided for in art. 142 of Law 3655/2008, as appropriate, and/or

the granting of a regular unemployment subsidy based on the common provisions on unemployment and/or

the granting of long-term unemployment benefits under section IA.1.III of Law 4093/2012

– unemployed persons registered in the DYPA Special Registry for the Unemployed with Disabilities on the application submission deadline.
If two recipients of the benefit are spouses, it is possible that both receive a Social Tourism Check, even if only one is selected based on the score.

Tourism for All

The redemption of the bonds raffled in January is in progress with 150,000 new bonds worth 150 euros to the beneficiaries.

The “Tourism for All” Program raffle consists of awarding 125,000 intangible digital cards in the form of accommodation vouchers in tourist accommodation. The last vouchers will be valid until June 2023, however the Tourism for All program will be executed “enriched” also in 2023, for new places in summer destinations and in general the program, according to a modification, will be repeated every year at least. until 2025.

Anyone with an individual income (as last year) of up to €16,000 and a family income of up to €28,000 can apply for this programme, an amount that increases for each child.

rural opeka hospital

OPEKA’s Hogar Agrícola (LAE) also provides tourism (social/medical) and opens in mid-May.

The beneficiaries here, among others, are:

a) the pensioners of the e-EFKA (OGA) and the pensioners of the Uninsured Excess Account of article 1 of Law 1296/1982,

b) e-EFKA (OGA) insured who are insured on December 31 of the year prior (2021) to the submission of the application for participation.

Family members of the above persons entitled to care derived from a recipient of LAE/OPEKA benefits.

North Evia – Samos Pass

The innovative North Evia-Samos Pass measure, which was implemented in four monthly phases between July and October, provided significant support to the tourism product of North Evia and Samos, which were severely affected by recent natural disasters.

It is recalled that each beneficiary who joined the action in question obtained an immaterial digital debit card, in order to use it for accommodation, catering and local transport expenses, during their holidays in North Evia or Samos.

The amount of the immaterial debit card amounted to 150 euros for North Evia and 300 euros for Samos, except in August, when the corresponding amounts were 100 euros and 200 euros respectively.

This coupon may continue this year, however other disaster-tested areas may be selected.

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