Who is ‘The Mole’? All the clues that reveal the culprit in the Netflix show

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the end of Netflix The molethere are major spoilers and some Mole-ish behavior ahead.

Did you guess? J’accuuuuuuuuse!!!!! the identity of The mole It has finally been revealed after three weeks of spinning and pointing fingers at all the players in the Netflix series.

Informed by an excellent host alex wagnerthe players in The mole They need to work together to complete missions in order to earn cash for a jackpot that only one person can win. That person is the one who correctly guesses the identity of the Topo, a member of the group secretly working to sabotage the missions. After each challenge, the group must answer 20 questions about who they think is the impostor, with the furthest from the truth being sent home.


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They’ve been stuck in Brisbane jail, searched for boxes in the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, played a giant game of hide-and-seek in Sydney, and climbed one of Australia’s tallest peaks. So who was the mole all this time?

Going into the final two episodes, we only had five choices: software developer Kesi Neblett, commercial pilot Joi Schweitzer, pro gamer Avori Henderson, firefighter Jacob Hacker, and brand manager William Richardson. Essentially, everyone could have been the Mole.

After a dramatic final mission that took over Sydney’s Bare Island fort, the Thing was finally revealed. It is Kesi!

Kesi is the mole!
Credit: Netflix

William guessed right and took home $101,500, and sadly, Joi was left with nothing but memories.

So where were the clues? How did Kesi manage to sabotage each mission to reduce the pot money?

Episode 1

Kesi plays it cool on Daintree’s first mission, letting others take the lead in team selection and genuinely helping Avori retrieve the box from the trees with William and Dom on the ground, all creating the ruse that she really is. he is there to earn that money.

“First mission, my strategy was to get people to trust me,” says Kesi at the end. “First impressions mean a lot.”

In a tropical jungle, a woman in climbing gear holds a rope and looks up.

Gaining confidence.
Credit: Netflix

Episode 2

Kesi has an advantage in the breakout mission: she’s been there before! Thanks to an earlier in-cell briefing with the producers, Kesi sees her first opportunity to sabotage him in the abandoned Boggo jail. As we pointed out in Our long analysis of The mole, Kesi tells Joi that she doesn’t see a key outside her own door, but it has a hole the same size as William, who was able to see his key. Joi has a little peephole, so she can’t see Kesi’s key either – it’s the perfect cover to hold while she baffles the audience and makes Joi look like the mole. They escape in time, but Kesi costs the team $6,000 in time extensions.


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“Of course I saw the key,” Kesi says at the end. “I saw it in the first five minutes of being in the cell, but they didn’t need to know that.”

Then, whether deliberately or not, Kesi (who is, let’s remember, a computer software analyst!) lets other teammates lead the code-breaking in the warehouse mission, then types one of the passwords incorrectly by typing it into the computer: “neone” instead of “neon”, eliminating an attempt and leaving the team locked out for a crucial minute. Kesi’s team misses out on waivers, Y the entire team loses $10,000 just for trying to crack the code.

Six people stand in a small room with several computers and bulletin boards, one man pointing.

Kesi could have easily crushed this mission.
Credit: Netflix

Episode 3

On the Great Barrier Reef scavenger hunt, Avori deliberately misses the boat on the shore from the helicopter, but Kesi is on the same side of the helicopter, so she could have seen it herself and not say anything, using Avori like the perfect cover. And when they’re getting the scuba gear out of the boat, Kesi makes it look like one of the oxygen tanks is really heavy, she pauses for a bit and then easily lifts it off the boat when joined by her teammates.

Kesi doesn’t look at the files in this episode because, like Topo, she doesn’t need to! And luckily, Joi makes a big play to drain the pot and secure a waiver letter, raising suspicions throughout the team.

episode 4

Three women in an Australian pub, one sitting at the bar with a walkie talkie,

Poor Dom, out there waiting in the car…
Credit: Netflix

Kesi is just one of two people (with William) who voted to get Dom back in the game, an easy way for Kesi to deflect suspicion by adding money to the pot. As Mole, she doesn’t really have to worry about going home, so she doesn’t matter one more player. The group outvotes her, which works in Kesi’s favor anyway because they lose $10,000 for getting rid of Dom.

