Which Greek import group is looking for dozens of employees: the new jobs

By | May 1, 2023

Step by step how to apply online and what are the specialties that the Greek group is looking for.

Dozens of papers have been published by vasilaki group in the context of its dynamic development in the rental, time-leasing and used vehicle sales sectors.

Those interested can find the position that suits them best through dozens of ads that include their specialties Leasing sales management, financial and business controller, customer service representative, car rental representative, after-sales marketing and pricing specialist to driver.



autohellas in particular which has been active since 1974 in the automotive field, and since 1999 has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and is the original company and member of the wider Th.:

-Lease Sales Manager
Kifissia, Athens, Greece | 04.26.2023 Leasing Administration

-Customer Service Representative (CP)
Spata, East Attica, Greece | 25.04.2023 Finance

Financial and Commercial Controller
Athens, Athens, Greece | 23.03.2023 Finance

-Driver (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 19.04.2023 Driver

-Guide (Paros)
Paros, Cyclades, Greece | 01.30.2023 Driver

-Driver (Peanía)
Athens, Athens, Greece | Driver

reservations representative
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 13.04.2023 Customer service

-Car rental representative (Mykonos)
Mykonos Town, Cyclades, Greece | 06.03.2023 Customer service

-Customer Service & Parking Associate
Spata, East Attica, Greece | 02.24.2023 Customer service

Car rental representative (Paros)
Paros, Cyclades, Greece | 01.30.2023 Customer service

Car rental representative (Athens)
Athens, Athens, Greece | 01.10.2023 Customer service

Lease Pricing Analyst
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 23.03.2023 Prices

Leasing Sales Executive
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 17.01.2023 Sales

Accounts Receivable and Billing Supervisor
Kifissia, Athens, Greece | 11.14.2022 Accounting


What is Velmar looking for?

Velmar, a member of the Th. Vasilakis Group, one of the largest retail companies in Greece, is an official dealer and repairer for 17 car brands: Ford, Opel, SEAT, CUPRA, Volvo, Saab, Honda, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Fiat, Abarth, Lancia, Hyundai, Kia, BMW and MINI at 26 service points (new and used car showroom and workshop) in Athens, Crete and Thessaloniki. Velmar’s headquarters have been located in K. Kifissia since 2004, in privately owned premises where all the companies of the Th. Vasilakis group are located. Velmar business activities include Standard Used Car Center, STOCK CENTER is looking for:

Electrician/Car Mechanic Velmar (Chania)
Chania, Chania Prefecture, Greece | 04.11.2023 Workshop Service Technician

Engineer Velmar (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 04/03/2023 Workshop Service Technician

Assistant Engineer Velmar (Thessaloniki) Hyundai – Kia
Thessaloniki, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece | 01.23.2023 Workshop Service Technician

Engineer Velmar (Falcon)
Gerakas, East Attica, Greece | 05.12.2022 Workshop Service Technician

Engineer Velmar (Thessaloniki) BMW – MINI
Thessaloniki, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece | 10.11.2022 Workshop Service Technician

Electrician / Diagnostic Velmar (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 03.04.2023 Workshop Diagnostic Technician

Electrician / Diagnostic Velmar (Gerakas)
Gerakas, East Attica, Greece | 03.30.2023 Diagnostic Technical Workshop

Electrician assistant Velmar (Thessaloniki) Hyundai – Kia
Thessaloniki, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece | 01.23.2023 Diagnostic Technical Workshop


Electrician / Diagnostic Velmar (Marousi)
Marousi, Athens, Greece | 12.13.2022 Diagnostic Technical Workshop

Foreman Velmar (Marousi)
Marousi, Athens, Greece | 03/04/2023 Generalities

Car Management Manager – PDI Velmar (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 03.24.2023 Generalities

Foreman Velmar (Gerakas)
Gerakas, East Attica, Greece | 09.02.2023 · Generalities

Technical Advisor Velmar (Gerakas)
Gerakas, East Attica, Greece | 03.30.2023 Technical Advisor

Velmar Technical Advisor (Maroussi)
Marousi, Athens, Greece | 02.01.2023 Technical Advisor

Technical Consultant Velmar (Thessaloniki) Bmw – Mini
Thessaloniki, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Greece | 10.11.2022 Technical Advisor

Velmar (New Eritrea) Volvo Sales Consultant
Nea Erythrea, Athens, Greece | 03.20.2023 Sales

Velmar Sales Consultant (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 03.15.2023 Sales

Used Car Sales Consultant Velmar (South Suburbs)
Athens, Athens, Greece | 12.01.2023 Sales

Velmar washing machine (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 15.03.2023 Car wash

Secretarial support Velmar (Argyroupoli)
Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece | 02.02.2023 Administration


What Autotechnica is looking for

Autotechnica ATEE (Vertical Vehicle Body and Maintenance Units) joins the Autohellas Group and is looking for:

Auto parts department employee (Kifissia)
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 24.02.2023 Spare parts

Autotechnica Painter (Kifissia)
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 02.02.2023 Body shop paint technician

Self-technical painter (Peania)
Peania, East Attica, Greece | 11.28.2022 Sheet Metal Painting Technician

Autotechnical Electrician (Kifissia)
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 12.16.2022 Diagnostic Technical Workshop

Autotechnica car repair shop (Kifissia)
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 08.12.2022 Body Technician

Autotechnica car repair shop (Peania)
Peania, East Attica, Greece | 10.12.2022 Body Technician

What is Hyundai Greece looking for?

Hyundai Hellas is the exclusive national distributor of Hyundai automotive products in Greece. Founded in 1990 and a member of the Vasilakis Group of Companies, Hyundai Hellas has been awarded multiple recognitions from Hyundai Motor Corporation and Hyundai Motor Europe.


Hyundai Hellas, also a member of the Vasilakis group, is looking for:

Pricing and Marketing Specialist
Kifisia, Athens, Greece | 04.05.2023 Marketing

What is ELTREKKA looking for?

ELTREKKA, a member of the Autohellas group of companies, has been active since 1997 in the import and distribution of auto spare parts in Greece, representing the largest manufacturers in the world. With respect and priority to the needs and requirements of its customers, ELTREKKA has enriched the range of products and has expanded its activities in order to offer a complete solution for the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

ELTREKKA is looking for:

Eltrekka dealer (Taurus)
Taurus, Athens, Greece | 23.03.2023 Driver

Eltrekka Dealer (Blacksmith)
Chalandri, Athens, Greece | 03.10.2023 Driver

Eltrekka Product Manager
Athens, Athens, Greece | 03.23.2023 Marketing

Eltrekka Warehouse Clerk (Elefsina)
Elefsina, West Attica, Greece | 15.03.2023 Warehouse

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