Where will I find a parking space? Rhodes students found a solution – How does the app they created work?

By | May 7, 2023

A group of Rhodes students created an app that can make life easier for drivers on the island of Rhodes (both residents and visitors).

Find a parking space with an app

This is an innovative parking solution created by the Rhodian Education Schools Youth Entrepreneurship Group, which designed an easy app for drivers on the island to easily find empty parking spaces with their mobile phones.

In particular, the students created the virtual company called “Wanna park” and using the “Lora” technology, they designed an application with which sensors placed in the parking lots of their choice detect the absence and presence of vehicles in real time and provide the information to the user through a smartphone.

In fact, this application, which was created by the students in collaboration with the School Robotics Group, is going to be used by the company “Fast Car Park” located at the Rhodes “Diagoras” airport. Thus, the clients of the airport company will be able to know at all times if there are parking spaces available and when.

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Regarding the idea, the creation of the application and the company, the head of the Youth Entrepreneurship Group, educator Stavroula Arnithenou, pointed out the following in her statements to APE-MPE:

“For 20 years we have integrated the Alternative Education Zone into the weekly programming. It is very important that children choose a group that matches their interests and allows them to develop their fields of interest, cultivate their talents and acquire new skills. The Youth Entrepreneurship Group prepares young people who would like to undertake entrepreneurship in the future by creating new companies or finding a job in them.

Start-ups in Greece show a big increase in the last year, but have not yet managed to break into the European table. The objective of the Group is to enhance capacities and cultivate skills, so that students are aware of their social responsibility as future professionals with respect for the common good and the environment. Consequently, responsibility, organization, teamwork, communication, time management, decision making, problem solving, the value of commitment to quality and the responsibility of social and environmental awareness are cultivated. .

Every year the children are impressed with the prospect of implementing their idea, Ms. Arnithenou tells APE-MPE, adding that after many hours of exchanging opinions and ideas, they move from theory to something more practical and this transition excites, because something from the sphere of his mind takes flesh and bones. “As Napoleon Hill said, ‘whatever the human mind can conceive, it can achieve!’ This year’s venture of our Group is based on an innovative idea, which was implemented with the valuable help of Mr. Pier Calderan Mr. Calderan is an engineer, designer and expert in Arduino, in many other technologies and programming languages. programming, which left Italy and will now be at the “RODION PADEIA” Training Center, to offer new technology workshops to its Rhodes student population” said, among others, Ms. Arnithenou.

Every year the Group tries to come up with an innovative idea that can help the residents and visitors of Rhodes and solve some of their problems. This year, after the brainstorming process, an innovative idea was found.

New app ‘Wanna Park’ builds autonomous energy sensors using solar energy. The app is designed to offer Rhodes drivers a quick and easy solution to finding a parking space using a smartphone. The company will have the valuable help of the “Fast Car Park” parking area of ​​”Diagoras Rhodes Airport”, which will take advantage of the idea and implement it for the convenience of our fellow citizens. The company is B2B, which means that it is aimed at other companies.

“His vision is to be able to develop our idea in other Greek cities as well, because the technology he uses to make our sensors is unique and no similar technology has been created in Greece,” emphasizes Ms. Arnithenou, adding:

“The sensors have low operating costs because various maintenance tests can be performed remotely. The sensors’ built-in “Lora” technology encrypts all communications, strengthening your defense against hackers. Each sensor is capable of handling millions of messages per day, ensuring durability and reliability.”

The aim of the company Wanna Park is

  • Expand to new parking companies.
  • To pivot our business plan and add credit card payment for parking space.
  • Donate part of the proceeds to a charity in Rhodes.

“The ambition of our company is to solve the parking problem in Rhodes and in any city that wants to buy our app. In order to develop our company, we need sponsors to support our idea,” Ms. Arnithenou tells APE-MPE, noting that We provide the companies that cooperate with us with great visibility on our school’s network through Social Media, with more than 5,500 followers, but also through a Newsletter campaign for internal clients of our school, through those of us who send information, so that they can find out about our idea and download our application.

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