Veriotis: pine trees that reach the sea, transparent waters, paradisiacal beaches

By | May 18, 2023

In the North Aegean, an island covered in pine trees, sand, and turquoise waters has become a favorite summer destination. In front of On the shores of Kavala, a lush green island is a beloved destination for the inhabitants of northern Greece who have made it a permanent destination, not only for summer holidays, but also for shorter breaks as soon as the weather begins to turn. be warmer

What makes Thassos so special? It is undoubtedly its connection with mythology, but also its outstanding archaeological importance: an ancient marble quarry worked on the island, which played an important role in the development of the local economy. It is also the wonderful nature that emerges in every corner. Tall pines and beautiful olive trees often reach the sea.

Thassos is a hilly place. If you like trekking, the trails embedded in lush forests will offer you a unique exploration experience in the context of the North Aegean. At the same time, in its picturesque towns you will make many stops to enjoy the wonderful local food before descending again to one of the beautiful emerald beaches of the island, paradisiacal sandbanks that end in turquoise waters. In fact, in Thassos there really is a beach called Paradisos, a brilliantly beautiful wonder in the summer sun.

Sand and peace, green and crystal clear, the Thassos coastline has something for everyone. It really is that place in Greece where the tranquility of nature meets the wildness of an untouched mountainous landscape, with the myth of Zeus who stole Europe always floating over seas that look like they came out of some magical computer processing. But they are very real.


About seven kilometers from the island’s capital, picturesque Limenas in the northern part of the island, the beautiful Saliara beach with its emerald waters is ideal for those looking for moments of relaxation in an organized North Aegean retreat.

The coast is covered with small white pebbles, fine and not tiring for the feet, and the contrast created between the white of the beach and the turquoise of the sea is heavenly. You can get to the beach on one of the tourist boats that leave daily from the Port of Thassos and the experience is unique. Alternatively, follow on foot the passable dirt road that connects Markiammo with Saliara, Vathi and Vathi, two also beautiful and popular beaches on the island.

Of course, here you will find beach bars and restaurants, as well as rental of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Golden Beach

A little further from Thassos Chora, 12 kilometers from Limenas, you will find the largest beach on the island. Chrysi Ammos is the place where the younger crowd gathers, who come here every year from all parts of the north, mainly from Greece. But also all those lovers of water sports, since the beach is organized and has an office for renting equipment and schools that will help you become familiar with activities such as windsurfing, jet skis or parasailing. It remains just as popular with families holidaying on Thassos, as its windless, shallow waters are ideal for small children.

The name of the beach is not by chance, since it has arisen from the golden reflection of the sun on the soft sand. Enjoy this infinite beauty with long walks along the coast, contemplating the beautiful natural landscape and the vegetation that surrounds the sea.


It’s called “Paradise” because it really is. This lovely Thassos beach is located near the settlement of Koinira, but about 23 kilometers from Limenas. However, access is easy and the only thing certain is that the idyllic setting, the unreal beauty of the crystalline waters and the dense vegetation that dominates the area will captivate you.

The beach is organized, with a beach bar, sunbed and umbrella rental, while beach volleyball lovers will find here a track to practice their favorite sport by the sea. In addition, the beach has a very large parking lot to make movement even easier. Just leave your car there and walk a few meters until you reach the golden sand.

A few years ago, Thassos Paradise was a ‘haven’ for nudists, who were the first to love these deep blue waters, but now, due to the great popularity of this particular coastline, they have found a new ‘haven’ of their own. on a certain side of the beach, near the rocks.


Among the most famous beaches of Thassos and Vathi, just 8 kilometers from Limenas. All visitors who come to the island make at least one stop here because of its wonderful location, but also because of the soft and beautiful sand that covers the entire coast and continues to expand towards the seabed. To reach Vathi you will follow the same path that passes through Saliara.

Lush green, tall pine trees wrap the beach on all sides and at one point dip into the water. Sunbeds and umbrellas are rented, although it can also be reached by boat that runs daily along the island’s beaches.


A wonderful wide beach lined with warm fluffy sand near the Skala Rachoni area, about 8 kilometers from Limenas.

Pachys beach is full of life, beach bars and restaurants and it is perfect to stay there all day, take endless dips in calm and green waters, play beach games with the children and enjoy a magical sunset, a one of the most romantic you will ever see. .see on the island.

The shade offered by the pine trees that surround the coast is dense and cool, so even if you did not hire an umbrella, the wonderful nature of Thassos has taken care of you and your bathroom in the most poignant way.


A surprising settlement in the extreme south of the island, quite far from Limenas, it maintains its own identity and a differentiated character.

Aliki has two bays with crystal clear waters from where every morning, very, very early, the boats leave to bring fresh fish and seafood. So, immediately after your bath, grab a table at one of the nearby taverns for a snack, ouzo or wine, while if you’re a history buff, head over to the ruins of an ancient settlement located in the area and, of course, to the old marble quarry, a point of great interest for the evolution of local society.

The beach to the north of the town is quieter, pebble in many parts and unorganized, and ideal for those seeking seclusion and tranquility away from the crowds.


We live on the south side of the island and on a beach of incomparable virgin beauty. Although the beach is organized, with beach bars, sun loungers and restaurants, the rocky landscape and the high mountains that rise above the crystal clear sea of ​​Livadi create a scene of wild and raw charm.

As you swim, turn your head up the mountain to see the Archangel Michael Monastery, giving the area an even more picturesque look. Right next to Livadi and another well-known Thassos beach, Arsanas, with its small coves and cool waters.


Undoubtedly the most impressive beach in Thassos and one of the most recognizable beaches in Greece, in general.

The beautiful Giola, in the Astris area, 40 kilometers from Limenas, is essentially a natural pool made of rocks, which create an environment reminiscent of another planet. It is definitely not the safest place on the island to swim with children, due to the steep and rugged terrain, and you will have quite a bit of trouble along the way, as the road to Giola is short, but very difficult. What you will see, however, is worth it. You will swim in one of the most unique beaches in our country, while the most daring can also try to dive from the high rocks, 8 meters high.

Pine tree

Pefkari beach is also very close, next to the Potos settlement in the south of the island. The beach takes its name from the large pine forest just above the shore and is ideal for families. The opposite, that is, from neighboring Giola.

What will you do in Pefkari? You will relax on the golden sand, rest on the comfortable sun loungers (the beach is organized), taste exquisite local flavors in the nearby taverns, refresh yourself in the transparent waters and discover the fun world of water. Sports. Rent the necessary equipment, ask the experienced teachers for help and spend hours of joy and play on one of the calmest beaches of Thassos.


In the village of Koinyra, about 20 kilometers from Limenas, you will find two large sandy and pebble beaches, calm, windless and relaxing. The beaches are not organized and will convey all the romantic atmosphere of a small seaside settlement from another era, when we only had to put the umbrella on the sand, spread the towel and jump into the water.

If you don’t want a lot of people and hustle and bustle, this is the place for you, especially if you live on the eastern end of the island, relatively far from the capital, and want to avoid a lot of commuting.

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