TVEX Europe 2023, Peloponnese in Kalamata starts next Monday

By | May 7, 2023

Hosted and hosted by the Peloponnese Region and attended by 360 travel bloggers and representatives of online travel media from dozens of countries and at least three continents, TVEX Europe 2023 global conference, Peloponnese, starts next Monday, May 8 .

TBEX is the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, travel journalists, social media content creators, leading travel companies and industry professionals. It is an international event, in which the Peloponnese Region has the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the EOT, many other Regions as well as municipalities, companies, tourism and a multitude of other public and private sector entities from all over the country.


“The digital era allows the Peloponnese Region, through the organization of TBEX, to make its dynamic entry into tourism of a new, different, more humane philosophy: human tourism, cultural tourism, tourism that will be connected with the environment. , tourism that brings people closer,” says the regional governor of Peloponnese Panagiotis Nikas, noting at the same time:

“This is a world tourism event, probably the most important of its kind this year in Greece and the Peloponnese region, which is organizing it, with the assistance of many agencies, state, autonomous, business, tourism, as well as a large number of private companies, from Greece, but also from abroad – seeks the greatest possible promotion of our region, but also of our homeland in general”.


The aim of the conference, which will run from Kalamata to the entire Peloponnese region and beyond from May 8-11, is to highlight the wider Peloponnese region and the tourism product it offers, as well as all of Greece.

As part of the conference, side events with familiarization trips to all tourist destinations in the Peloponnese are planned, as well as networking nights for the participants in their work.

It should be noted that in addition to the four days from May 8 to 11 that the TBEX Europe 2023 conference, Peloponnese, will last for at least 20 days, its participants -mainly creators of tourism content and representatives of online media- will be spread all over the country. all Moria, but and in the rest of Greece.

During the conference, specific experiences are planned through PreBEX Tours (day trips), FAM trips (familiarization trips) and networking nights, which aim to highlight nature, local culture, culture, gastronomy and the inhabitants themselves and their daily lives.

In this context, 2 networking nights in Messinia have been planned for the participants, while in the remaining days a total of 11 one-day familiarization trips for 250 participants have been organized, as well as 17 three-day trips around the world. Peloponnese, including the Western Greece Region – from May 12.


Referring to this all-important event, EOT Secretary General Dimitris Fragakis said:

“This year will be a new milestone for Greek tourism. Big events taking place in our country also contribute to it. One of them is TBEX, one of the biggest networking conferences for travel bloggers, travel journalists, creators of content of social networks, with the aim of showing the unique advantages of the region. EOT is the official sponsor of the event and I personally congratulate the Peloponnese Region for the organization and the constant effort to promote our country abroad”.


For his part, the regional governor of Western Greece, Nektarios Farmakis, says:

“Western Greece Region actively participates in the success of the international conference TBEX Europe 2023, Peloponnese, which aims to highlight the unique identity of Peloponnese and Western Greece destinations. We welcome travel bloggers and we are sure they will The more we highlight our wonderful places and people, the closer we will get to the common goal, which is for the Peloponnese and Western Greece to emerge as top destinations.”


Kalamata Mayor Thanasis Vassilopoulos states:

“We welcome the organization of TBEX Europe 2023, Peloponnese to Kalamata. An important event with international reach, placing Kalamata, Messinia, Peloponnese at the center of global tourism promotion. Kalamata is a city rich in history, culture , gastronomy and natural beauty, a modern and extroverted, welcoming and friendly city.Member of the European Mission of the 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities of the EU until 2030.

Recognizing the importance of TBEX Europe 2023, Peloponnese, we are confident that Kalamata can and will win another great bid.”

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