Kesi should be quite a code reader given her day job, so when she “couldn’t” recognize the money-based code in her essential logbook in episode 4’s bank heist, eyebrows were raised. Basically, Kesi gets the team to open almost every safe deposit box in the vault. except the right ones, and pretends not to have noticed later in the confrontation.

“My goal was to give them as little help as possible,” says Kesi. “Of course I saw the clues: King Midas and Goldilocks. They were so obvious. I read all the other names apart from those. There was no hope.”

One person tries to open a safe while another waits.

Greg, Joi and Will had no hope in this mission.
Credit: Netflix

episode 5

In a seemingly honest mistake, Kesi loses a $2,000 bag of mail on the train mission in episode 5, though Greg easily catches it, twice. But this was not a mistake, people!

“Just a little flick of the wrist and the money is gone,” says Kesi.

“If she’s the mole, that was a good move,” Casey says in the episode.

episode 6

In episode 6, when deciding who should stay behind in the climbing challenge in the Blue Mountains, Kesi has full knowledge of who has the money, since she put it there. Kesi says that he should stay because he falsely predicts that the money is not in his bag. When Avori asks Kesi if she wants to stay behind, she immediately agrees knowing full well she has the money, costing the team $10,000 before they get started. Left behind with Greg, Kesi is able to stay under everyone’s radar.

But the biggest move Kesi made in the game? The one that made gamers gasp after deeming her the “most reliable” of them all? That waiver card heist in episode 6, when Kesi leaves the team to sleep in an icy abandoned warehouse, chained to each other at the ankle, and costs the team $20,000 for the pot. Absolutely brutal, and what a clever move by the Mole to deflect suspicion while she loses a ton of cash.

“Surely only one player would want an exemption strong enough to steal it,” says Kesi. Seeing the confrontation at the hotel after learning that Kesi is the mole is even more brutal.

Episode 7

As an interrogator in Sydney’s challenge, Kesi tries to get Greg and William to say that Avori is lying, which would have cost them $20,000; unfortunately for Kesi, she is overruled.

But the biggest clue comes in the elimination round. Greg’s number one suspect was Kesi in several episodes. But after her elimination in this episode, after Joi turned all her suspicions about Jacob on the table, Greg told Alex that he was leaving, “I think he got me… I don’t know if Joi is the reason why.” which I highlight”. here with you tonight.” It seems that Greg changed the suspect from him to Jacob, a devastating and fatal change since he had the right mole so early in the game.

episode 8

In episode 8, Joi becomes suspicious of Kesi after her moves in the hide and seek challenge. Kesi appears to pause as she searches for the pigeons circling from the rooftop, even as Joi points them out, then decides that a game of rock-paper-scissors is the best way to identify the correct pigeon. Joi plays this mission too hard for these strategies to work, but they’re nice tries. When Joi openly accuses Kesi of being the mole at the table, she doesn’t miss a beat to throw him off.

episode 9

In the Snowy Mountains mission, which required contestants to transport literal blocks of icy cash up one of Australia’s tallest mountains, Kesi reaches peak outdoor Mole behavior by fiendishly tossing buckets of cash from the sled and throwing them to the snow. .

“In the ultimate double bluff, I knocked blocks of ice off the pulk. No one would believe the Mole would be so obvious.”

“In the Snowy Mountains, it was time to move from defense to offense,” says Kesi. “In the ultimate double bluff, I knocked blocks of ice off the pulk. No one would believe the Mole would be so obvious.”

episode 10

Last chance to sabotage! In the final fort mission, Kesi chooses to only use a suction cup to get through the wall to get to the money, then “accidentally” slips and falls. But then he deflects suspicion by catching the last pot of cash.

“Sometimes the best spy, the best double agent, is the one right in front of you,” he says.

So, there you have it, every move Kesi made to get money out of the pot and sabotage missions, played extremely well. Hats off to “the most charmingly deceitful person we’ve ever met,” as host Alex Wagner puts it.

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