UNC basketball is yet to live up to the No. 1 preseason ranking

There will be a new No. 1 in men’s college basketball next week.

North CarolinaIowa State’s loss on Friday is the humbling experience seemingly looming since the start of the season: a loss to an unranked foe that again exposed the problems the Tar Heels have had in meeting expectations set by the run. last year to the national title game.

North Carolina’s case as the best team in the nation going into 2022-23 (as it was in both major polls and in Sports Illustrated‘s) relied much more on vision testing than analysis. It was a dream that the same Heels who electrified the sport last March would consistently bring it back this year. UNC entered the season ninth in the KenPom preseason rankings and underperformed in the first two weeks, falling to No. 19 heading into Friday’s game and No. 21 after the loss. The numbers saw a returning team with plenty of talent but plenty of flaws, a group that, for much of 2021-22, looked more like a bubble team than a title contender.

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