What does KEKW mean on Twitch Chat? KEKW Gesture Explanation

If you are an active Twitch user, you may have seen many viewers commenting on KEKW in chat. Have you ever wondered What does KEKW mean in Twitch chat?? If you are a newbie, you may see many of your chat partners using the phrase KEKW.

What does KEKW mean on Twitch Chat?

What does KEKW mean on Twitch Chat?

KEKW took over Twitch chats in 2020, but has become more popular recently. If you just joined Twitch to watch your favorite Twitch Streamers broadcast, KEKW in chat might be confusing.

So if you don’t know what does KEKW mean in twitch chat, you can find some relief here. It is a chat emote popularized by Twitch streamers and viewers. KEKW has quickly become one of the most popular emotes in Twitch chats.

The KEKW emoticon is usually used when something ridiculous happens during a live stream. If we had to describe KEKW in simple words, we would say that the emote suggests laughter.

However, like any other emoticon, KEKW has its origin, which is quite fascinating. Let’s take a look at the Origin KEKW.

Where did KEKW originate?

The KEKW emote originated from World of Warcraft references and a Spanish YouTube video that went viral a few years ago and became meme material.

The emoticon shows Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian and actor known by the stage name El Risitas, laughing at a joke, and his expressions went viral in no time. You can watch this video for reference to know what I’m talking about.

In case you are wondering what Juan Joya Borja is laughing at in the video, it was the joke about leaving some saucepans in the ocean to soak, only for the tide to wash them away later. Shortly after cracking this line, Juan Joya Borja burst out laughing and it eventually became meme material.

What is the meaning of KEKW?

What is the meaning of KEKW?

Although KEKW simply represents laughter in all its forms, it still has meaning. KEKW is a formation of two phrases: KEK and W. KEK is the Korean version of North American or Europen LOL (Laughing out loud).

And the W used at the end of KEK conveys an exaggerated facial expression. So, together, the emoticon becomes KEKW.

Also, in the popular online game World of Warcraft, if a user types LOL to a player, it is transcribed to KEK. If a Horde player types LOL in chat, Alliance players will read it KEK.

How did KEKW become so popular?

Like the LUL and ROFL emote, KEKW became popular on Twitch after streamers like xQc Y AdmiralBulldog they started using it in their broadcasts.

the KEKW emoticon became popular in mid-August 2019 and replaced other ways of expressing hysterical laughter, such as ROFL and LUL.

As of 2022, KEKW has become one of the Most used emotes on TwitchAnd it’s a great way to express laughter.

Sticky Notes on KEKW Emote on Twitch Chat

  • The KEKW emote in Twitch chat originated from a Spanish video that went viral and became meme material.
  • The emoter also takes hints and references from the popular online game World of Warcraft.
  • Popular Twitch streamers like xQc and AdmiralBulldog have contributed a lot to the popularity of KEKW emotes.
  • The KEKW emote on Twitch is slowly replacing other ways of expressing laughter, like LUL, LULW, and ROFL.
  • The KEKW emote soon became one of the top 15 most used emotes on Twitch.
  • After going viral, the KEKW emoticon was also used on Telegram, Discord, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

so this is what does KEKW mean in twitch chat. You can also see many users using KEKW on Discord or KEKW on Snapchat. So now that you know what it means and its origin, you can explain it to your friends who are still confused. If you need more help with KEKW, let us know in the comments below.

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