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By | May 19, 2023

An investigator claims to have discovered the identity of the notorious San Francisco serial killer who has gone down in history as “zodiac killer”. Journalist Thomas Colbert says an FBI informant confirmed to him that the Air Force veteran gary Francisco Post, who was previously thought to be the murderer, is now the prime suspect.

According to him, the FBI labs have a “partial” sample of Post’s DNA that links him to the murders. Post died in 2018. “The perpetrator has been secretly listed as the Zodiac ‘suspect’ on headquarters computers since 2016,” said Colbert’s investigative team, Case Breakers.

The FBI denies that the high-profile case has been solved and confirms that it remained open in October 2021. That same month, Case Breakers identified Post as the main suspect in at least five murders that took place in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1968 and 1969.

On Wednesday (5/17), the organization announced that it has evidence linking Post to all of the murders, as well as a sixth victim since 1966, who the FBI has denied was related to the “zodiac killer.” Case Breakers believes federal police ignored evidence and state law during the mishandling of the case.

“Just like police officers, federal agents face a high caseload, constant training, strange rules and red tape,” says the FBI informant. “But when someone wearing a badge or uniform works with others to avoid or conceal materials, circumvent difficult procedures, or lie about evidence, it hurts our volunteers and the thousands of families Waiting for answers”.

Gary’s Post

In a statement, the FBI’s San Francisco office told Fox News the case remains “open and unresolved” but had no further comment, citing “out of respect for the victims and their families.” box breakers requires a case management review by local and federal law enforcement, also informing victims and their families.

“As a nation, we have abandoned them, especially the 10 remaining brothers and sisters,” Colbert said, calling the “cover up” “stupid for people who are still waiting.” In 2021, the box breakers had identified Post as the suspected serial killer responsible for multiple murders in Northern California in the late 1960s.

The group, which is made up of about 40 former police inspectors, announced that Poust had delivered weapons and bullets before his death, which could eventually lead to the true identity of the killer. He donated the items to “his beloved locals of his”, although it is unclear if he did so in the hope of leaving a trail for his gruesome deed to be recognized posthumously.

“When Case Breakers approached officials about a new Zodiac suspect last spring, five police and state agencies were uncooperative,” the group said in a statement. But last week, the man who runs the team got a tip from his longtime sources in the remote village of Gary Post: “They had verified the existence of a gold mine of evidence” It revealed that Post had turned in his guns and bullets, and most of them remained intact and hidden.

“Former associates of the alleged serial killer claim that in the years before his death in 2018, at the age of 80, he had discreetly handed over his guns, gun parts, gunpowder, bullets and cases – more than a thousand, with 25 different calibers – to their dear locals,” they added. “And most of a

Thomas Colbert, picked up the shipment and sent it to team members to investigate the artifacts in labs in three different states. He now firmly believes that they have identified the Zodiac Killer more than five decades later.

The FBI guys say it’s indisputable. The evidence fits,” he told Fox News in 2021. “We also have six people who have confessed to being the Zodiac. And then, of course, the crime scenes in Riverside, we’ve counted six. similarities in the murder scene”. The investigative team also used photographic evidence to compare a distinctive scar seen on the Zodiac Killer and compared it to photos from Post.

Five people were fatally stabbed or shot in Northern California in 1968 and 1969, and her killer sent taunting letters and coded messages to police and newspapers. The killer was called “Zodiac” because some of the figures on him contained symbols and astrological references. The series of unsolved murders inspired many books, documentaries, and movies.

According to information released by Case Breakers, Zodiac was also responsible for the brutal murder of 18-year-old Sherry Jo Bates, who she was found stabbed 42 times and nearly decapitated on October 31, 1966, in Riverside, more than 400 miles south of San Francisco and two years before Zodiac’s first known murder.

Members of the investigative team claimed that at the time of the murder, Poust, an Air Force veteran, was being admitted to a hospital just 15 minutes from the crime scene. A paint-stained wristwatch believed to have been worn by the killer was found near Bates’s lifeless body. Case Breakers noted that Post he spent 40 years working as an oil painter.

Additionally, a shoe print found at the scene of the stabbing was said to be from a “military-style boot” and matched the style and size of prints found at three known Zodiac crime scenes. One year after Bates’ murder, the Riverside Police Department received an anonymous letter in which the writer appeared to confess to murdering Bates because she rejected his romantic proposals.

A California woman who lived next door to Post and his wife, and whom the couple cared for when they were children in the 1970s and 1980s, told Fox News that she now believes her neighbor was the zodiac killer.

HE US Air Force Veteran Gary Francis Post, from Sierra Foothills in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the US died at the age of 80 on August 23, 2018. His end was not a peaceful one, as according to his death certificate, according to TMZ, he died of sepsis, septic shock, dysphagia and vascular dementia. The same certificate states that the alleged “Zodiac Killer” suffered from hypertension, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and atrial fibrillation, was married and was a painter.

In the encrypted messages he sent to the police, “Zodiac” wrote, among other things: “I hope they have a lot of fun trying to catch me. It wasn’t me on the TV show, talking about me. I’m not afraid of the camera. of gas. Because he will send me to heaven much sooner, because now I will have enough slaves to work for me. Where everyone else will have nothing when they get to heaven, then they fear death. I am afraid because I know my new life will be easy in heaven”.

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