Where you can enjoy an unforgettable private dinner in Thessaloniki

By | May 10, 2023

Next, you will find the restaurants that offer it experience of private meal in Thessaloniki!Daios Luxury Living Hotel

The atmospheric Daios bar-restaurant in the Daios Luxury Living boutique hotel invites you on a special culinary journey into the world of Mediterranean flavour. One step away from the White Tower and with an unbeatable view of the Gulf of Thermaikos, it is a unique destination for every moment of the day. The modern design with warm colors and earth gives character to a space that maintains the elements and codes of a timeless but completely modern restaurant.

If you are looking for the ideal place for a high-level private dinner, the Daios Vitrina Restaurant is ready to exceed your expectations, hosting you in an absolutely elegant space. The restaurant offers you its delicious menu that you can edit according to your preferences and needs. The capacity and aesthetics of the Daios Vitrina restaurant make it one of your best options for any type of private dining!

Information: 59 Nikis Avenue, Thessaloniki, Tel: 2310 250 200, www.daioshotels.com

Ergon East Agora

In addition to many other projects, the private chef experience is part of the ERGON Agora East hybrid concept. It refers to an exclusive culinary experience, which is housed in the private dining room within the premises, in a glass-enclosed but completely private space. What excites us about the space, which is available for groups of up to 16 people, is the large central wooden table and open kitchen.

The menu is formed based on your preferences and the eating habits of the attendees, after consultation with Ergon’s Executive Chef, Panagiotis Xanthi, who organizes the experience. The space is available for business dinners, but also for leisure. In fact, during the holidays ERGON Agora East launched a cycle of gastronomic and wine tasting experiences, where those interested could sign up and be in the restaurant area together with “unknown” diners trying a 5-course menu accompanied by different Ergon labeled wines. each time, in order to achieve the right pairing.

Information: Avenida Escuela Agrícola 50, Pylaia Hortiatis, Tel.: 2311 119 222, www.ergonfoods.com

cooking game


The Kitchen Suite, beautifully located on the cobblestones of Balanou street in Athonos square, presents a pioneering project that will give you a unique culinary experience. Its innovative concept is a warm kitchen fully equipped and available for those who want to cook for their friends, family or partners away from home. Of course, in case you just want to enjoy your meal, you can leave it to an experienced private chef, who will take care of you in the best way and with respect to his preferences.

Likewise, the experience offered by the Kitchen Suite exceeds our expectations, since it offers you the possibility of spending the night in the double bed that it has in the attic of the facilities. However, if you don’t plan to visit with a larger group, the place still promises private dining like you’ve never seen before!

Information: 10 Papamarkou, Agora Athos, Tel.: 693 612 2073, www.kitchensuite.gr

Restaurant Lineaire


The Linéaire restaurant in the center of Thessaloniki has already impressed us with its Parisian atmosphere and cozy atmosphere! Both sophisticated and welcoming, the restaurant of the evocative Le Cercle De Salonique invites us to taste its more private side.

On the mezzanine level of the building where it is located, the restaurant brings to life the ultimate private dining experience with an “invitation only” aspect. The experience culminates in a custom menu for both food and wine, promising a unique experience for everyone. In addition, in the wonderful space of the restaurant with a maximum capacity of 8 people, you can enjoy premium drinks and cocktails in collaboration with the Le Cercle de Salonique bar located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the same building. Of course, what will complete a tailor-made dinner is the decoration, which can be changed and adapted to the theme of your private dinner.

Information: 7 You go. Heraklion, Tel.: 2310 555 233, @lineaire_restaurant

MonAsty, Marriott International Autograph Collection


The luxurious MonAsty, Autograph Collection is a benchmark of Thessaloniki urban chic. In addition to its sophisticated hospitality, inspired by the city’s Byzantine heritage, it has also been noted for the culinary journey it offers its guests. Now, the high-end venue invites us to enjoy a private dining experience!

To offer the best private experience, the hotel has created the Empress Room, a space specially designed for private dinners, events and meetings. The luxurious space that will host you is located at 1He hotel floor with a maximum capacity of 16 seats. The menu is once again inspired by acclaimed chef Giorgos Stylianoudakis and edited by Chef Konstantinos Boviatsis, while the dessert menu bears Exereton’s signature.

Information: 45 Go. Heraklion, Tel.: 2310 274 ​​545www.monastyhotel.com

IN Residence


Olympos – Naoussa, Thessaloniki’s legendary restaurant, is a jewel of the city, linking the past with the present. Housed in a classic and elegant building, this refined restaurant constantly offers a unique culinary experience to its visitors. Of course, this experience culminates with the possibility of a private dinner in the wonderful “Olympos – Naoussa”.

The successful chef, Dimitris Tassiolas, spoke to us about the private dining experience that the restaurant offers, revealing everything you need to know! According to him, “ON’s” private dinners have so far been mainly geared towards business meetings, during which colleagues seek a special experience without being in public view. Of course, non-professional private dinners are equally organized by the restaurant with the same care and promise of privacy. The menus are designed according to the request of each interested party and the chef takes into account all dietary needs as well as everyone’s guidelines. The experience is located in 4 different areas of the ON Residence, the Tiger Loop Bar, the beautiful Rooftop, the Mezzanine Floor and the backyard of the restaurant, depending on the needs and the number of people. All spaces promise luxury, comfort, and eclectic style!

Information: Avenida Nikis 5, Tel.: 2310 021 000, olymposnaoussa.gr

Cooks UMA Home

An evening, a company, a dining room. Two chefs, one space. A studied choreography on the subject of food. For lunch, dinner, meat, fish, gluten-free dishes or a framework of all of them. Traditional table, tasting menu or buffet. A tailor-made dinner for a few with a homely touch. UMA Chefs Home promises all of the above with an extra dose of deliciousness. Chef Andreas Claudianos is behind the project and alongside him is his wife and pastry chef, Sissy Karakolidou. The former has 20 years of experience working in renowned Thessaloniki restaurants, with major distinctions to his credit, while participating in various culinary projects. As for Sissy, she is the ideal host who makes sure that the guests feel the welcoming atmosphere.

The building itself has its own character and is the work of GP Triantafyllidis, with the participation in the exhibition on residence from the 20th to the 21st century at the Benaki museum, which was recently inscribed in the “Architecture Archives”. Interior designer Dionysis Tsasis, for her part, attempted what was absolutely necessary for the orderly functioning of the space as a private dining experience, avoiding any complacent exaggeration or easy modernity. Well worth a visit!

Information: Eleftherias, Panorama – Thermi, Tel.: 694 066 6455, uma-chefshome.gr

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